How to Measure your Head Size?

How to Measure your Head Size?

Choosing a wig can be difficult and finding the right size is very important.

The most common wig size is “Average” which will fit around 97% of people as head size doesn’t vary a great deal regardless of height, weight or body shape. An Average size wig will fit a head circumference of between 21.25 inches (52cm) to 22 inches (54cm) approximately.

For those who fall into the Petite or Large range there is options however the range and colour options are sometimes a little limited in comparison to the Average range of wigs.

Below is a measuring Guide provided by Jon Renau and provides clear information to help you find your correct size.

If you have any questions regarding size please feel free to email us or call us or call us on 1300 79 75 79 to discuss your options.

Wearing a wig that is too big or small can cause the following issues:

  1. If a wig is too small, the wearer will feel uncomfortable as the wig feels too tight and the wig may ride up at the back of the head.
  2. If a wig is too big the wig will slip and doesn’t  give the wearer the most realistic look.
  3. A wig that doesn’t fit properly will not wear properly and it may cause the wig to not last as long as it should.  This makes wearing wigs quite expensive.
  4. A wig that doesn’t fit properly will not look as good as a wig that is fitted properly.









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