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How to Apply & Remove Adhesives on wigs – Wigs 101

Most Lace front wigs from Jon Renau don’t need adhesive unless you would prefer to use it. The one thing to care of is to never pull on the lace as you might stretch it. If its stretched it may not sit on your forehead flat again. Always take your wig off holding onto the ear tabs or nape.
If you want more security or you feel that the wig is slipping then you can use adhesive. This video from Jon Renau gives you a full explanation of how to apply and remove adhesive.


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2017 Fall Collection By Jon Renau

Its that time again for another Fall Collection launch by Jon Renau.  This time we have 5 new synthetic wigs that promise to be just gorgeous. As well as one petite wig because we are simply not all one size.  Jon Renau always delivers excellent quality and fashionable styles.

Here is a quick rundown of each.  They are already in stock.  We have some shades in stock otherwise we can order them in and have it to your door within 10 days.

January By Jon Renau is a fresh wavy style and design.  It has a smartlace front to create the illusion of a realisitic hairline.  The mono crown allows for multi directional styling.

Approx. Length: Front 8.5″ • Sides 6.25″ • Crown 10″ • Nape 4.25 ”

Weight: 2.9oz / 80grams

Meg By Jon Renau has a fully handtied luxurious cap that is so comfortable to wear. It is an elegant style with razored layers to create a chic style.  It also has a mono top to give you versatility in styling.

Approx. Length: Front 5″ • Sides 2.5″ • Crown 6.5″ • Nape 3″

Weight: 2.1oz / 60grams




Camilla By Jon Renau is a beautiful Long Style wig with elegant sideswept fringe with lovely cascading layers.  It has a fully handtied cap which is so comfortable to wear and is so realistic. The mono top allows for the maximum in styling choices.

Approx. Length: Front 5.5″ • Sides 15″ • Crown 18″ • Nape 12″





Ruby By Jon Renau is a sassy and sophisticated pixie cut.  The lace front gives the wearer the most realistic hair line and allows the style to be worn away from the face. The open wefted back gives  ventilation to give comfort.

Approx. Length: Front 6″ • Crown 4.5″ • Side 2.5-3″ • Nape 2″






Mila By Jon Renau is a playful shoulder length style with lovely waves. It features a single mono top which si comfortable and soft on your scalp. The smart lace allows the wearer to wear the hair away from the face. it also has a wefted back for good ventilation.

Approx. Length: Front 11″ • Crown 13″ • Sides 10″ • Nape 7″

Weight: 3.8oz / 107.3grams

Mila is also available in a petite size for those who find the average size too small.


We have some stock in already and if you are wanted other colours we can get them in stock within 10 days.  Enjoy the new collection this summer.

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Jon Renau Spring Collection for 2016

Diane and Rachel is the latest addition to the Spring Collection for 2016

Diane and Rachel has everything you will ever want in a wig.  They are completely different styles but the cap of the wig is exactly the same.

#Monofiliament Top
#Lace Front

But what does this all mean?

Julieanne_LFHDcapIt is handtied so no wefts !! A handtied wig is a wig that every hair has been hand tied individually onto the lace cap wig.  The cap of the wig is so fine and luxurious.  It is so soft and comfortable to wear.And there is no way the wefting can show because there is no wefting.





The mono top allows the wearer to style the wig whichever way you desire.  You can have a side part, a middle part or a zig zag part.  Its up to you.  The hair is multi directional so it will sit wherever its styled.

Fiery_5The lace front allows the wearer to be able to wear the hair away from the face as it gives you a seamless hairline.  No one will be able to tell that it is a wig.






Diane is a sassy short shag style with easy going layers that give you a great style.  The Back is 5.5″, Crown is 7.25″, sides are 5″ and the Nape is 3.75″.

Diane_14_26S10_Alt1 Diane_14_26S10_Alt2 Diane_14_26S10_Alt3


The Rachel has soft wavy layers that flow beautifully  around the face. The Back is 7″, Crown is 15″, sides are 10″ and the Nape is 15″.

Rachel_12FS8_Alt2 Rachel_12FS8_Alt3 Rachel_12FS8_Alt4

The new Collection also introduces a new human hair wig called Leah and a couple new toppers as well.

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Julianne vs Scarlett

Julianne Vs Scarlett



Julianne and Scarlett all have one thing in common, they are both made by Jon Renau.  They have different features which allows for a similar style to be matched to two different budgets.  The quality of the hair is exactly the same but the cap is very different.

Scarlett is a great alternative for those who can’t afford the Julianne.  New to the Jon Renau Collection,  Scarlett offers you on trend shoulder length perfect beach wave style. The Smartlace front which mimics a natural hairline allows you to style the hair away from your face with confidence for added versatility. Along with the smartlace front Scarlett’s cap construction offers an open wefted back for superior ventilation allowing the scalp to stay cool.

Julianne is a  beautiful wavy mid-length bob that looks incredibly natural. You will love the sexy loose and effortless beach waves and casual chic of this wig. The length is slightly shorter in the back than in the front. The 100% Hand tied cap is what makes the biggest difference to the Scarlett. The 100% hand-tied stretch cap is completely hand-knotted creating supreme comfort and natural movement. The SmartLace front creates a natural looking hairline that allows for styling hair off the face. The monofilament top gives you the option of multi directional styling and looks like natural hair growth. You can part the hair on either side or the middle. This ready to wear synthetic hair looks and feels just like natural hair.

Below you can see visually what a wefted back wig and what a fully hand tied wig looks like. They are quite different and depending on your needs you can decide which one will suit you best.  Some clients feel that the wefted backs are cooler in Summer but others just love the softness of the hand tied cap against their scalp.


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Emma – Bestseller by Jon Renau


Emma by Jon Renau


Emma is part of the Smartlace Range from Jon Renau and is one of those wigs that just suits everyone.  It features a Lace front and has a Mono top.  The Smartlace Front allows the wearer to pull the hair away from the face without showing that it is a wig. The front of the wig can be pulled down to cover your forehead or brushed back for a different look. Clients are always surprised how realistic the hairline looks. The image to the right shows you exactly how a lace front can look so real.

As you can see below the wig’s volume is perfect for the client who wants a good coverage but not too much hair. Emma comes in a full range of colours but if you find a colour that we don’t stock we can specially order it for you at no extra cost.

If you are in Melbourne and would like to see this wig you can call us on 1300 797 579 to make an appointment to see the wig.  We have many colours in stock and available for purchase.

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Emma_1426 Emma_1026TT Emma_832 Emma_101F48

Heat Defiant Wigs

Not all wigs can be styled with heat.  100% Human hair can withstand heat for styling and drying your wig.  Generally all Synthetic wigs are not heat defiant unless the manufacturer states that it is Heat Defiant.  Jon Renau has a small range of Heat defiant hair wigs and hair pieces.  Below you can see a list of pieces and wigs that we have on our website,

Heat Defiant means that you can use heat to style and dry your wig.  Even though it is heat defiant it is suggested to only apply heat at a low level.  It is recommended no more than 150 degrees Celcius.  Keep in mind the less you apply heat to the wig, the longer life the wig will have.   You must comb your wig often to keep it from tangling and a good detangler will help to keep your wig looking good for longer.We recommend using Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler to spray on the fibre daily with a wide tooth comb to maintain the integrity of the fibre.

Fiery by Jon RenauFiery_6F27_Side

Fiery is manufactured by Jon Renau who have a great expertise for quality products.  Fiery features a beautiful soft  mono top and a lace front for an unbelievable hair line. It is a long layered hair wig that can be styled with heat up to 150 degrees celcius.




Flame by Jon RenauFlame_42730__Back

Flame is a great shoulder length hair wig with a fringe that can styled to either the left or right or straight down for a blunt fringe.  As with the other wigs you must use the spray by  Jon Renau HD detangler daily.



Elsa 4-27-30 Side



Elsa by Jon Renau

A great elegant short style with a lace front that creates a realistic hairline.  It is a classic cut with long layers that you can style off your face or to the side.  It is strongly recommended to use the HD detangler as with all the other HD wigs.

Haute by Jon RenauHaute_6F27_Main

Haute is a fantastic wig for all ages.  It is so versatile and ready to wear straight out of the box.  I have seen young teenagers walk out with this wig and it looks fantastic.  The way it hugs the face is very smart looking. And of course it has the added bonus of being able to apply heat to style the wig.




Easipart by EasihairGwyneth 12FS8 Alt1

The Easipart is a topper which is attached with clips to the crown of your head. The mono base measures 5 inches x 2.75 Inches.  It is designed to give the wearer more volume and to cover the crown where the wearer may be experiencing hair loss.  You can curl or straighten this hair piece to give you a  new look for day or night.  The hair detangler is also a must for this piece.



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All our products are listed in styles and all colours on our website

Flaunt’s New Lace Front Wigs by Forever Young

Rocker tiered ExtensionScreen Shot 2014-09-04 at 12.57.35 pm

Forever Young have done it again.  They have kept up with the fashion and brought out a small range of Lace Front Wigs which all the trendy young girls will be so excited about.  New Fashion trends include Braids, Beach Waves and Synthetic Hair that is heat resistant.  Gone are the days where wigs looked like wigs.

The lace front is essential for any style that requires the hairline to be seen without the coverage of a fringe.  The Lace Front gives the wearer a hairline that is so realistic that hair appears to be coming straight out of the scalp.  It’s not an easy task but Forever Young have absolutely nailed it.

Braids and especially the Fish tail braid are hard to do on yourself but with these wigs you don’t need to worry.  Just pop it on and you are ready to go out with your new fashionable style.

Forever Young have for  the  first time, used a fibre that is Heat resistant.  On the instructions it states that the heat resistant fibre can withstand up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit ( or 170 degrees Celcius).  Personally if you can start around 130 degrees Celcius and you can achieve the style you want, I would keep it to a minimum. The more heat and styling you do on a wig will shorten the life of the wig.  The least amount of heat will prolong the life of the wig.

Here is a short list of the new products that you will be excited about:

Urban Gypsy

Urban Gypsy Flaunt

You could be mistaken for Beyonce if you were wearing the Urban Gypsy.  At the sides of the wig there is a small amount of hair tied to the back to give you that look just like Beyonce.  It is pulled away from the face with a couple pieces fallen over the face.  It is a very pretty style.  Just love it.




Lolita Long Side Braid

Lolita Long Side Braid

Lolita is another Lace Front with a braid draped around the top of the forehead and then tied up to the back of the wig. It’s a great style for the young at heart.  Braids are not easy to do but with Lolita it’s no problem.






Kell is a great Lace Front wig that has a lovely feminine look. Being Heat Resistant you could straighten the hair or enhance the curls. another young at heart fashionable wig. At the moment Kell is not on the website but we can order her in at no extra cost and it will take up to 2 weeks. If you like Kell please contact us at by phone 1300 797 579 or email us at


Blair Wave
Blair Wave

Blair Wave is a great Lace Front wig with long loose romantic waves.  It has great versatility as you can pull your hair back into a pony tail or wear loose hanging past your shoulders.  As its also a heat resistant fibre you can style it as you wish.




Philo Braid

Philo Braid

Just love the Fish tail Braid but who can actually do it themselves.  This would be my favorite. A ready made braid – what else could you ask for.






Rocker Tiered Hair Extension

Rocker Tiered is our first Clip in Synthetic Hair extension.  It’s a great piece to add volume and body to your own style.  At last a hairpiece for those who just want volume and not hair down to their knees. If you have ever experienced short limp thin hair you will appreciate this piece.

At the moment Rocker Tiered  is not on the website but we can order it in at no extra cost and it will take up to 2 weeks. If you like Rocker Tiered please contact us at by phone 1300 797 579 or email us at

Rocker tiered Extensionrockettiered