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Wig Buying Tips

How To Selecet The Right Wig For You

If you are a first time wig wearer it is important not to choose on a style to different from your own original hairstyle. A big change in style or colour could be hard to become accustomed to all at once. Any change will take a little getting used to so dont dispair, jsut give yourself time to get used to the new you.
You may need to try on your wig a few times so that you learn how to fit the wig properly and get used to your new look. A properly fitted wig will look great and appear more natural so take your time to get used to placing the wig on your head properly.

Wig Sizing

Most Wig shops stock Average size wigs with the exception of a small number of Petite sized wigs. An Average size wig is designed to fit individuals having a head circumference of between 21 inches and 22 1/2 inches (52 cm - 57cm) Studies have shown that regardless of height, weight or body type many people fall within the Average size range.

How Do I measure My Head Size

Commonly all that you simply should measure is the circumference of your head as the other measurements below are normally proportionate to the circumference, though the other measurements can be valuable in scenarios where your measurements fall outside the standard range.

To measure your head for a wig, take a cloth or paper tape measure and be sure that it has not been stretched. In case you're not sure, measure it against a metal or plastic ruler for accuracy. Then follow the instructions below:

Wigs Buying Tips - Head Measurements

CIRCUMFERENCE: Start the tape at the middle of your hairline at the forehead. Lay the tape around to the nape hairline (behind the ears) and around the head where it will meet back at the front.

EAR TO EAR: Lay the end of the tape about an inch above the little crease at the top of your ear between your ear and your head. Then bring the tape across the top of your head to the other ear at the same point.

FRONT TO BACK: From the front hairline to the back hairline. For those who have little or no hair, lay your index, third and ring fingers flat against your forehead just above your brow bone. At the top of your fingers could be where a normal hairline would be. Lay the end of the tape at this point and measure back to about an inch below the little (occipital) bone which you can feel at the bottom of your skull.

TEMPLE TO TEMPLE: This is where the earpieces of the wig will rest. Begin the tape just in front of your ear, about halfway, just in front of the little cartilage protrusion. Measure the distance across your forehead hairline to the front of the other ear at the very same point.  

So What is YOUR SIZE?

As mentioned just before you definitely only need to use your circumference as a guide. Below is a simple guide for determining your head size using your Circumference measurement. However for a more concise breakdown the chart further below provides a cross references of all three measurements.

Wigs Buying Tips - Head size

Cross Refference Guide
Size Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Petite 21 13 13 1/4
Average 21 1/2 13 1/2 14 1/2
Large 23 14 15 1/2

Style Considerations

You should also try to choose a style that will not have to much volume of hair around any areas which you do not desire to emphasize.  This will help to balance your specific face shape e.g. Having a shorter style with hair finishing around the jaw line will help make a longer face look shorter

Face Shapes

Oval Face

Clients with an Oval face shape are fortunate as an oval shape is very versatile and will suit pretty much any wig style. Long, short, straight or curly styles will all look fairly natural and flattering

Round Face

Round face clients really should search for styles that are just a little longer than their face so as to avoid emphasizing the rounded nature of their face. Styles with soft curls and layers will also help to minimize the rounded look of the face. Short bobs and page boy styles need to be avoided.

Square Face

Clients with a Square face shape really should avoid styles with sharp lines such as straight cut fringes. While styles with sweeping fringes and medium length layers that sit close to the face will reduce the square or angular look.

Heart-Shaped Face

Having a Heart shaped face clients need to stay away from styles with volume around the crown and top of the wig. Instead they should search for styles that are a little fuller around the jaw line that have a soft fringe or no fringe at all.

Oblong Face

Oblong face shapes should search for styles that have a wave or curl around the cheek and/or jaw line. This will give width to your face removing any emphasis of your longer shaped face. Styles which are lengthy and layered will only make your face look longer and really should be avoided.

face shapes and wig styles

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