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Staying Smart Online

The big wide web world can be very daunting.  We all love to hop on the internet and pick up a bargain.  This is all possible but you must take care and look out for some simple signs for any scams or too good to be true deals.


Here are a few tips that we feel are very important whether you are buying a wig or anything else on line.

  1.  Be aware of who you are buying from.  Are they an Australia Supplier or an overseas supplier?  If the website is a then the seller is an Australian Company as overseas suppliers can not buy a domain.
  2. Check the contact details – email addresses, telephone numbers, address location, etc;  If something goes wrong you need to be able to contact them.
  3. When purchasing online make sure you are buying on a secure website.  In the task bar there should be a little padlock.
  4. Check the returns and exchange policy so there are no surprises for later.
  5. Create strong passwords and always log out of your session
  6. If the price seems to good to be true – be wary.  It might be a copy item not a genuine brand that you think you are buying.

These are only a few little things that can protect yourself from being a victim.

There are a lot of websites out there with a lot of information so you are prepared to buy online and to know what to do if you have been scammed.

Happy Shopping!


Petya Ransomware Alert

Latest Ransomware Hits Australia

The latest ransomware (Petya) which is believed to have originated in Europe has spread widely throughout not only Europe but also the USA and even Australia.

With many larger companies having offices overseas it is understandable that the virus has spread to Australia. Legal firm DLA Piper as well as Cadbury have reported being infected according to a report on

The Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online website warns Australia computer users to apply the latest software updates to help protect against the ransomware. The full article with tips on how to minimise the risk of being affected can be read here on the Stay Smart Online Website.

With more and more people being connected via their computers and smart devices (Mobiles, Tablets etc.) online security is becoming increasingly important. We recommend signing up for alerts on the Stay Smart Online Website to keep up with the latest news on threats to your online safety.

Stay Safe

The Wigs Online Team

Stay Smart Online Week Starts Today


Stay Smart Online week officially kicks off today (Monday 2 June 2014).

The theme this year for the Stay Smart Online week is “On The Go”, which focuses on safety issues of mobile devices.

A run down of events for the week can be found on the Stay Smart Website along with many tips for staying safe online while browsing or shopping online with your mobile device or desktop computer.

And the have even ventured into the Pop arena with a Music Video for awareness week. It’s definitely worth checking out – although I can’t see it making the “Top Ten” anytime soon.

Stay Safe and Have fun online.
From all at Wigs Online.

Hitman Scam Alert


Hitman Scam Resurfaces

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have reissued warnings of a scam spread via both email and SMS.

The "Hitman" scam involves recipients receiving an SMS or email stating something along the lines of

“Sum1 paid me to kill you. get spared, 48hrs to pay $5000. If you inform the police or anybody, death is promised…E-mail me now:”

Do not repsond to this sms or email as the scammers will then try to extort money form you in order to stop the supposed (fake) threat to your life.
Ignoring them and deleting any messages is the best way to deal with this as responding will only confirm that the email or phone number is valid and is being read.

More information regarding this new alert can be found in this article on the Stay Smart Online Website

Keep Safe

The Team @ Wigs Online

Yahoo Mail “Hacked”

yahoo_logo Yahoo has confirmed that user names and passwords for Yahoo Mail have been stolen in a recent “Hack” by cyber criminals (30th Jan 2014).

This relates to both the U.S and Australian based users, i.e. email addresses ending in both .com and

They have advised that clients change their password for their yahoo mail account as soon as possible.

As always the Stay Smart Online website has further information as well as tips for improving your security and the full alert for the Yahoo email breach can be found on their website using this link.

We highly recommend that you take a few moments to read the full article. Even if you are not a Yahoo mail user the tips are still very helpful.

Stay Safe Online
From the Wigs Online team.

Microsoft & Adobe Updates

Stay Smart Online has released an alert for the Microsoft and Adobe updates.

Below is a copy of the article from the Stay Smart Online (SSO) website or you can use the link below to view the alert on the SSO website – while you are there don’t forget to subscribe to their alert service

Stay Smart Online Microsoft & Adobe Alert

Microsoft and Adobe have released their monthly Patch Tuesday security updates for products including Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and Office, Lync, Sharepoint, Exchange, Visual Studio, ASP.Net and Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player.

The updates address a range of issues including vulnerabilities listed as critical and important.

Microsoft has included a large number of updates for its products, many will require a reboot of your system to take effect.

You are advised to update your system as soon as possible.

Microsoft’s bulletin is available here.

Adobe’s bulletins are available here.

More information

How to set automatic updates on your computer.

The information provided here is of a general nature. Everyone’s circumstances are different. If you require specific advice you should contact your local technical support provider.


Australia Post ‘tracking notification’ email Scam

virus alert


With Christmas approaching we may find ourselves shopping online a little more and so it can be difficult to keep track of all your orders/shipments not to mention any gifts that loved ones might be sending to us via Auspost.

Because of this scammers/cyber criminals are making the most of the opportunity by sending out emails that appear to come from Australia Post and advise of the tracking details of your order. Unfortunately these emails contain an attachment that has a virus.

Clicking on the attachment can infect your computer with Malware giving hackers access to your computer so that they can steal any valuable information such as log-in details for banking websites or even download and install other malicious software to your computer. So the best option is not to open any attachments and delete the email immediately.

A example of the email and other information can be found on the Stay Smart Online Website Which Wig Online has partnered with to help consumers with online safety.

If you believe that your PC has been infected you can seek help to remove the virus directly from Microsoft Support.

Stay Smart Online Partnership

Wigs Online Partners With Stay Smart Online


What's on at stay smart online


Wigs Online has partnered with “Stay Smart Online” which is a government initiative to help consumers protect themselves while shopping and surfing online.

As our regulars will be aware Wigs Online takes the online safety of its clients seriously and has written articles providing tips on what to look for when shopping online.

Stay Smart Online has lots of useful information on Cyber Safety and runs several campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness of Online safety. The major awareness campaign is the Awareness Week which usually runs around the middle of the year.
Although the dates of the 2014 cmapaing has not yet been announced, wigs online will keep you up to date via posts on our blog.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the Stay Smart Online Newsletter on their website.

Online Saftey Tips

Online Shopping Safety Tips

Wigs Online's latest blog page has Tips on staying safe while shopping online.

There are many handy tips that can help ensure that your next online purchase does not turn into a nightmare.

Please feel free to leave a comment or any handy tips that may help other stay safe online.

The Summary Article can be found here while the Full In Depth Article is located here