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New Chocolate Range for Jon Renau

Chocolate is the new Black.  Chocolate is a rich colour that we will love.  And Chocolate comes in different shades.  The Four new shades Jon Renau has just released are:



Salted Caramel – Medium Natural Red Brown with Red Gold Blonde Bold Highlights, Shaded with Brown






Toffee Truffle – Brown, Medium Red-Gold, Medium Red-Gold Blonde Blend with Medium Gold Blonde Bold Highlights


Midnight Cocoa – Dark Brown, Medium Red, Medium Natural Red Blonde/Brown Blend with Medium Natural Red Blonde/Brown Blend Bold Highlights


Chocolate Cherry – Black/Brown Violet, Medium Red/Violet Blend with Red/Violet Bold Highlights









Many of your favorite styles like Zara, Alessandra, Gisele and others will be available in some of these new colours.


Always call us on 1300 797 579 or email us at if you are looking for a specific wig in a specific colour.


New Costume Wigs Arrived.

New Costume Wigs added to our Large Collection.

Costume wigs can be so much fun with Halloween season coming up.  We have added a few new styles.

This season Queen Elsa the Snow Queen has definitely been popular. Every little girl wants to go to the next party as Elsa from the Disney Movie Frozen.  Everyone enjoys being a princess for a night or day.


Then we have the Geisha Girl.  These Japanese ladies always look so elegant and petite.  Who could  do a Geisha hair style and would it stay together all night?  You will stand out in the crowd with this wig.  The Yuki is another fun animated Japanese Fighter character.  What a fun wig!!


And if you are looking for a certain colour, look no further than the Cindy or Doll.

Cindy is available in Chocolate, Emerald, Grape or Regal Blue.

Cindy_Emerald WB_Cindy_Choc WB_Cindy_Grape WB_Cindy_RegalBlue


And for a longer version there is the Doll available in colours Brown, Green, Purple, Lilac and Blue.  Coloured theme parties are always an easy way to colour up a party.

Doll_Brown Doll_Green WB_Doll_PurpleDoll_DBlue

For the guys, there isn’t always a lot of options but Austin Powers is always a favorite. And for those who have always wanted to grow dreadlocks but haven’t got months to wait, there is the Deluxe Rasta.  The Colonial Man is for the guys who love power.




It’s worth noting that although our costume wigs are not cheap they are theatrical quality that you would see on the stage like the big musicals Hairspray or Strictly Ballroom.  They will not catch fire if close to flames as the fibre is not like a $2 Shop Wig.

We are always happy to help over the phone 1300 797 579 or email us


Ellen Wille Longer Style Wigs

We have shown you some of the new Ellen Wille Wigs that we have added to our extensive range of wigs.  Now for some longer styles that are just as fantastic and lovely to wear.

Pam Hi Tec


Pam would be one of my favourite wigs of our new styles.  It’s a great length for those who want just around the shoulders.  The gorgeous layers frame the face beautifully. It features a mono top part crest which gives it a realistic style.







Code is a stunning wig with dark rooted colours which seems to be the where the hair trends are all going this season.  It features all the best you can find in one wig, a mono top and a lace front. The wefted back allows good ventilation to wear comfortably.  This wig is going to be a big seller.




Mega Mono

EW_MegaMono5  Mega Mono is another exciting style.  It is the longest style we have selected from Ellen Wille.  The full mono top gives you the flexibility of parting your hair where you like.  The hair flows so naturally to give you a realistic look.





Keep coming back to see the next styles we bring in.  If you are looking for a particular style we can order it in for you at no extra cost.
Email us at or phone 1300 79 75 79.

Wig Colours Explained

What you need to know about Wig Colours

Wig colours and hairdresser colours are all very different and it can be a little confusing. Depending on the brand, some use numbers to represent colours and others use descriptions like Raisin, Baby Blonde, Hampton, which doesn’t always give you a true idea of the colour.  Some use a combination of codes and numbers. Below is a list of codes used to describe how colours are put together.  This is a basic list to help you understand how colours are made up:

F – stands for frosted. This is usually a combination of colours.
H – Highlighted. Generally there will be a base colour with highlights of another colour.
M – Mixed. Simply a mix of colours.
T – Tipped. The base colour has another colour just on the tips.
TT – Two Toned. There is a definite contrast of two colours from the top to bottom.

After the code is usually a number or a combination of numbers. Colour 1 is Jet Black and as the number gets higher the colour is generally lighter. Here is a list of the main colours used by a majority of manufacturers.


1 – Jet Black
1B – Off Black

2 – Darkest Brown
4 – Dark Brown
6 – Chestnut Brown
8 – Light Chestnut Brown
10 – Medium Chestnut Brown
12 – Light Golden Reddish Brown
14 – Light Golden Brown
18 – Light Ash Brown

15 – Gold Reddish Blond
19 – Light Strawberry Blond
27 – Strawberry Blond
30 – Med Auburn
33 – Dark Auburn
130 – Fire Red

16 – Honey Blond
22 – Champagne Blond
24 – Light Gold Blond
24B – Light Strawberry Blonde
613 – Pale Blonde
613A – White Blond

34 – Chestnut Brown and 25% Gray
44 – Dark Brown and 50% Gray
51 – Gray and 25% Darkest Brown
56 – Gray and 10% Chestnut Brown

It’s impossible to list all colours available by all manufacturers and colours can differ between manufacturers. Hopefully, this list helps in giving you an idea of what you colour you are looking for.

At Wigs Online we rephotograph all of our wigs so you can see the colour and style of the wig that comes straight out of the box with as natural lighting as possible.   Some websites only show glamorous shots that the manufacturer has made. They don’t always give you a true indication of the product that you will receive when you open your purchase.

Wig Colour Chart