Sports Cap With Hair

Sports Cap With Hair from Henry Margu
Sports Cap With Hair from Henry Margu

Product Release

Caps with Hair from Henry Margu

Wigs Online Recently introduced a new product range of Sports Caps with Hair attached.

This new range of products provide a fast, easy and convenient alternative to wearing your wig when needing to quickly step out to the shops or when going to the gym.

Financial Assistance

Most states have in place financial assistance programs for people needing a wig for medical reasons. We have provided information and links for some of these programs on the Financial Assistance Page of the blog. Please take the time to read through the information and feel free to post any comments below.

Hair Piecs and 3/4 Wigs

Hair Pieces and 3/4 Wigs can be a quick and easy way of adding length and volume to your own hair. The Hair Pieces page provides some information on the different types of hairpieces as well as 3/4 wigs. There is also information on how to wear both hairpieces and 3/4 wigs.

Please add any comments or tips here for others to read.

Wig Selection Advice

Selecting a wig can be a little difficult and confusing particularly for a first time Wig Wearer (especially doing so online). So I have added a few helpful tips on our Wig Selection page that can make selecting the best wig for you a little easier. Our website also has a wig buying tips page that can help.

Wig Care

Caring for your wig in the correct way will ensure that you get the most out of your wig both in terms of keeping it looking great as well as having it last a little longer. Our Wig Care page offers a little advice on caring for your wig and the accessories you may need.

Feel free to post any tips and tricks you have for taking care of your wig.

Wig Construction Methods

With such a range of different construction methods I have added the page Wig Construction explaining the most common methods. The information also includes a few of the pros and cons of each method.

Please feel free to post here, any information you may find useful for other clients.

Human Hair V’s Synthetic Fibre

What is the Difference between Human Hair and Synthetic Fibre Wigs

We often get asked this question so we created a page dedicated to it. Feel free to read the Human Hair V’s Synthetic Fibre Page then add any useful information you might have as a reply to this post.

Why Wear a Wig?

Our image is how we think others see us. Our hair is part of that image. When we look in a mirror, we identify with what we see.  Even without a mirror we have an idea of how we want our hair to look like.

As a man or woman begins to lose hair, the image in the mirror no longer matches the internal self-image developed over many years.  This can cause anxiety since we feel much the same as before the hair loss. Hair Loss does not affect our physical health but can make us look older. When we see our reflection in the mirror, a different image confronts us.


Our hair is one of the most defining aspects of our appearance. A healthy head of hair makes us look attractive, youthful, and desirable. Our appearance directly affects our own self-image, and most of us want to maintain a self-image that is youthful and healthy looking.  Our appearance attributes to how we feel about ourselves and affects our we interact with others. It affects our self-confidence, our mental health and our relationships.  Having a full head of hair can improve the quality of our life, our success in business relationships, and our success in romance.


But despite the fact that losing hair, and even going bald, is part of the normal process of aging, we often don’t accept it. At age forty, most people feel simlar as they did at age thirty, or even age twenty. Facing hair loss, people may begin to feel foreign to themselves and somewhat disoriented. This discomfort results in a desire to return to the former, more youthful appearance. There are many cosmetic, medical, and surgical options for people who really want to do something about hair loss.The media especially television and film industry place emphasis on models and actors with long luscious hair. This portrays a feeling of hair being important to look great.


For some people, hair loss can be permanent or temporary.  A wig can give us the image we want to see in the mirror.  A wig can restore that self confidence and quality of life that we all strive for.  If we look better then we feel better and no one has to know that we are wearing a wig.


These days there s a huge variety of wigs, hairpieces and extensions that can be very easy and comfortable to wear.