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Does Wigs Online Have a Catalogue?

At Wigs Online we regularly update our website with new Wigs Styles and Colours as well as new Accessories and Care Products. For this reason we provide a digital version of our catalogue which can be viewed on a computer or smart phone without the need for internet access after it has been downloaded and saved. We do not provide a full printed version of the catalogue not only because of the constant updates to our site as mentioned earlier but also in order to reduce costs and continue to pass on those savings to you our client. A copy of our catalogue can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Please remember to save the file onto your computer for future reference.


Note: Depending on your internet speed the file may take some time to download.

Wearing your wig

How do I put on and wear my wig?

Take your new hairpiece out of its packet and keep in mind to give it an vigorous shake to let air filter through into the wig fibres. They'll tend to be a bit flat inside the packet right after shipping, and this can make your new hairpiece spring into life. For those who have or use a wig cap, place this on your head first. Ensure the front of the wig cap is sitting on your natural hair line, and that all your hair is concealed under the cap. When you have long hair and you do not have a wig cap, twist your hair into a tight French Twist and pin it to the crown of your head. You may use bobby pins to stick your own hair down flat to your head.

With the tag at the back, grasp the wig one hand each side of the netting cap and place it on your head. Slide your fingers along the rim of the cap, one to the front of the wig and one to the back, making sure as you go that the cap is covering all of your head. The wig really should not cover your ears. You can find two small tabs at the ears and they must be positioned to ensure that they're equal on both sides in front of your ears. This can let you know that your wig is on properly and it is these tabs that will indicate the position of he wig rather than the part as a side parting wig can be easily miss-fitted if you try to use the part as a guide to its positioning. The front of your wig really should be positioned ideal at, or slightly behind, your natural hairline. You can find adjustment straps inside the back of your wig, and they can be used to tighten or loosen the wig for a more comfortable and secure fit.

Now take a look at the new you! Don't despair if your new wig doesn't look perfect at first, as you might need to play around with it somewhat.  It is recommended you use Wig styling Merchandise rather than typical hairspray and moose, as they are not as harsh on the wig fibres. Depending on the style you've got bought the fringe may have to be cut to suit your face, some wigs might will need the fringe teased a little and fluffed to get them sitting the way you want. It is just like your own hair, it needs to be styled first to accomplish the best look.

Construction kinds e.g. mono, capless, skin etc

There are several unique constructions procedures for wigs and each has its own advantages.

Traditional Cap

Essentially the most common style found, this cap has a lace piece inside the cap under the crown region, which gives comfort to the wearer. This wig will generally have a Skin like piece in the part area, which the hair is attached to so that when looking down on the part area it creates the illusion which you are looking at the wearer's own scalp. The rear of the wig is made up of Machined wefts which allow for very good airflow and while this style might be somewhat heavier it really is quite durable and full at the crown area. This style is generally described or referred to as a Skin Top Portion.


Also an incredibly common construction strategy, a capless wig is usually  cost-effective on account of the simpler construction. It also has open machined wefts inside the rear of the wig which makes the wig both light and cool to wear. The hair within the crown area is typically teased just a little to help hide the wefting and this also gives the appearance of a great volume of hair in that area.

Monofillament (Mono Top)

This construction style uses a really light and translucent mesh in the crown area, which the hair is tied to. This gives a really realistic appearance, as the mesh is practically invisible so the wearer's own scalp is visible in the part location though being worn. Mono top wigs are really versatile as the hair may be parted as required inside the Monofiliament location (referred to as totally free style). As the hair needs to be hand tied to the monofiliament, this construction  might be considerably much more expensive. Monofiliament can also be applied as a smaller strip only within the part area this is a lot more inexpensive than the full Mono Top nonetheless gives less versatility when styling.

Hand Tied

This method involves the hair being hand tied to a sheer base for instance a lace. This style is extremely comfy to wear as the lace is soft on the skin along with the cap will mould itself to the wearer's head. The wigs is rather light and like the Full Mono Top wig is freestyling, so it can look incredibly natural. Nonetheless its delicate base calls for additional care to maintain.

Lace Front

As the name suggests the hair within the crown and hairline region is attached to a fine lace. This style requires some knowledge/skill on the wearers behalf or the help of a professional to cut the lace to fit the wearer. The lace location is frequently attached making use of a powerful glue. This approach is no cost styling and inside the crown area like the Full Mono Top and Hand Tied wigs nonetheless the delicate nature of the lace makes it a lot more challenging to maintain. This method is also additional high priced because of the labour involved in its construction and isn't as durable as other techniques.

Pony Tails & Hairpieces

Claw Clips, Drawstrings and Wig attachments

Pony Tails, Hairpieces and wigs are a great way to add some length, volume or colour to your own hair. They come in a large range of colours and styles and offer a number of different strategies for attaching the piece to your own hair. Below are a few of the additional common methods.

Claw Clip

This piece has a clip attached to the inside of the hairpiece, which can simply be clipped to the wearer's own ponytail or small Bun. This strategy is fairly secure nevertheless clients with extremely thin or fine hair may well have trouble creating a reasonable Bun for the piece to attach to.


As implied by the name these pieces have a string that can be drawn tight soon after placing the piece over a Bun or Pony tail of your own hair. This technique is quite secure and a good option for clients with thin or fine hair who might have trouble creating a larger Bun for use with Claw Clip Attachments.

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