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Cara – A French Drawn Wig


Cara is one of the latest styles from Jon Renau.  It is very different from what we have seen before.  It is a 100% Remy Human Hair French Drawn Top wig and  is fully hand tied.

Cara is a shoulder length bob with softly layered bangs for luscious tresses. This wig is hand tied by French knotting.  French Knotting  is a superior knotting technique that gives the wearer the most natural look. French Drawn Hand Tied wigs have two glass silk layers and a swiss lace in the centre where all the knots are handtied into.  This method features  the most invisible knots ever seen in a wig as the knots are in the swiss lace and they are no where to be seen in the glass silk layers. The French Drawn knots are hidden under the layer of glass silk.  The French Drawn monofiliament also allows multi directional parting as well as the most natural looking crown.

The innovative French Drawn top is constructed with the finished length and return pulled through the top layer of glass silk which creates the most natural density.

This wig is also fully handtied so there are no wefts to give the hair a natural and the most discreet look. Each hair is handtied individually into the cap to give you the most realistic look.  Fully hand tied gives you stretch from front to back as well as ear to ear.  The Velvet ear tabs are customisable with bendable wire to give it a snug fit around the head.  The wig has adjustments at the nape to allow the wearer a perfect fit.

The Jon Renau Paddle Brush is the only brush to be used on any delicate hand tied areas of the cap.  This is the first French drawn fully hand tied wig by Jon Renau.  This is  a very exciting time for human hair wigs.  Jon Renau is always keeping up with the latest technology.  We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Dimensions:   Bangs: 6.25″   Crown :10.5″  Nape: 6″   Side: 10″  Weight: 4.9oz