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Miranda by Jon Renau


Miranda by  Jon Renau

Miranda is just one of the new wigs from the Gorgeous Fall collection from Jon Renau.  It offers sophisticated layers that frame the face beautifully.  The Smart lace Cap gives you a perfect natural hairline so you can style the wig off the face.  The Mono part gives you the most realistic part.

It is available in many colours.  Some with darkened roots, blonde shades, reds and darks.

This video gives you a few tips to enhance the style to suit your look.  Enjoy the video!

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Noriko Short Styles

Noriko have some great wigs that are very fashionable and have an excellent quality.

Among there short styles we have highlighted 3 of the favorites: Nori, Ivy and Sky PM




Nori is an elegant short shaggy style with razored texture to give it volume.  It is a traditional closed cap style with open wefting to make it cool and light weight to wear.  You can style this wig to your liking.  Nori just oozes with elegance and style.

Sky is a much softer look with soft feathered layers in a contempoary style.  The fringe can be worn straight down or styled to the side.  It also has the open wefting to give comfort to the wearer making it cool to wear.Sky PM has a mono top to give the wearer even more options in styling.

Ivy is a classic edgy short page style.  The lovely layers gives it an abundance of volume giving the wearer versatility in styling.It features a capless construction which is very durable while being light and comfortable to wear.


These are just a couple of styles from Noriko.  We have more styles on our Noriko page and are more than happy to order in any other style that we don’t have specially for the client.  Just give us a call on 1300 797 579 or email us at



Sensation By Henry Margu


Sensation by Henry Margu is a new addition to us at Wigs Online.  It is a lovely hairpiece with gorgeous long layers.  It is a beautiful crafted hairpiece with an interlocking comb system to attach the hairpiece.  It is the first hairpiece we have like this one.  It attaches very firm and will stay looking great no matter what you are doing.  This piece comes in many colours.
Always give us a call or email us at for any further information or if you need another colour/ style that you can’t see on our website.
Sensation_clip Sensation_14H

New Noriko Designs

Nk_Seville_BananaSplitLR_1 NK_Shilo_Almond_Spice_R_1

These 2 new styles are from Noriko.  Noriko is a very fashionable chic range of wigs for the sophisticated wearer.  Noriko are very particular in keeping up with the trends for their wearer as well maintaining the best quality and technology possible.

Seville is a long just below the shoulder length wig.  It is a classic style that will suit everyone.  It has a long sweeping fringe with a traditional cap.  It is ready to wear straight out of the box with minimal styling required.  The thin open wefted back makes it a cool comfortable wig to wear.

We have brought in  so far a Cappucino colour and Nutmeg with dark roots. Also, there is Macadamia Long Rooted which is very different to anything else we have in stock.  It looks great with the dark roots being longer than usual.  Its a very modern look for the young at heart. As you can see from the pictures above you can style the wig for your fringe to go either side.

Seville_Capuccino Seville_MacadamiaLR Seville_NutmegR

Shilo is another beautiful wig for those who appreciate a mono top.  It has great natural movement with the help of the mono top looks like real hair growing out of the scalp.  It is a longer style wig than the Seville and is destined to be one of our favorites.  It is a very flirtatious style that will impress. We have a few different colours in this style. The long layer around the face frames beautifully.  With Shilo you can change the side of the fringe as well.


Shilo_Chestnut Shilo_ChocolateSwirl Shilo_SpringHoney

We will be getting more colours in these styles soon.  Always give us a call or for any further information.





New Amore Designs

Wigs Online now carries a small range of Amore wigs with many more styles to come.  Amore wigs are one of the highest quality synthetic wigs you can find. They are designed with the consumer needing wigs for medical purposes regardless of whether its cancer, alopecia or any form of hair loss.  Many of the styles feature a mono top where the hair is hand tied to the sheer transparent monofiliament in the crown area of the wig.

Here are the first Amore wigs to hit our shelves:

AM_Codi_AuburnSugar_4  Codi is an elegant style angled bob with a side swept fringe.  The longer sides frame your face while the back is shorter and looks great.  It features a monofilament top that which gives you versatility of changing your part with the hair being multi directional.  It has a nice density of hair without looking too heavy.







Madelyn is a great fashionable wig with the most beautiful shade.  Many of the two toned wigs have Long roots that give you an ombre style.  There are many vibrant colours like the  Crimson LR and Macadamia LR.  Madelyn also has a mono top so you can style the wig easily to where you want it parted.  It gives the wig the most realistic look.





Tatum AM_Tatum_5

Tatum is a great length for those not wanting a short wig but not too long.  It makes it an easy to manage style and looks very elegant. This wig looks exactly like the picture.  Its available in many colours to suit everyone.





We will be adding more to this collection soon.  If you have seen something you like by Amore, we can always order it in specially for you at no extra charge.  Keep na eye out as there will be more to come.
Call us on 1300 797 579 or email us for any more information you require.  We are always happy to have a chat.

Jon Renau Spring Collection for 2016

Diane and Rachel is the latest addition to the Spring Collection for 2016

Diane and Rachel has everything you will ever want in a wig.  They are completely different styles but the cap of the wig is exactly the same.

#Monofiliament Top
#Lace Front

But what does this all mean?

Julieanne_LFHDcapIt is handtied so no wefts !! A handtied wig is a wig that every hair has been hand tied individually onto the lace cap wig.  The cap of the wig is so fine and luxurious.  It is so soft and comfortable to wear.And there is no way the wefting can show because there is no wefting.





The mono top allows the wearer to style the wig whichever way you desire.  You can have a side part, a middle part or a zig zag part.  Its up to you.  The hair is multi directional so it will sit wherever its styled.

Fiery_5The lace front allows the wearer to be able to wear the hair away from the face as it gives you a seamless hairline.  No one will be able to tell that it is a wig.






Diane is a sassy short shag style with easy going layers that give you a great style.  The Back is 5.5″, Crown is 7.25″, sides are 5″ and the Nape is 3.75″.

Diane_14_26S10_Alt1 Diane_14_26S10_Alt2 Diane_14_26S10_Alt3


The Rachel has soft wavy layers that flow beautifully  around the face. The Back is 7″, Crown is 15″, sides are 10″ and the Nape is 15″.

Rachel_12FS8_Alt2 Rachel_12FS8_Alt3 Rachel_12FS8_Alt4

The new Collection also introduces a new human hair wig called Leah and a couple new toppers as well.

Email us
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A twist to the Traditional Bob Style

A twist to the Bob Style from Rene of Paris

The bob hair style is a timeless hair style that has been varied over the years.  Everyone looks good with a bob but it’s nice to add a little more style to the traditional bob.

The Shannon and the Cameron showcases the bob each in its own way.






Cameron is a fashionable bob that is naturally a simple elegant bob.   The longer sides in the front shape the face beautifully with the wispy fringe.  The open wefted back make it very cool, breathable and very lightweight to wear.  The back features a few fun flirty waves.   All the wigs are one size fit and are adjustable on the nape.



Shannon_Rene of Paris


Shannon is a collar length bob with gorgeous layers on the ends.  It is a capless design which is another lightweight and easy to wear wig.  It is a soft bodied wig with chipped ends with a realistic hair movement.

Looks great on everyone.

If you need any further information or are looking for a certain colour or style please feel free to contact us via phone 1300 797 579 or email us at

Rene of Paris is finally Here – 3 New Short Styles.

We are so excited about the new styles we are stocking by Rene of Paris.  I want to share some of the styles that we will be showcasing with you.  Today we are showing 3 new Short Styles that we think you will love.  They each have their own style and are available at in many colours.



RP_cocoCoco is an elegant wig with a wispy texture which allows the wearer to create their own style.  It features a traditional cap construction that is so comfortable and cool for the warm weather.  You can achieve many styles with this wig by Rene of Paris.  It is available in many colours including some dark rooted colours that give the wig a more realistic look.




RP_GiaGia by Rene of Paris has the classic timeless look.  There is some tapering towards the neck which accentuates the height on the top of the wig.The cap construction is the basic capless design that is very comfortable and cool for the wearer.




RP_SammySammy is going to be one of our favorites.  It just oozes with elegance.  Sometimes less really is more.  For the client who doesn’t want too much hair then Samy is fantastic.  It is a very short style that tapers on the sides and back.  It has a lovely light fringe that frames the face but isn’t too heavy.




These are only 3 of the Rene of Paris wigs we have in stock.  There are another 9 styles in different lengths and shades. We are starting with a moderate range of Rene of Paris wigs that we will be adding to regularly to extend our range.  We are always happy to order in specially a certain colour or style at no extra cost that you may be interested in.  Just call us on 1300 797 579 or email us at for any further information.


RP_FelicityRP_mishaRP_JadeRP_2367_kourtneyRP_ShannonrpCameronShannon_Rene of Paris

Rene Of Paris

Shannon_Rene of Paris

Wigs Online is proud to announce that we will be stocking  a range of Rene of Paris.  We already stock many quality brands as Jon Renau, Henry Margu, Ellen Wille and more.

Rene of Paris has been established over 40 years.  Rene of Paris has an extensive range of premium synthetic wigs that are very fashionable as well as high quality wigs.

We are looking forward to discovering what there is to like about Rene of Paris and the styles and colours that are exclusive to them.

If there are any particular colours and styles that you are eager to see please let us know what your favorite styles and colours are.

We will be adding them to the web over the next week but feel free to call or email us if you need something order as soon as possible.

RP_aria rpCameron RP_2367_kourtneyRP_misha

New Forever Young Wigs Range of Waves

DemiWaveForever Young is one of the most fashion forward Wig company for the young at heart.  Hair loss never discriminates by age so it’s great that Forever young have the young covered.  They are a great quality and are a very reasonably priced.

Here are a few to look out for:

ClassicPage5Classic Page – A classic Page Boy cut which is made of  heat resisitant synthetic Fibre. It has a skin top centre part with a blunt fringe.  It is a very comfortable and the light weight wefted back wig that allows for ventilation which is ideal for the summer. Being heat resistant you can add your own waves to what degree you like.With heat resistant fibre always use only a low heat setting between 130 – 150 degrees.  It is approx 14″ from the crown.


FY_IndieWavesIndie Waves –  A gorgeous Boho Chic style with loose waves and a blunt fringe.  Indie Waves is also a centre skin part wig with a long blunt fringe which could be swept to the side.  It falls just below the shoulders. This wig is also made form a heat resisitant fibre which can stand use of styling tools with temperatures between 130 -150 degrees. It has a  very modern wave and look to it.


FY_DemiWave1Demi Waves – This wig would have to be one of the favourites in the new range of Forever Young. It has a Monofiliament Top which gives you that realistic look on your scalp.  The heat defiant fibre allows you to use heat on the wig so it can be curled or straightened to create your very own look.  The long layered style is very versatile and has a true romantic feel about it.  The wavy look is just beautiful.


FY_ParisBob1Parisian Bob  The perfect modern long bob or blob with edgy waves.  The monofiliament top cap gives it a very realistic look.  The fibre is heat friendly like the others but always remember to use low heat.  The density of this wig is really good and allows you versatility in styling.  The part can be moved to a left, right or centre part.  A great wig for the summer.


The new styles for Forever Young are very exciting and there is more to come.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information or you are looking for something in particular.

We can be emailed at or call us on 1300 797 579