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How to Care for a Human Hair Wig

Sometimes its hard to read the instructions but with a video its worth a thousand words.

This video shows you exactly what and when to use each care product.  It is really important to care for your human hair wig and always keep it hydrated.

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How to rejuvenate a Human Hair wig

Human hair wigs can look so real and beautiful.  However, it does take time and effort in order to keep them looking good.  If a human hair wig is cared for properly it should last around 12 months or longer.

Human Hair wigs can become dehydrated after some time and often they become dry and frizzy because they are simply lacking moisture.  There is a very simple way to rejuvenate human hair wigs.  Usually a deep condition to make a huge difference.

Step One: Wash you wig in a basin of tepid water.  Put a small amount of shampoo in the basin firstly and swirl it through the water to dissolve.  Then put your wig in and try not to tangle the hair.

Step Two: Rinse the wig under the tap to remove all the shampoo.

Step Three: Mix some Conditioner and The Ellen Wille Recovery Mask and work it though the hair of the wig. Use the wide tooth comb and distribute the conditioner and mask through the wig.  Make sure you keep the conditioner and mask away from the base of the wig because it can loosen the knots in a mono top.

Step Four: Leave the conditioner and mask for up to 2 hours.

Step Five: Rinse the hair and use a wide tooth comb to style the wig.

Step Six: If you have time to wait let the wig air dry rather than blow drying the hair.

Step Seven: You can  a hair straightener to style as you desire.

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Defences against Tangling

Whether you are wearing a wig or not, hair can tangle easily.  Here are a few tips that might help:

Tangling can happen for varying reasons.

Here is a list of a few things to consider:

The quality of the wig and the way the wig is made up. If the cuticles of the hair are not going in the same direction when they are manufactured it will more than likely tangle.

Wigs will tangle more than natural hair as the scalp produces oils to keep the natural hair from drying out and tangling on itself.

Never use a fine tooth comb on any wig as it puts too much pressure on the wig.  Always use a wide tooth comb.

When conditioning your wig, comb through the conditioner when the hair is wet. Then comb it again once it is dry.  Always comb from the bottom and work your way up so you don’t put too much pressure on the hair.

Using alcohol free, low ph shampoos and conditioners .  Sulphate and paraben free products are good as well.

Some wigs will ball up and tangle on the base of the neck.  This is caused by friction of a collar rubbing on the wig.  Try to avoid wearing bulky collars.  Some rough fibres will tangle your hair more than silly fibres. Keep this in mind when choosing your clothes.

Heat defiant wigs will matt up and tangle easier.  Use a Detangler and wide tooth comb to comb through your wig or hairpiece each night after wearing.  It is essential to treat the hair with conditioner each time you wash the wig or hairpiece.

Its also best to use good quality specially formulated wig products when taking care of your wig.

With these few simple tips an d a little care you can help keep your wig looking great for longer.  happy Wiggin!

Ellen Wille Hair Care


Ellen Wille has  a beautiful quality of wigs, hairpieces and more.  They have an inspired European style.
Taking care of such beautiful wigs is so important so we have added their wig care to our collection.  We have introduced a care pack and another product called Hair Tip Liquid which we find very helpful in taking care of Ellen Wille Wigs.

The Ellen Wille Human Hair Care Set gives you the essential products specially formulated for Ellen Wille Wigs in order to keep  the wig looking fresh and feeling great.

It consists of:

Expert Care Human Hair Shampoo
This Shampoo is specially formulated for wigs to cleanse the fibres in order to leave your hair moist and silky smooth.

Expert Care Human Hair Balm
The Human Hair Balm is used after each shampoo .  It helps with detangling, strengthening to make the hair beautifully smooth, soft and silky.  It makes it  easy to brush.

Expert Care Human Hair Care n Repair
This is a leave in conditioner that can be used on wet or dry hair,  It helps to repair the wig from the everyday wear.  Its effective in providing moisture and will keep the hair feeling soft and easy to brush.  There is no need to rinse it off.

Hair Tip Liquid

Hair Tip Liquid is great in keeping your human hair wig looking and feeling great.  Its specially formulated to regenerate and invigorate hair tips.  The hair tips are the most likely to dry out. Its very good for protecting against matting, split ends and breakages.  Its very easy to use.  You can use this product on dry hair in between washes. Simply rub a little between your fingers and run through the tips of your wig.  Do not put any on the cap especially with and tied wigs as it can loosen the knots.  you will be surprised how effective it is.

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How to Control Shine with your Synthetic Wigs

Jon Renau has a Wig Wand that will help with the shine of your wig to give it a more realistic look.  It is very simple to use and just controls the shine so your wig won’t look fake.

This short video shows you exactly how to use the Wig Wand.



The Wig Wand by Jon Renau is available our website.

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Shampooing and Deep Conditioning your wig


It is so important to take care of your Human Hair wig to prolong the life of the wig and to keep it in the best condition as possible.

Human Hair wigs should be washed 6 -7 wears. All Jon renau hair care products are essential , as they are specifically formulated to care for the fibers in our wigs. They are also Sulfate, Paraben and Sodium Chloride Free. Keeping her wide-tooth comb with you and using it throughout the day will help keep it from tangling.

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Blow Dry Balm By Jon Renau/Easihair

The latest addition to our care products is the Blow Dry Balm.  Just like all Jon Renau products it is an excellent quality product.

It is designed to be specially used on human hair wigs before you style your wig. It can be used daily before you use the Blow Dryer.  It enhances the shine and texture of the hair.  It also contains  UV protection which is so important when you are out in the elements.

It is a smoothing balm that controls the frizz and fly away hairs.  It will give your wig that beautiful sleek and smooth look while protecting the hair from the heat of the blow dryer. The colour of your hair wig r hairpiece will also be protected.

Its a must for your Human Hair Kit.

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JR_HHKITBlown Away Blow Dry Balm



Human Hair Care Kits by Jon Renau

Jon Renau Human Hair Kits are the best products you can find for your Jon Renau Human Hair wig.  When you are paying quite a lot of money for a quality product like Jon Renau it is so important to use the right product to keep your wig looking great for as long as possible.  These products are specially formulated for Jon Renau Human Hair wigs.

We have two kits which both have the Argan Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, the Argan Treatment Oil as well as a  paddle brush.  The second kit has an extra product called Blown Away Blow Dry Balm.

The Smooth Luxury Shampoo is a gentle hydrating cleanser infused with French Argan Oil that adds moisture to eliminate that dry brittle feeling leaving you with soft shiny hair. The Conditioner has vitamins and antioxidants in order to strengthen dry and brittle hair right to the ends and aids in eliminating frizz.

The Argan Smooth Treatment Oil is a fast absorbing treatment oil to add shine as well as elasticity and suppleness to the hair.  You can use this on towel dried hair to help with detangling and frizziness.  It also reduces drying time.

Blown Away Blow Dry Balm is perfect to control the flyaways while protecting the wig colour.  It has a UV Protection and enriches Shine to your wig.

It pays to have the right product to look aftr your wig.  Normal shampoos and conditioners are formulated for natural hair that rejuvenates from our scalp.  Wigs are very different and should has specially formulated products for wigs.

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Human Hair Care Kit2JR_HHKIT


How to Detangle a Synthetic Wig

What do you do if your wig gets so tangled and looks matted?  Can you bring it back to life?

Here are a few tips to help bring life back into your wig.

The first bit of advice would be to always take special care of your wig.  The more tangled the wig is the harder it is to bring the wig back to its original condition. Always wash and condition your hair wig at least every 6 -7 wears.

However, there are some great products and with a little bit of patience you can bring it back.

Wig DetanglerWig Detangler is a great product.  After you have washed and conditioned your wig, lightly spray detangler throughout the whole wig.  Use a wide tooth wig comb and work gently from the bottom tips about an inch at a time in sections. As each section becomes smooth and the comb glides easily through work on the next section until you have been through the whole wig.  You can use wig detangler every day to keep your wig looking good on dry hair too.






For Heat Defiant Synthetic Wigs, the Easihair Smooth Detangler is a great product that can be used daily.Simply spray lightly on the wig each day and comb through.  Allow the wig to dry and you are ready for the day.  This product eliminates frizz and helps maintain the healthy shine and body of the wig.





Human Hair Care Kit2For Human Hair wigs, The Jon Renau Human Hair Kit includes a Moroccan Oil Treatment which will help with tangles as well.  You can just rub your fingertips with the Moroccan oil through the hair and comb through starting from the bottom and working your way up to the crown. The Human hair specially formulated Shampoo and Conditioner is a great way to keep your wig in great condition.




Just a couple of things to note:

  • When detangling a wig always start with small sections at the bottom of the wig and gradually work your way up until you have combed through and detangled each section.  Excessive combing and pulling on hair can cause the wig to loose hair.
  • If you manage your wig each day the upkeep is much less.  The more tangled the wig is, the harder it is to bring it back.

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Some Things to never do with your Wig

Life gets very busy and looking after a wig can be hard at times.  If you look after a wig properly you should be able to have a wig that looks good and lasts quite a while.  It is so important to care for a wig if it is going to last.

The DO list:

  1.  Wash your wig every 6 – 8 wears.
  2. Always wash your wig in a basin or sink.
  3. Use proper Wig Shampoo and Conditioner quality products.
  4. Always conditioner your wig after shampooing.
  5. Always use a wide tooth comb.
  6. Always brush/comb your hair in sections starting from the bottom so you are not adding extra pressure to the cap of the hair.
  7. Always allow Synthetic Hair wigs to dry naturally.
  8. Always check with the seller/manufacturer if your wig is heat resisitant.
  9. Always leave your wig hanging over a wig stand or something similar to allow good ventilation while drying.

The DON’T list:

  1. Do not leave your wig for prolonged periods without washing or conditioning.
  2. Do not soak your wig in shampoo, conditioner or in water.
  3. Do not apply heat to synthetic wigs.
  4. If your synthetic wig is heat resisitant, do not apply heat over 150 Degrees Celcius.
  5. Do not lie your wigs down on towels to dry.




This is just a short list of Dos and Don’ts.  Taking care of your wig will prolong the life of the wig and keep it looking good for longer.

If you are unsure of what you need to do feel free to email us at
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