The Hair Grip – The Best Wig Accessory


The Hair Grip has arrived to Wigs Online.  It will be the best accessory for the wig wearer.  If wig caps are not comfortable then you will love the hair grip. It is a headband that is worn under your wig, turban or scarf.  The hair grip is a comfort head band made of a fine soft velour.  Because of the way it grips onto the wig it eliminates the need for combs, tape or pins when you feel like your wig is slipping. It will also hold your existing hair down and keep it under the wig or scarf neatly. The hair grip is adjustable so you can wear it adjusted to how you feel comfortable.

Many wearers suffer with headaches and bald spots from using other things like pins and wig caps. This will no longer be a problem with the Hair Grip. And the best thing of all is the headband will stop the wig from slipping off.

The Hair Grip comes in three colours: Tan, Dark Brown and Black.

The Hair Grip can’t be seen under the wig but its best to colour match to your scalp colour.

If you have any questions about the Hair Grip just give us a call on 1300 797 579 or email us at



Miranda by Jon Renau


Miranda by  Jon Renau

Miranda is just one of the new wigs from the Gorgeous Fall collection from Jon Renau.  It offers sophisticated layers that frame the face beautifully.  The Smart lace Cap gives you a perfect natural hairline so you can style the wig off the face.  The Mono part gives you the most realistic part.

It is available in many colours.  Some with darkened roots, blonde shades, reds and darks.

This video gives you a few tips to enhance the style to suit your look.  Enjoy the video!

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Noriko Short Styles

Noriko have some great wigs that are very fashionable and have an excellent quality.

Among there short styles we have highlighted 3 of the favorites: Nori, Ivy and Sky PM




Nori is an elegant short shaggy style with razored texture to give it volume.  It is a traditional closed cap style with open wefting to make it cool and light weight to wear.  You can style this wig to your liking.  Nori just oozes with elegance and style.

Sky is a much softer look with soft feathered layers in a contempoary style.  The fringe can be worn straight down or styled to the side.  It also has the open wefting to give comfort to the wearer making it cool to wear.Sky PM has a mono top to give the wearer even more options in styling.

Ivy is a classic edgy short page style.  The lovely layers gives it an abundance of volume giving the wearer versatility in styling.It features a capless construction which is very durable while being light and comfortable to wear.


These are just a couple of styles from Noriko.  We have more styles on our Noriko page and are more than happy to order in any other style that we don’t have specially for the client.  Just give us a call on 1300 797 579 or email us at



Sensation By Henry Margu


Sensation by Henry Margu is a new addition to us at Wigs Online.  It is a lovely hairpiece with gorgeous long layers.  It is a beautiful crafted hairpiece with an interlocking comb system to attach the hairpiece.  It is the first hairpiece we have like this one.  It attaches very firm and will stay looking great no matter what you are doing.  This piece comes in many colours.
Always give us a call or email us at for any further information or if you need another colour/ style that you can’t see on our website.
Sensation_clip Sensation_14H

Jon Renau Fall Collection

Jon Renau has released their Fall Collection for 2016.  There are 4 new wigs and a topper in 2 lengths.  As always, the quality and style is just superb.


Top Wave

The new toppers are another excellent piece like the Easiparts but they have a wave.  They are synthetic fibre which will hold the wave even after washing.  They come in 12″ or 18″ lengths in hair with a base of 6.75″ x 6.5″.  It is a double monofilament base which gives the wearer options to style the hairpiece.  As you can see below the hairpiece has a gorgeous wave in both lengths.





Ciara is a gorgeous style with long loose waves with layers framing the face. The Classic Smartlace Front that Jon Renau is renowned for, lies seamlessly on the hairline that gives you the natural appearance of hair growing out of your scalp.  No tape or adhesive is required.  It is available in over 25 shades.







Kaley is one of our favorites of the new collection.  It features the Smartlace Front which gives you the perfect hairline.The open cap allows for ventilation allowing the scalp to stay cool.  Kaley is the perfect wig that you can style understated or spruce up with some hairspray or gel to give you another look. The two images above show what you can do with this same wig.  One look for day and another for night. It is the most versatile wig on the market.



Sandra has all a wig can offer.  The hand tied stretch cap is the most comfortable cap and allows the hair to have a very natural movement just like your own hair. It has a large mono top to allow you to change the part to either side easily.

Its a beautiful mid length style that will suit all ages.





jr_miranda_12fs8_1thMiranda  is another great addition to the Jon Renau range.  It features a mono top part to give you the wearer a realistic part. A mono part gives you the illusion of the hair naturally growing out of your scalp.

There are more than 20 shades available.




If you have any queries about the new collection email us on or phone us  on 1300 797 579.

How to Care for your Heat Defiant Wig

Heat defiant wigs are a great solution for those who can’t afford a human hair wig.  It is very important to use proper wig shampoo and conditioner.  The Jon Renau wide tooth comb is the only comb that they suggest to use with Heat Defiant wigs.  All Heat defiant wigs come complimentary with this Jon Renau wide tooth comb.  Watch the video to see exactly how to shampoo and condition your wig.

Always give su a call on 1300 797 579 or email us at for any further assistance.


Shampooing and Deep Conditioning your wig


It is so important to take care of your Human Hair wig to prolong the life of the wig and to keep it in the best condition as possible.

Human Hair wigs should be washed 6 -7 wears. All Jon renau hair care products are essential , as they are specifically formulated to care for the fibers in our wigs. They are also Sulfate, Paraben and Sodium Chloride Free. Keeping her wide-tooth comb with you and using it throughout the day will help keep it from tangling.

If you need any further help with your Human hair wig,  you are welcome to contact us via phone on 1300 797 579 or email us

The Softie Wraps Have arrived

jr-softie-wrap-leopard-2The-Softie-Wrap_Main The-Softie-Wrap-Leopard-1

The Softie wrap is a new headwear by Jon Renau.  It is made in the most beautiful softest fabric. It is a very comfortable and stylish headwear accessory.  There are a few gorgeous fabrics in plain colours and prints that will compliment any outfit.  The fabric is hypoallergenic.  The Softie wrap gives you versatility on making it your style.  You can leave the tails hanging down or wrap it to the side.

Comfort, Style and Quality from Jon Renau Headwear.

We are adding new styles all the time so keep an eye out.  If you are looking for a particular style but can’t see it on our website just give us a call or email us at and we will happily order it in specially for you.






New Costumes in Time for Halloween

wb_ahnna_1 wb_boss_1 wb_carley_1 wb_empress_1 wb_maniac_1 wb_new-elvira_1 wb_viper_1 wb_oldlady_grey_1 wb_wicked_1Halloween is a fun time for Costumes.  So we thought its time to add some new costume wigs.  No matter what your passion is there is something for everyone.


These wigs are all theatrical quality wigs that are not  to be mistaken or compared to the $2 shop variety. Many of these wigs have been used on big Theatre stages.


Halloween is coming up soon so have some fun and enjoy a new wig to complete your costume.

If you are looking for something that you can’t see on our website we are happy to try and find you the perfect wig.  Give us a call or send us and email at

New Noriko Designs

Nk_Seville_BananaSplitLR_1 NK_Shilo_Almond_Spice_R_1

These 2 new styles are from Noriko.  Noriko is a very fashionable chic range of wigs for the sophisticated wearer.  Noriko are very particular in keeping up with the trends for their wearer as well maintaining the best quality and technology possible.

Seville is a long just below the shoulder length wig.  It is a classic style that will suit everyone.  It has a long sweeping fringe with a traditional cap.  It is ready to wear straight out of the box with minimal styling required.  The thin open wefted back makes it a cool comfortable wig to wear.

We have brought in  so far a Cappucino colour and Nutmeg with dark roots. Also, there is Macadamia Long Rooted which is very different to anything else we have in stock.  It looks great with the dark roots being longer than usual.  Its a very modern look for the young at heart. As you can see from the pictures above you can style the wig for your fringe to go either side.

Seville_Capuccino Seville_MacadamiaLR Seville_NutmegR

Shilo is another beautiful wig for those who appreciate a mono top.  It has great natural movement with the help of the mono top looks like real hair growing out of the scalp.  It is a longer style wig than the Seville and is destined to be one of our favorites.  It is a very flirtatious style that will impress. We have a few different colours in this style. The long layer around the face frames beautifully.  With Shilo you can change the side of the fringe as well.


Shilo_Chestnut Shilo_ChocolateSwirl Shilo_SpringHoney

We will be getting more colours in these styles soon.  Always give us a call or for any further information.