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Defences against Tangling

Whether you are wearing a wig or not, hair can tangle easily.  Here are a few tips that might help:

Tangling can happen for varying reasons.

Here is a list of a few things to consider:

The quality of the wig and the way the wig is made up. If the cuticles of the hair are not going in the same direction when they are manufactured it will more than likely tangle.

Wigs will tangle more than natural hair as the scalp produces oils to keep the natural hair from drying out and tangling on itself.

Never use a fine tooth comb on any wig as it puts too much pressure on the wig.  Always use a wide tooth comb.

When conditioning your wig, comb through the conditioner when the hair is wet. Then comb it again once it is dry.  Always comb from the bottom and work your way up so you don’t put too much pressure on the hair.

Using alcohol free, low ph shampoos and conditioners .  Sulphate and paraben free products are good as well.

Some wigs will ball up and tangle on the base of the neck.  This is caused by friction of a collar rubbing on the wig.  Try to avoid wearing bulky collars.  Some rough fibres will tangle your hair more than silly fibres. Keep this in mind when choosing your clothes.

Heat defiant wigs will matt up and tangle easier.  Use a Detangler and wide tooth comb to comb through your wig or hairpiece each night after wearing.  It is essential to treat the hair with conditioner each time you wash the wig or hairpiece.

Its also best to use good quality specially formulated wig products when taking care of your wig.

With these few simple tips an d a little care you can help keep your wig looking great for longer.  happy Wiggin!

Elizabeth HD by Jon Renau

Elizabeth is part of the HD Collection.  Elizabeth is made of Heat Defiant Fibre which allows you to apply heat up to 150° Celsius, so not only can you have beautiful layered straight hair but you can add soft waves to change up your style when you like. As with all Heat Defiant wigs you must use a Heat Thermal Spray before applying heat to protect the fibre and to keep the fibre looking great for longer.  Also, you must use a Wide Tooth comb.  Never use a brush on a heat defiant wig!

Elizabeth has a full Mono top which allows the wearer to change the part to suit their own style.  This wig is fully hand tied which gives you the most coverage and realisitic look.  The Lace front gives you an unbelievably great hair line.  No one will even be able to that you are wearing a wig.

Its a great length that sits on the shoulders and is very very elegant.  Elizabeth will be coming to our website very soon.  We do have some in stock so give us a call if you are eager to try Elizabeth.


Below is a video to show  how the Elizabeth Wig looks straight out of the box.  Have a very close look at the lace front and Mono top.  You will be able to see exactly what I mean.

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How to Care for your Heat Defiant Wig

Heat defiant wigs are a great solution for those who can’t afford a human hair wig.  It is very important to use proper wig shampoo and conditioner.  The Jon Renau wide tooth comb is the only comb that they suggest to use with Heat Defiant wigs.  All Heat defiant wigs come complimentary with this Jon Renau wide tooth comb.  Watch the video to see exactly how to shampoo and condition your wig.

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How to Put on your easiPart?

The Easipart is a great hairpiece from Jon Renau Easihair.  It is what we call a topper or a Hair addition.  It is designed to integrate with your own hair to give you more volume.  The base is a sheer monofiliament that is transparent.  If it is worn properly the hairpiece base cannot be seen.  It is the perfect hair piece that is great for those who have partial hair loss and only need some more volume.

The easiPart comes in Heat Defiant fibre and Human Hair.  The heat defiant fibre allows the wearer to style the hair piece with heating tools up to 160 degrees.  The heat defiant fibre look and feels just like real hair.  Having this flexibility gives the wearer versatility  to style the hair to suit.

The human hair piece is 100% Remy Human Hair and can be dyed if needed as well as being able to use heating tools.

To wear your eaisPart there are 4 easy steps:

  • Open all the pressure clips.
  • Secure the front clip and smooth the hairpiece towards the back leaving the hairpiece as flat as possible.
  • Secure the side clips leaving the base flat.
  • Brush through the hair to integrate the hairpiece with your own hair.


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Which Topper will Suit me?

There is so many different hair pieces and toppers it can be very confusing. So we have put together a chart where you can find all the measurements and links to each one.


Fibres –  in Remy Human Hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair

easiPart Base Drawing easiPart_Heat Defiant_4_Alt_1Base – Mono filiament Attachement – Clips Base Size – 5 x 2.75 Inches
Hair Length – Available in 12″ or 18″

Easipart XL:

easiPartXLBaseFibres – in Remy Human hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair
Base – Mono filiament
Attachement – Clips
Base Size – 5 x 5.75 x 3 Inches
Hair Length – Available in 12″ or 18″

Top Volume Long:

                                                Fibres –  in Remy Human hairtopvolumelong_633_main topvolumelongsquare_side
Base – Mono filiament
Attachement – Clips
Base Size – 6.5 x 6.5 Inches
Hair Length  9 – 11″

Top Volume Short:

Fibres –  in Remy Human hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair
Base – Mono filaiment ( Same as Base for Top Volume Long)
Attachement – Clips
Base Size – 5 x 2.75 Inches
Hair Length 13 – 18.5″

Human Hair Pull thru

JR_HHPull_thru_bkfrtFibres –  in Remy Human hair and
Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair

Base – Honeycomb Pull thru Base
Attachement – Clips
Base Size  3.25 x 4.75 Inches
Hair Length 5.5″


Synthetic Pull thru:

hhpullthroughwigletsmall_24b13_main PullThruT_1622Fibres –  in Remy Human Hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair
Base – Honeycomb Pull thru Base
Attachement – Clips
Base Size –  3.25 x 4.75 Inches
Hair Length 4.5″



Fibres –  Available in Human Hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair
Base – Monofiliament base
Attachment – Clips
Base Size – 6.25 x 3.25 Inches



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Heat Defiant Wigs

Not all wigs can be styled with heat.  100% Human hair can withstand heat for styling and drying your wig.  Generally all Synthetic wigs are not heat defiant unless the manufacturer states that it is Heat Defiant.  Jon Renau has a small range of Heat defiant hair wigs and hair pieces.  Below you can see a list of pieces and wigs that we have on our website,

Heat Defiant means that you can use heat to style and dry your wig.  Even though it is heat defiant it is suggested to only apply heat at a low level.  It is recommended no more than 150 degrees Celcius.  Keep in mind the less you apply heat to the wig, the longer life the wig will have.   You must comb your wig often to keep it from tangling and a good detangler will help to keep your wig looking good for longer.We recommend using Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler to spray on the fibre daily with a wide tooth comb to maintain the integrity of the fibre.

Fiery by Jon RenauFiery_6F27_Side

Fiery is manufactured by Jon Renau who have a great expertise for quality products.  Fiery features a beautiful soft  mono top and a lace front for an unbelievable hair line. It is a long layered hair wig that can be styled with heat up to 150 degrees celcius.




Flame by Jon RenauFlame_42730__Back

Flame is a great shoulder length hair wig with a fringe that can styled to either the left or right or straight down for a blunt fringe.  As with the other wigs you must use the spray by  Jon Renau HD detangler daily.



Elsa 4-27-30 Side



Elsa by Jon Renau

A great elegant short style with a lace front that creates a realistic hairline.  It is a classic cut with long layers that you can style off your face or to the side.  It is strongly recommended to use the HD detangler as with all the other HD wigs.

Haute by Jon RenauHaute_6F27_Main

Haute is a fantastic wig for all ages.  It is so versatile and ready to wear straight out of the box.  I have seen young teenagers walk out with this wig and it looks fantastic.  The way it hugs the face is very smart looking. And of course it has the added bonus of being able to apply heat to style the wig.




Easipart by EasihairGwyneth 12FS8 Alt1

The Easipart is a topper which is attached with clips to the crown of your head. The mono base measures 5 inches x 2.75 Inches.  It is designed to give the wearer more volume and to cover the crown where the wearer may be experiencing hair loss.  You can curl or straighten this hair piece to give you a  new look for day or night.  The hair detangler is also a must for this piece.



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