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2017 Jon Renau Topper Collection

A Topper is a hairpiece that is not a full wig.  It covers the any area of hair loss.  Hair Loss can be different for each person.  Early stages of hair loss can be just in the part area or on the front hair line. These hairpieces are also good for adding volume and length for those with fine hair.  Here are is a quick rundown on the new styles from Jon Renau.

easiPart French Drawn 

Up until now we have had easiParts in Heat Defiant Synthetic and Human Hair.  The French Drawn easiPart is a new concept with the great features of an easiPart but it is French Drawn.  French knotting is a superior knotting technique that creates the most realistic natural look. The hairpiece is 100% Remy Human Hair.

This method of french drawn knotting features  the most invisible knots ever seen in a hairpiece as the knots are in the swiss lace in between layers of glass silk and they are no where to be seen in the glass silk layers.The French Drawn monofiliament also allows multi directional parting as well as the most natural looking crown. The innovative French Drawn top is constructed with the finished length and return pulled through the top layer of glass silk which creates the most natural density.

It can also be styled with heat tools just as you style your own hair. easiPart French HH is everything you want out of a clip in topper – it gives you fuller, healthy looking hair and no one would ever guess you’re wearing an add on.


The easipart has always been a great hairpiece that suits many wearers who are experiencing early stages of Hair loss and for those who just want more volume to their existing hair. It is available in 12″ and 18″ lengths as well.

Base Dimension (W” X L”) – 2.75″ X 5″



Top This

Top this is a brand new style from Jon Renau. It is a clip in volumizer that adds thickness to the crown.  It is great for early stages of hair loss or for adding height to  undo hair style.  The options are endless.

It is 100% Remy Human Hair. It is attached with 4 pressure sensitive clips and blends seamlessly with your own hair.  It si also available in 8″, 12″ and 16″

Base Dimension (W” X L”) – 5″ X 4″

Top Full

Top Full 12″ topper by Jon Renau is designed with 100% Hand Tied Stretch Base. It is a 100% Remy Human Hair volumizer that is worn over the entire crown providing the most coverage in any topper. Top Full has the softest comfortable 100% Hand Tied stretch base which will seamlessly blend with any existing hair.  The double monofiliament top provides natural movement and the look of natural hair growth.  It is attached with 5 pressure sent clips for a secure fit.

Base Dimension (W” X L”) – 11″ X 11.5″

This piece is available in 12′” and 18″ lengths.

Please contact us via email at or by phone 1300 79 75 79 if you have any further queries.

How to Put on your easiPart?

The Easipart is a great hairpiece from Jon Renau Easihair.  It is what we call a topper or a Hair addition.  It is designed to integrate with your own hair to give you more volume.  The base is a sheer monofiliament that is transparent.  If it is worn properly the hairpiece base cannot be seen.  It is the perfect hair piece that is great for those who have partial hair loss and only need some more volume.

The easiPart comes in Heat Defiant fibre and Human Hair.  The heat defiant fibre allows the wearer to style the hair piece with heating tools up to 160 degrees.  The heat defiant fibre look and feels just like real hair.  Having this flexibility gives the wearer versatility  to style the hair to suit.

The human hair piece is 100% Remy Human Hair and can be dyed if needed as well as being able to use heating tools.

To wear your eaisPart there are 4 easy steps:

  • Open all the pressure clips.
  • Secure the front clip and smooth the hairpiece towards the back leaving the hairpiece as flat as possible.
  • Secure the side clips leaving the base flat.
  • Brush through the hair to integrate the hairpiece with your own hair.


For any further queries please call us on 1300 797 579 or email us at

What is a Topper?

easipart3What is a Topper?

A topper is a hair piece that is the perfect solution for those experiencing hair loss and hair thinning. A topper is integrated with your own hair and if they are put on  properly they will be undetectable.There are a few different types of toppers. The toppers are available in Human hair and Synthetic Hair. Most toppers will have toupee clips that will allow the wearer to snap the hairpiece into place. Some toppers have a honeycomb base that you can pull some of your hair through to integrate with the hair piece.


Easipart is a great product as a topper for thinning hair. Its a fine covering of hair that is on a monofiliament base.  The base is very fine and transparent so you can’t see it.  It’s the perfect solution for thinning hair. It has toupee clips around the base of the hairpiece to enable you to add the hairpiece to your head. It is available in Human Hair and Synthetic Heat Defiant hair.  It is also available in two sizes Easipart and Easipart XL.




Pull thru Wiglets are another great option for those with short hair. They are available in Human hair and Synthetic hair. You can pull thru some of the hair to fill the thinning spots on top of the scalp.  The images below shows the honeycomb base that you can see where the hair is pulled through.


Some toppers have more hair than others, the Top Volume has a lot more hair than the Easipart and this is reflected in the price. It is available in a short version and a long version. It is a beautiful piece and for those suffering with Hair loss it is a really truly undetectable.

JR_topvolumeshort TopVolumeShort_1230BT

These are just a few pieces we have but you can see the full range of hair pieces, hair toppers, hair additons at

Easipart has a New and Bigger Range


Easipart Just Gets Better

Easipart is the absolute perfect solution to partial hair loss.  When hair loss begins it can be very gradual and a wig may not suit your needs.  Hair toppers like the Easipart can also simply be great for those with thinning hair or for clients just wanting some more volume.

We had a meeting with Easihair last week where we were able to see exactly how to put on the hairpiece.  It was so undetectable that we didn’t even realise that the Model already had the hair piece in.  It was so amazing and it sent us all into a spin.  Everyone wanted one.

The two new latest additions to the range are the new length 18″ as they were only available in 12″ up till now.  And the other big news is the XL Base which is like a pear shape.  The original base was 5″ x 2.75″ which is still available but the XL is 5.75″ x 5″.  For women experiencing hair loss this is great news.  The base  is still of the same incredible quality fine monofiliament with a PU Coated rim just comes in two sizes now.  All of these pieces are available in Remy Human hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair.

Depending on your hair loss there are other solutions available.  Call us or email us if you need any further advice.  Also have a look at the other Hair Additions and Hair Extensions ranges we have.

Check out the Easipart Video put together by Easihair to see how easy it is to apply and how seamless the piece looks.  It is virtually undetectable.  No one will be able to see you are wearing a hair piece.

The full range will be available from the 1st April.  If you are looking to purchase any of the pieces that we don’t have in stock call us on 1300 79 75 79 or email us at We are always happy to specially order a piece in for you at no extra cost.