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More Masumi Headwear Styles.

Masumi Headwear has been so popular that we have added a few more styles.  We have added fresh new styles that our clients are loving! The scarf detail softens the look and gives the Yanna a very feminine feel about it.



They are all made of a beautiful soft organic Bamboo fibre that is so easy and comfortable to wear. The bamboo hat is known for its comfort which adjusts to body’s temperature and with antiperspirant properties makes this style a perfect choice for those who have sensitive skin. The Masumi Headwear is perfect for those living with hair loss due to cancer, alopecia.  It is a great alternative to wearing a wig. It is a  clever mixture of both hat and scarf makes this style super versatile as it can be styled in six separate yet equally chic ways. No matter what the occasion is,  whether you need an easy-to-wear everyday piece to go out for shopping or night out for a dinner with friends, there is sure to be a solution to help you rediscover the stylish confident you.

They are made of 95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex.  They come in one size Average.

Enjoy this new range of headwear.

The Softie Wraps Have arrived

jr-softie-wrap-leopard-2The-Softie-Wrap_Main The-Softie-Wrap-Leopard-1

The Softie wrap is a new headwear by Jon Renau.  It is made in the most beautiful softest fabric. It is a very comfortable and stylish headwear accessory.  There are a few gorgeous fabrics in plain colours and prints that will compliment any outfit.  The fabric is hypoallergenic.  The Softie wrap gives you versatility on making it your style.  You can leave the tails hanging down or wrap it to the side.

Comfort, Style and Quality from Jon Renau Headwear.

We are adding new styles all the time so keep an eye out.  If you are looking for a particular style but can’t see it on our website just give us a call or email us at and we will happily order it in specially for you.






Should I wear a Wig Liner?

Wearing a wig can take a little getting used to and first time wearers need to work out the best products to suit their needs.  There is no right or wrong way to wear your wig, everyone is different and everyone’s preferences are also different.

Many clients don’t wear anything between the wig and their scalp while others will wear Wig Caps or Wig Liners.  Here are a couple products that may help you be more comfortable in wearing your wig.

Wig Caps

Wig Caps come in Nylon or Fish Net options.  As with everything neither is better than the other, it just depends what you feel is more comfortable.  Some prefer the Nylon Wig Cap as it creates a barrier between the wig for their scalp especially if the scalp is sensitive.  Others find the Nylon Wig Cap is too hot and doesn’t breathe so they prefer the Fish Net wig caps.


SFBrown_fishnetWig cap

Wig Liners

We also have an alternative product, Headline It Wig Liners by Jon Renau.  They are a fantastic product that will help in making your wig more comfortable.  It is a discreet liner for wigs that evaporates the sweat so you don’t have sweat pouring down to your eyes.  It will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in Winter.  It is designed to pull sweat to the top layer and then evaporate continuously. The back layer traps oil, salt and doors to keep your wig cleaner and more comfortable.

The Headline It Liner Benefits:

Keeps you feeling drier
Reduces odour and bacteria
Allows air to ventilate
Less washing of your wig is required
The tan colour camouflages to be worn discreetly under your wig or headwear.

The average use of a Headline It is one week.  They are disposable and one size fits all.  Each pack consists of 10 liners individually packed so you can keep one in your bag.

JRHeadliner_1 JRHeadliner_8




As you can see they are very easy to put in.  Simply remove the strip and adhere to the front of your headwear or wig. You can wear it continuously on average for one week before you need to discard it.






We have these and many more accessories listed on our website:



Different Ways to wear a Scarf.

Scarf Techniques

Scarfs make a great option to wear if you just don’t feel like wearing a wig.  We have a range of Chemo Turbans or Hats with Hair which are a great option as well.

Sometimes you have your favorite scarf and you are not so sure how to tie it on.  Our Friends at Jon Renau have a fantastic tutorial on our to tie a scarf for different looks.  They are so easy and have clear instructions, we wanted to share this with you.

headscarf2 headscarf3 headscarf4