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New Costumes in Time for Halloween

wb_ahnna_1 wb_boss_1 wb_carley_1 wb_empress_1 wb_maniac_1 wb_new-elvira_1 wb_viper_1 wb_oldlady_grey_1 wb_wicked_1Halloween is a fun time for Costumes.  So we thought its time to add some new costume wigs.  No matter what your passion is there is something for everyone.


These wigs are all theatrical quality wigs that are not  to be mistaken or compared to the $2 shop variety. Many of these wigs have been used on big Theatre stages.


Halloween is coming up soon so have some fun and enjoy a new wig to complete your costume.

If you are looking for something that you can’t see on our website we are happy to try and find you the perfect wig.  Give us a call or send us and email at

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is such a fun time.  Wigs Online has a great supply of quality wigs that you wont find at the $2 Shop.  They are all made with quality fibers that are heat resistant and will not catch light if exposed to a flame.  They are designed to frizzle but not go up in smoke.

So what look are you going for?Here are a few suggestions:

The Red/ Orange theme:

The Red Velvet is just an amazing wig that will give you the dramatic effect you are looking for.

Foxy_130 troika_redV Nocturnal_th


The Witch Theme:

What’s Haloween with no Witch and magic?

Witch godiva_1widowspeak_blk


The Afro theme:

An Afro wig can be suitable for any occassion.

JumboAfro_Blonde JumboAfro_White JumboAfro_Brown JumboAfro_Black


The Medieval Theme:

WB_Pirate WB_PonytailWarrier WB_ColonialMan_Wht

Personalize your Halloween to whatever takes your fancy.  Wigs Online carries over 60 different wigs that come in many colours.  There is always something you can find.  If you are looking for something in particular contact us at




New Costume Wigs Arrived.

New Costume Wigs added to our Large Collection.

Costume wigs can be so much fun with Halloween season coming up.  We have added a few new styles.

This season Queen Elsa the Snow Queen has definitely been popular. Every little girl wants to go to the next party as Elsa from the Disney Movie Frozen.  Everyone enjoys being a princess for a night or day.


Then we have the Geisha Girl.  These Japanese ladies always look so elegant and petite.  Who could  do a Geisha hair style and would it stay together all night?  You will stand out in the crowd with this wig.  The Yuki is another fun animated Japanese Fighter character.  What a fun wig!!


And if you are looking for a certain colour, look no further than the Cindy or Doll.

Cindy is available in Chocolate, Emerald, Grape or Regal Blue.

Cindy_Emerald WB_Cindy_Choc WB_Cindy_Grape WB_Cindy_RegalBlue


And for a longer version there is the Doll available in colours Brown, Green, Purple, Lilac and Blue.  Coloured theme parties are always an easy way to colour up a party.

Doll_Brown Doll_Green WB_Doll_PurpleDoll_DBlue

For the guys, there isn’t always a lot of options but Austin Powers is always a favorite. And for those who have always wanted to grow dreadlocks but haven’t got months to wait, there is the Deluxe Rasta.  The Colonial Man is for the guys who love power.




It’s worth noting that although our costume wigs are not cheap they are theatrical quality that you would see on the stage like the big musicals Hairspray or Strictly Ballroom.  They will not catch fire if close to flames as the fibre is not like a $2 Shop Wig.

We are always happy to help over the phone 1300 797 579 or email us


Costume Ideas from your Favourite Stars


Costume Ideas from our Favorite Stars

We can gather so many ideas for costumes from our favorite stars and idols. As little kids we all dream of growing up to be rich and famous. Back in the 1980s there were celebrities like Boy George, Madonna, Princess Diana, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson. In the 1990s we saw Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Jonny Depp, Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt. The list just goes on and on.

So if you have been invited to a Costume Party – A rich and famous affair. Who should you dress up as? We have put together a few ideas for next Famous Costume Party. Try and achieve the look you want with a wig. Have a look at the colour and style they have and you can look just like them too. The clothes are the easy part but a good wig will make all the difference to your costume. Have fun with it.

Take a look at some of our Ideas:

Michael Jackson – All you need is a Jet Black Medium Length Wig like this one below.

Stars from Sex in the City – Who doesn’t have a favourite from these four girls? Carey, Charlotte, Samantha or Miranda. This sitcom started in 1998 till 2004 but they are still our favourite girls in the city.

sex and the city 2        Cassie_16th Christine_8th Dulce_27Cth Topaz_24th

Marilyn Munroe – A favorite Movie star and sex symbol from the 1950s and early 1960s. An actress that we all remember with fondness. She had timeless elegance and class. Marilyn Munroe was a true Glamour Girl.

Glamour Girl51_613Abba – A popular group formed in the 1970s from Sweden. They broke up in the early 1980s but their music lives on. What a great costume you could pull together with a group of friends. Please note we have used female wigs to get length needed to replicate the hair of Benny and Bjorn – Fashion has changed!!

BennyShania_33 H002_24 Bjorn

Elvis the King – Elvis was another rock star from the 1950s to the early 1970s. His smooth slicked back hair style that all ages recognise. He would be heaps of fun to imitate at a party. Elvis was one chick magnet.

elvisMorticia Adams. – Wife of Gomez Adams and mother of Wednesday and Puggsley. Morticia was always dressed in black long gowns. ( Easy costume) The whole family can get involved. Gomez and son Puggsley had slick back short hair styles. Wednesday the daughter had two low piggy tails. Easy family costume.

godiva_1Katy Parry – Katy has been a hit on the stage since 2002. We just love her bold colour hair statements from blues, greens, pinks to purples. The possibilities are just endless.

Calypso - Purple.t.s.White Calypso - Turquoiset.s.White Glitz Blue Glitz Neno Pink Glitz Violet Kelly OPCP Kelly VioletRed Foo – Who doesn’t love his wacky fun nature. It’s Ridiculous…. Yeah baby!



The list is just ridiculous. Let us know if you have some other great ideas. These are just a few I have put together. Have fun with it.

Need Some ideas for your next Costume Party?


You receive an invite and it’s a costume party. Some people just love to dress up and then those who just find it all too hard. Have some fun with it. Hopefully these ideas will put the fun back into a costume party. Here are some ideas to help:


Wigs by themes:

Jungle Theme

Why not grab a Wild wig to be a jungle cave man or woman. They come in great assortment of colours. With a leopard print dress a cave women will evolve. And for the men, just add some baggy old dirty clothes and the cave man is your look.


Pirates – Ahoy

When we think of pirates Jonny Depp comes to mind with his dreadlock looking and red head band. Just like the pirate wig. Or the Pony tail Warrior from some of the classics like Mulan or Aladdin.


A circus theme can be so much fun. There is always the classic clown. A red nose, bright coloured make up, shoes and clothes and you are set to go. The costume would not be complete with out a white afro to match. Or something like the Queen of hearts will look like you came straight back from the Mad Hatters party.

Egyptian theme

The Egypitian theme is full of gold, toga style clothes and a black wig with ornamental head band and the occasional plait in the hair. The Nile Queen would be a perfect fit.


Colonial times can be anything between the 16th Century and the 20th Century. It was back when synthetic fibres didn’t really exist. Clothes were made of cotton and linen. Wigs were worn by many. Men wear white wigs and ladies wore wigs with long ringlets and big styles. Why not try a Colonial man wig or a New Z? With the wig and a linen shirt and jodpur type pants the man is done. Ladies wore petticoats and long flowing dresses.


Fashion in the 1920s was the beginning of modern clothing. Men and women alike started to dress a little more casual than the restricted undergarment like a girdle. It is often referred to as the roaring 20s. And of course our Roaring 20s wig is just perfect, as well as Lanar and Marilyn.


The 1980s was a fun time for fashion. Clothes and fashion accessories were bright and colourful. Shoulder pads were big. Hair styles were generally big, bouffant and heavily styled. Lots of gel and hair spray were absolutely essential. And for men sideburns were all the go. Big hair styles were also fashionable for men just like the women. Shows like Dynasty, Magnum PI and Charlies Angels were just some of the favorites and many took their hair style from these celebrities. And of course for the men big moustaches like Magnum were definetly in fashion. The Punky, and Farrah Fawcett, are just a couple wigs that come to mind.

At Wigs Online we have a full range of Costumes Wigs for Men and Women. All of our wigs are theatrical quality and are not cheap carnival wigs. Once you have purchased your costume wig you will be able to use it over and over again. You can always swap with your family and friends. The possibilities are just endless, have some fun with putting together for your next costume party.