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New Website Launch


We have been working hard over the past 6 months to bring our clientele the best website we can.  We have added a lot of new features with the hope to make the shopping experience with us a much more enjoyable on.  We thought it was time to take away the pink to give the website a more modern elegant looking website.  Of course we did’t want it to not just look pretty but we wanted it to be very functional and user friendly. Here are just some of the features we hope you like.

  1. As a client logged into the website you can add styles to your wish list so you can find them at a later date.
  2. You can now filter your results via Brand, Colour, Style, cap construction and Hair type.
  3. We have added a few more categories so you will be able to find the products you are looking much easier.
  4. We have our Instagram Feed scrolling on the front page so you can see the latest styles and products.
  5. We have a brand selector close to the bottom of the Home page.
  6. On our Contact page we have some mini FAQ for quick answers
  7. There are a few more features under your profile than before. As well as the wishlist you can track my order.

We hope you enjoy our website and we can make shopping with us a pleasant experience.

With the upgrade to our new website, current members may not be able to see their history form the old website.  If you need a copy of past orders all you need to do is email us.

Please contact us via email at or by phone 1300 79 75 79 if you have any further queries.



How to Style your Easipart HD 8″

The new Easipart HD 8″in  an average Base and  in XL Base.  A video is worth more than a 1000 words.You can style your Easipart just like the professional.  You can use a similar method with the 12″ and 18″ versions.  These hair pieces are the best options for those experiencing hair loss when you don’t need a full wig.


You can see a full range of our Toppers Here.

Please contact us via email at or by phone 1300 79 75 79 if you have any further queries.

Fast and Easy Checkout With Pay Pal Express

Wigs Online adds Pay Pal Express Checkout

At wigs online we are always looking to improve our clients experience on our website.  For this reason we are happy to announce that we have now implemented Pay Pal Express Checkout.

A great Advantage for New Customers without a Wigs Online Account

Now when checking you have the option to use Pay Pal Express Checkout paypal_xpress_checkout from the shopping cart page. This will take you to the Pay Pal website where you will be asked to log in to your Pay Pal account.
One you have logged into your Pay Pal account all you need to do is check that your shipping details are correctly listed and then click the “Continue” button which will automatically add your details to the order and take you directly to the Order Confirmation page at Wigs Online – Saving you time needed to create an account or entering details as a “Guest Account”.

Pay Pal Express then automatically creates and account for you at Wigs Online. The username (email address) and password for your account are then emailed to you so that you can log in to your Wigs Online account at any time and review your orders or change your password or shipping details etc..

Please note : Clients who already have an account with Wigs Online should login to their account before checking out. Then they can either use the Pay Pal Express Checkout Button on the shopping cart page or simply use the standard pink checkout button Wigs Online Checkout Button and select the pay pal option, or any other payment method desired, on the payment page as your details are already in the system. Doing this will prevent a second Wigs Online account being created if your current Wigs Online account email is different to your Pay Pal account email.

Providing Easy, Safe and Secure website for our clients is always paramount at Wigs Online. If you have any features you would like to see please feel free to email us your suggestion.

Brazilian Remy Wigs

New Brazilian Remy Human Hair Wigs

Wigs Online is pleased to announce the arrival of it new range of Brazilian Remy Human Hair Wigs.

These wigs are the Sepia Brand that has been established for many years and is synonymous for providing great products at great prices, representing an overall great “value for money” product.

Of course being a true Remy and Brazilian hair they are only available in Black as Blonde is not a natural colour that is commonly found when sourcing hair from Brazil.

Click each image below to view all the details on our website.

Paige Brazilian Remy Human Hair

Audrey Brazilian Remy Human Hair
Audrey Brazilian Remy Human Hair



Stay Smart Online Partnership

Wigs Online Partners With Stay Smart Online


What's on at stay smart online


Wigs Online has partnered with “Stay Smart Online” which is a government initiative to help consumers protect themselves while shopping and surfing online.

As our regulars will be aware Wigs Online takes the online safety of its clients seriously and has written articles providing tips on what to look for when shopping online.

Stay Smart Online has lots of useful information on Cyber Safety and runs several campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness of Online safety. The major awareness campaign is the Awareness Week which usually runs around the middle of the year.
Although the dates of the 2014 cmapaing has not yet been announced, wigs online will keep you up to date via posts on our blog.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the Stay Smart Online Newsletter on their website.

Online Saftey Tips

Online Shopping Safety Tips

Wigs Online's latest blog page has Tips on staying safe while shopping online.

There are many handy tips that can help ensure that your next online purchase does not turn into a nightmare.

Please feel free to leave a comment or any handy tips that may help other stay safe online.

The Summary Article can be found here while the Full In Depth Article is located here

Wigs Online’s Facebook & Pinterest Pages

Facebook & Pinterest Pages

Did you now that Wigs online has a Wigs Gallery on FB page and a Page

With the boom in Social Media it is now very common for people to connect not only with friends but also with their favorite businesses using the various forms of social media.

Wigs Online joined the trend some time ago and have a Facebook page where we connect with clients as well as post news of upcoming specials, client photos showcasing their wigs and sometimes we post just a little bit of light hearted humor – after all life is way to serious sometimes and we all need a laugh.
Our Facebook page can be found at or simply click on the image below.

Wigs Gallery on FB


One of the newer forms of Social Media is Pinterest and Wigs Online has setup a pinterest page. Pinterest is a more visual form of media which has little, if any, of the sales talk/text but rather is a collection of images relating to Wigs Online and othre things that our clients may be interested in. Pinterest is a very visual platform and has gained many users in a short time and its popularity can most likely be attributed to the fact that people react more to images than written text – after all “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

You can follow us on pinterest by going to our pinterest page at Or by clicking on the Pinterest logo below


Wigs Online Facebook page
Wigs Onlines FB page
Wigs Online on Pinterest
Wigs Online on Pinterest

Sports Cap With Hair

Sports Cap With Hair from Henry Margu
Sports Cap With Hair from Henry Margu

Product Release

Caps with Hair from Henry Margu

Wigs Online Recently introduced a new product range of Sports Caps with Hair attached.

This new range of products provide a fast, easy and convenient alternative to wearing your wig when needing to quickly step out to the shops or when going to the gym.