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The Hair Grip – The Best Wig Accessory


The Hair Grip has arrived to Wigs Online.  It will be the best accessory for the wig wearer.  If wig caps are not comfortable then you will love the hair grip. It is a headband that is worn under your wig, turban or scarf.  The hair grip is a comfort head band made of a fine soft velour.  Because of the way it grips onto the wig it eliminates the need for combs, tape or pins when you feel like your wig is slipping. It will also hold your existing hair down and keep it under the wig or scarf neatly. The hair grip is adjustable so you can wear it adjusted to how you feel comfortable.

Many wearers suffer with headaches and bald spots from using other things like pins and wig caps. This will no longer be a problem with the Hair Grip. And the best thing of all is the headband will stop the wig from slipping off.

The Hair Grip comes in three colours: Tan, Dark Brown and Black.

The Hair Grip can’t be seen under the wig but its best to colour match to your scalp colour.

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Jon Renau Petite Options

Most of us  are all within a small frame of size to each other.  However, sometimes we are just smaller than the average.  We have a few Petite wigs by Jon Renau that we stock in a few different colours.

Bree2Bree Petite – A short layered pixie style with a Capless wig design. It is part of the O’Solite range that is light and easy to wear.  The wefted back allows for superior ventilation to stop the wearer from overheating.







Robin_42730_Alt2Robin Petite by Jon Renau – It has a Mono top which allows the wearer to style the part in either side or in the middle.  The double mono top is hand tied to allow the hair to be styled multi directional.  The wefted back allows the wig to be cool to wear.





Natalie Petite

Natalie_Main_131T4Natalie is another Jon Renau wig from their O’solite range.  It is soft and manageable with lots of body and memory to retain their shape right out of the box.  Capless wigs are always cool and easy to wear.Jon Renau have reduced the cap weight of each wig for a more secure fit.  The elegant style is tapered beautifully at the nape of the wig.




JR_Simplicity2Simplicity Petite

This elegant wig is so versatile.  It can be spiked out or glammed up.  You can style it around your face in a messy style or brushed smoothly to look like a gorgeous pixie style.  Simplicity is another wig from the Classic range that has a capless design.  It is very easy and light to wear.  As a petite person sometimes too much is simply too much.






Alia PetiteJR_Alia_Petite_1

Alia is one of Jon Renau’s best sellers.  It has beautiful layers that provide amazing movement and styling versatility.  The Smartlace technology enhances a beautiful and real looking hairline.  The lace front  is so transparent so that you wont see it. No one will be able to tell you are wearing a wig.  The wig comes in an average size as well as a petite.  It also features a Mono top that allows the wearer to change the part to where the wearer desires.



Scarlett Petitescarlett_12FS8_Alt1

Scarlett is definitely an all time favorite.  The perfect beachy waves is a style that is very light and feminine around the face.  It has a an open cap that is cool to wear. The Scarlett is available in Average and Large cap as well.

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Henry Margu Petite Wig Options

Henry Margu Petite Wigs

We are not all that different when it comes to head sizes but some people are just petite.  Or sometimes very young children or young adults may need petite sizes.

Companies like Henry Margu  do have a range of Petite wigs.  Here are a few that you might like to consider.  There are many more options so give us a call or email us for more information.


Leah Petite

Leah is a classic curly style wig which tapers to the nape with lots of curls on top.  It features a capless consruction that is easy to wear as well as being light and cool.  The wig is only available in the petite size and is available in stock in 3 colours.  However, it comes in many more colours that we can order in for you at no extra cost.


Nina Petite Wigs

Nina is another classic style with elegant layers that taper towards the neck.  It has a capless construction that is easy to wear.  we have 5 different colours in stock available for immediate dispatch but of course comes in many more colours that we can order in specially.  Some of the colours are dark rooted which make it look very realisitc.


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