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How to Care for a Human Hair Wig

Sometimes its hard to read the instructions but with a video its worth a thousand words.

This video shows you exactly what and when to use each care product.  It is really important to care for your human hair wig and always keep it hydrated.

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How to Remove a Topper

Its important to be careful when applying and removing your hairpieces and toppers.  Your biological hair needs to be treated carefully and not too roughly.  Always unclip gently and don’t remove the hairpiece until clips have been undone.  Then carefully slide away off the biological hair.


Its important for your own biological hair not to be pulled on too rough to avoid any shedding and damage to your own hair.

Jon Renau has out together a great little video to show you our it is done.


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Kendall Wig By Henry Margu

Kendall is part of the Premium Synthetic from Henry Margu. It is a very fashionable style that we have seen the celebrities rock on the red carpet over the past months. It is a gorgeous wig with very soft feminine  waves falling just on the shoulders. It features modern beachy waves that frame the face perfectly.  The cap consists of a Mono top and Lace front with a wefted back.

The mono top gives the wearer the option to style the wig with a part on either side or in the middle.  It gives the illusion of the hair coming out directly from the scalp.  The lace front gives the wearer virtually an invisible hairline.  These features contribute to making the wig look realistic.  Many of the colours available have the darkened roots.

Below is a video to see exactly how the wig looks like straight out of the box.

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How to Care for your Heat Defiant Wig

Heat defiant wigs are a great solution for those who can’t afford a human hair wig.  It is very important to use proper wig shampoo and conditioner.  The Jon Renau wide tooth comb is the only comb that they suggest to use with Heat Defiant wigs.  All Heat defiant wigs come complimentary with this Jon Renau wide tooth comb.  Watch the video to see exactly how to shampoo and condition your wig.

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Shampooing and Deep Conditioning your wig


It is so important to take care of your Human Hair wig to prolong the life of the wig and to keep it in the best condition as possible.

Human Hair wigs should be washed 6 -7 wears. All Jon renau hair care products are essential , as they are specifically formulated to care for the fibers in our wigs. They are also Sulfate, Paraben and Sodium Chloride Free. Keeping her wide-tooth comb with you and using it throughout the day will help keep it from tangling.

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