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Californian Blondes Collection By Jon Renau


Sunkissed. Honeyed. Beachy. Platinum. An icon of sun, surf, glamour, and play, nothing embodies southern California vibes quite like a blonde style. Jon Renau’s newest color collection, California Blonde, introduces a spectrum of gorgeous blonde hues, from the golden warm tones of Malibu and the brightness of Laguna to edgy, sun-bleached Venice and the desert cool of Palm Springs. With softly rooted gradients and subtle dimension-defining highlights, these colors perfect blonde realism.


We are so excited about these new shades of blonde from Jon Renau. These colours are available in a range of wigs and toppers.  As well as synthetic hair and heat defiant hair.



What are these colours?


Malibu Blonde   

Colour Malibu Blonde – 12FS12 – Light Gold Brown, Light Natural Gold Blonde & Pale Natural Gold-Blonde Blend, Shaded with Light Gold Brown

This colour is very similar to the signature colour of Jon Renau.  The biggest difference is the roots which are much lighter than the 12FS8.  The blonde tips are exactly the same as the 12FS8.

Laguna Blonde

Colour Laguna Blonde – FS24/102S12 – Light Gold Brown with Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend, Shaded with Medium Brown

Laguna Blonde has the same lighter roots like the Malibu Blonde but the tips are much more golden with frosted vey pale blonde hi – lights.

Venice Blonde

Colour Venice Blonde – 22F16S8 – Light Ash Blonde & Light Natural Blonde Blend, Shaded with Medium Brown

Venice Blonde is a nice blonde like the 22F16 but with roots like the 12FS8. Its a more ash blonde than the others with dark roots.

Palm Springs Blonde

Colour Palm Springs – FS17/101S8 – Lt Ash Blonde with Pure White Natural Violet, Shaded with Dark Natural Ash Blonde

Palm Springs is going to be a real hit.  The Pure White Natural violet gives that dramatic effect of darker roots with a real platinum blonde that is very fashionable.

Please contact us via email at sales@wigsonline.com.au or by phone 1300 79 75 79 if you have any further queries.



New Website Launch


We have been working hard over the past 6 months to bring our clientele the best website we can.  We have added a lot of new features with the hope to make the shopping experience with us a much more enjoyable on.  We thought it was time to take away the pink to give the website a more modern elegant looking website.  Of course we did’t want it to not just look pretty but we wanted it to be very functional and user friendly. Here are just some of the features we hope you like.

  1. As a client logged into the website you can add styles to your wish list so you can find them at a later date.
  2. You can now filter your results via Brand, Colour, Style, cap construction and Hair type.
  3. We have added a few more categories so you will be able to find the products you are looking much easier.
  4. We have our Instagram Feed scrolling on the front page so you can see the latest styles and products.
  5. We have a brand selector close to the bottom of the Home page.
  6. On our Contact page we have some mini FAQ for quick answers
  7. There are a few more features under your profile than before. As well as the wishlist you can track my order.

We hope you enjoy our website and we can make shopping with us a pleasant experience.

With the upgrade to our new website, current members may not be able to see their history form the old website.  If you need a copy of past orders all you need to do is email us.

Please contact us via email at sales@wigsonline.com.au or by phone 1300 79 75 79 if you have any further queries.



Wig Construction Shown in Pictures

Construction of Wig Caps shown with images.

If you are a first time wearer it can be so confusing the terminology of wigs. What is a Monofiliament top, Lace front, Capless design and what is better? The truth is its all a personal preference. Some of these features can help a wig look more realistic. Some features are easier to take care of and some last longer than others. At Wigs Online we try hard to help all our clients make an informed decision. I hope the following information will help understanding some of the terms used.

A Mono top Filiament is a fine meshmonocap in the part area of a wig designed to give you a realistic look of hair growing out of your own scalp. The sheer mesh is made of a strong synthetic fibre. It also gives you the freedom to change the part to where you prefer. The hair is usually multi directional and can be styled whichever way you wish. This is a great feature especially if you have no hair at all. If you do have thick hair underneath this may not be a great option for you – a skin top may be a better option. On the left is an image of what a mono top wig may look like. Different brands may look slightly different.

lacefrontA Lace front Wig is a special wig designed with a sheer lace front. They can be human hair or synthetic hair which is usually tied by hand on to the lace. The lace is usually at the front of the wig along the hairline designed to give you a realistic hair line. The lace wig can be attached to your head with the assistance of glues, adhesives or tapes if you desire.

Some lace wigs have baby hair around the temple to cover up any visible signs of the lace. The first image shows you the inside of the lace front wig. The image below is a lace front synthetic wig. You can see how great the lace front hairline looks. This is a Zara synthetic wig by Jon Renau.zaracaplessA Capless Wig is a simple designed wig that has wefts of hair sewn onto lace ribbons to form a cap. The ribbons are very flexible and stretch to shape to the head of the wearer. There are also adjustable straps or hooks at the nape of the neck to secure the wig in place. Generally wearers do not need glue or adhesives to keep the wig in place. There are very comfortable light weight wigs generally. To the left is an image of a typical capless design wig.



The Skin Top wig has a skin top part. In the part area is a special fabric that looks like skin. So it gives you a part that looks like hair is growing out of it. Skin top wigs are generally much cheaper than mono top wigs. The part cannot be changed and the style needs to be worn as you have bought it. For some wearers who don’t want to change the part and like the wig as it is, it’s a great and more affordable option.skintopTo the right is an image of the Delectable Doll by Forever Young. You can see it’s a great style and the skin top part looks fantastic.

Wig Selection Advice

Selecting a wig can be a little difficult and confusing particularly for a first time Wig Wearer (especially doing so online). So I have added a few helpful tips on our Wig Selection page that can make selecting the best wig for you a little easier. Our website also has a wig buying tips page that can help.