Getting Financial Assistance for your Wig

Here at Wigs Online we understand that the added financial burden of purchasing a wig can be difficult and that is why we try to keep our prices as low as we can for our clients.

However as some of our clients require a wig for medical reasons, this expense is often just one of many that they have to deal with. For that reason we have provided links to a number of State Government Schemes that offer assistance to people needing a wig for medical reasons.

Finding Information regarding these programs can be very difficult so we have listed as much of the available information that we have regarding assistance programs

SWEP Program (Victorian Residents)

The State Wide equipment Program (SWEP) offers financial assistance to applicants who meet the required criteria. Below are links to the SWEP website, Application form and other relevant SWEP information pages.

Domiciliary Care S.A – MES (South Australian Residents)

The Government of South Australia's Department for Communities and Social Inclusion provides information for Domiciliary Care S.A. and the Metropolitan Equipment Scheme (MES). Below are links to the relevant websites where further information can be found.

PADP (NSW Residents)

The NSW Program of Appliances for Disabled Persons (PADP) provides assistance to people with permanent or long term conditions. As the Website does not clearly explain the criteria required to qualify for assistance we suggest that you contact PADP and discuss the matter with them directly.

Below are links to the PADP Home page, the Main Contact page and the contact details for each Lodgement Centre throughout NSW.

Private Health Funds

Many Health Funds do provide assistance for clients requiring wigs for medical reasons, however you would need to discuss your particular claim with your Health Fund Provider.

A comprehensive list of Health fund Providers in Australia can be found on the Private Health Insurance Ombudsmen\’s Website using the link below

Income Tax – Medical Expense Rebate

The Australian Taxation department provides information on Tax Ruling TR93/94 regarding the eligibility of clients to claim the cost of their wig against their income tax. Although they do not actually provide a rebate you may be able to claim the cost as a deduction against your income.

Information on the Tax Ruling (TR 93/94) can be obtained from the ATO Website

Please note that this ruling currently applies to medial appliances prescribed by a doctor and where the net medical expenses for any associated appliances exceed $1000 per annum.


The Information above is provided only as a guide and is updated as soon as we become aware of any changes. Clients are advised to verify their eligibility and any rulings with the relevant Government Department, their Accountant or Doctor.

Please feel free to email us if you have any additional information that may be of assistance to other clients. Or simply post your information on the Financial Assistance posts page