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Jon Renau Human Hair Chocolate Range Now Avaialble

Jon Renau recently introduced Chocolate Colours to their Synthetic Range which have become very popular. The latest excitement from Jon Renau is the Chocolate Range in Human Hair wigs.  Human Hair does reflect light differently so they will look a little different in Synthetic Wigs.

There are 4 Chocolate colours that we have all grown to love:

Chocolate Cherry – FS2V31V    

Black/Brown Violet, Medium Red/Violet Blend with Red/Violet Bold Highlights






Salted Caramel – FS26/31S6

Medium Natural Red Brown with Red Gold Blonde Bold Highlights, Shaded with Brown






Toffee Truffle – FS6/30/27

Brown, Medium Red-Gold, Medium Red-Gold Blonde Blend with Medium Gold Blonde Bold Highlights







Midnight Cocoa – FS4/33/30A 

Dark Brown, Medium Red, Medium Natural Red Blonde/Brown Blend with Medium Natural Red Blonde/Brown Blend Bold Highlights





These colours are available in many different styles so give us a call on 1300 797 579 if you can’t see the style and colour you are looking for.  We order weekly from Jon Renau and we can order it in specially for you.  You are welcome to email us at



What does it mean for a wig to be pre permed?

Angie By Jon Renau – Prepermed, Hand Tied, Lace front and Mono Top Wig.

What will my wig look like when I receive it? You must remember that manufacturer’s will style their wigs in order to sell their styles.  Sometimes a manufacturer’s image will be very different to the actual wig.  Especially prepermed wigs will be styled quite a lot by the manufacturer.




Angie  by Jon Renau is just one of those wigs that is pre permed. Pre permed means it has a curl when it comes out of the box and will keep its body after it has been washed.  When you first open the box it is really curly so it gives you an option to straighten it completely or leave some loose waves in it. It has unbelievable bounce in the hair.  The picture on the right is the manufacturers image after styling.  Manufacturer pictures can look very different to the actual product so we like to photograph the product so you get to see exactly what you get when your wig arrives.

I have included images of the wig straight of the box so you can see how curly it is and then images after running a hair straightener through it.  It is entirely up to the wearer how curly, wavy or straight it can be.  It is a great wig with lots of versatility  in regards to styling.


The cap features a mono top with a lace front and is 100% Hand tied.  Hand tied means that each hair has been hand tied directly into the cap and there is no wefting.  With a hand tied wig the hair is evenly distributed and gives you the upmost realistic look.  They are more expensive as it is very labor intensive to manufacture a wig like this.  If you run your hands through the wig you can’t see any wefting as there is none.  The first image is the inside cap of the wig.



And this is the wig straight out of the box:










After using the hair straightener on a low heat setting:









This was the first time I have had time to have a play with a Jon Renau human hair wig and I was very excited about this wig.  It has a beautiful feel of the hair which is remy, and the hair has a lovely bounce to it.  It looks gorgeous with a few long loose waves left in the style.  It is expensive to buy a human hair wig but there is a vast difference between a cheap human hair and an expensive one.  No one would be able to tell if you were wearing the Angie Wig by Jon Renau.

Angie would have to be one of my favourite wigs and it certainly lived up to my expectations.  I was able to style this wig with a hair straightener with very little time and I am not a hairdresser.

At Wigs Online we can order the Angie in for you within 7 – 10 days if we don’t have it in stock. It comes in many more colours.  You can see more Jon Renau Human Hair and Synthetic wigs on our website,

Call or email us at
if you need any advice on the wig for availibilty and delivery information.

Difference in Double Drawn and Single Drawn

The market is swamped with so many hair extensions at all prices.  You can be forgiven if you are having problems working out why some are so cheap and other are so expensive.  Quality is a huge factor when it comes to Hair Extensions and prices.

What is Single Drawn?

Single Drawn hair is  hair that was obtained  from one donor as a ponytail. Because it is kept together naturally the donor will have different lengths of hair. Some people like this as they feel it looks more naturally but the ends will not look as full and even.  they can look a little straggly at the ends.


What is double drawn hair?

Double drawn will tangle less than single drawn hair and is the highest quality you can find.  By hand the shorter lengths of hair are removed so it will take more than one donor to make up a weft.  All of the hair will have an uniform length and look much fuller than single drawn.

What do I Buy?

Double drawn is more expensive as it may take 9 – 10 lbs of single drawn hair to make 1 lb of double drawn hair. Also, the labour involved in making double drawn is much more intensive and lengthy which is reflected in the price. Its a personal preference to how much hair you want, the price you are prepared to pay and how much hair you need to integrate with your own.



Above you can see an image of a Single drawn weft and a double drawn weft.  The double drawn weft is easy to see as it looks much healthier and fuller on the ends.

All of the wefts at Wigs Online are Double drawn and are kept at reasonable prices as much as possible.


For any queries you can email us at or phone on 1300 79 75 79.

$600 Budget for Human Hair Wigs.

We have all seen very cheap Human Hair Wigs advertised on Ebay or overseas websites and many clients get disappointed because the freight is expensive. Also,  if the wig isn’t right its so expensive to return to somewhere like China.

At Wigs Online we are an Australian Based and owned company with Australian Team members answering phones to take your calls. If you are not happy with your purchase you can return the item for a refund or exchange without costly freight charges.  And we have a showroom in Vermont, Victoria which you are welcomed to visit by appointment.

As we all say and know you get what you pay for.  Naturally a $150 human hair wig is not going to be the same quality as a $1500 wig.  At Wigs Online, we have a range of Human Hair Wigs under $600.  Below are a few wigs that are great value for less than $600:

HMindy_4Mindy  is a short elegant style wig for less than $200 with free delivery within Australia. She is a capless style available in a few other colours.  As she is Human hair you have the versatility of being able to style the wig with heat and you can dye the wig.






Honey is a 100% Human hair  full Mono top wig that comes in many colour as little as $220 with free delivery within Australia.  The quality is outstanding for the price.  She is an elegant bob hair style that will suit many people and she also comes in many colours.




Mariah_27613Mariah is a 100% Remy Human hair wig.  Remy is a good quality hair that doesn’t tangle as the hair cuticles are collected so it all runs in the same direction.  The hair feels silly smooth and will last longer.  Remy hair is more expensive to produce hence for the higher price tag.  However Mariah  has a Mono part so you can move the part area a little to customise it to suit you and is Remy hair at $449 with free delivery in Australia.  You will not regret this purchase.


These are just a few but you can see the full range of Human Hair Wigs on our website, to suit all budgets.  We are happy to show clients any of the human hair wigs in our showroom in Vermont Victoria,  if you make an appointment. Just call us on 1300 79 75 79.

If you need any advice or help in ordering we welcome phone calls to 1300 79 75 79 or you can email us at

Dance Hair Pieces – Which one to Choose?

We have a large range of  Hair pieces for fashion and dance so it can be difficult to choose sometimes.  We have put together a quick guide to our hair pieces to make it simple.  There is a couple choices to make Human Hair or Synthetic Hair, Short or long, wavy or straight, Drawstring or clip in, etc;

Those hair pieces with both a drawstring and a claw clip can be converted to a drawstring only by removing the claw clip.  The Claw Clip  can be removed and the piece attached via the drawstring.

Below is a table of Hair pieces and  features to help you choose the best one for you.

If you need help choosing a colour to match you can give us a call and we can organise to colour match your hair to a hairpiece. You may find helpful our article in regards to choosing colours here.

Have fun choosing your hairpiece and give us a call if you need any further help on
1300 79 75 79.

Hairpiece Comparison

Gentlewaves_96 Nikita_630 Delta_27 Betsy_16 Phoebe_15 Aisha_16T613 Angel Hair_1618 grace_24b27c_main

Mimic_830_Alternate Classy_12F_Main LONG SHOT Fun Bun_4_Side

Styling a Human Hair Wig

Human Hair Wigs can be difficult as they do need styling after each wash.  Synthetic hair wigs are treated so they bounce back in to shape after each wash.  Choosing between a synthetic or human hair wig is a personal preference.  Some people just love the feel and look of human hair wigs while others do not.


At Wigs Online we deal with Jon Renau as one of our suppliers of human hair wigs.  The quality of their wigs are unsurpassable.  I read an article on their blog this morning and thought it had some great points to remember when styling your human hair wig.

There are a few tips that should be kept in mind when styling a human hair wig:

Always wash the wig with a good quality shampoo and conditioner.  At Wigs Online we have a specially formulated Shampoo, Conditioner and Argan oil.

Do not rub the hair so hard to tangle the fibres.  Just blot with a towel the excess water.

Always use a wide tooth comb and start gently combing from the bottom of the hair.

Style the hair in sections  using only a moderate heat.  Not too much heat.

Use the cool button on your hair dryer if you have one.

If you need to use a flat iron use a heat protector spray on the hair before you start blowdrying the hair.

For more information read the full article –


Angie_B8_30_14_26ROSophia_12FS8_Main Isabella_Front_830RES Darla_Front_633

Hairpieces – A Growing trend

Hair pieces are the easiest way to add volume and length to your hair without costly trips to the hairdresser. No experience needed. Just a little time and very little effort involved.

They are available in human hair and synthetic hair. It’s a personal preference to which one suits you best. Human hair can require some styling where synthetic ones hold their shape without any styling at all. Years ago synthetic hair pieces didn’t look very real but these days they look nearly as good as any human hair piece. Human hair pieces are more costly but will last longer.

Managing to get a perfect pony tail or bun every time is actually impossible without a hair piece. With the hair piece you can look like you just walked out of the hair dresser. There is no denying that when we look great we certainly feel great and with that comes confidence.

Some hair pieces are attached via a claw clip or a drawstring or both. It ‘s a good idea to put you hair up in a small bun first. If you are using a claw clip then you can simply clip the claw clip over the top of your bun. And if it’s a drawstring you can put it over the top of the bun and secure it by pulling the drawstring till it feels firm. If you feel that you want more security you can use a few bobby pins to secure it in place.

And another option for those who want the quickest messy bun is the hair wraps. They are simply scrunchies with hair to wrap around your own bun. They can be as messy or neat as you like. You can throw your hair up on a hot balmy day and forget all about it while you still look glamorous and feel fresh. These pieces are my absolute favourites. I always pack one in my bag when travelling.

Matching a colour for a hair piece can be a little difficult but just a few things to take into account. Firstly, don’t forget that when you pull your hair into a bun the underneath of your hair is usually darker than the tips. So you may want to match that rather than the tips of your hair. Secondly most person’s hair is not a straight colour so sometimes if the colour match is not perfect it will probably still blend. And finally, if you use gel to put your hair in a bun then it will certainly be darker than your own hair.

Hair Pony tails are becoming a great trend for formal and informal occasions. If you look through some of the celebrities pictures at some of the high profile events, you will see lots of pony tails. Have a look at the gallery on Glamour Magazine for some of the A list Hair Trends – Pony Tails for 2014. You can acheive these looks with no costly hairdresser appointments involved. They are easy to wear and can be used over and over again.

At Wigs Online we stock many brands of hair pieces. Check out our section of Hair pieces and see what style you want to achieve. It’s so easy for everyone. And if you are finding difficulty in choosing a colour, give us a call or send us a small sample of your hair and we will match it for you.




Human Hair V’s Synthetic Fibre

What is the Difference between Human Hair and Synthetic Fibre Wigs

We often get asked this question so we created a page dedicated to it. Feel free to read the Human Hair V’s Synthetic Fibre Page then add any useful information you might have as a reply to this post.