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2017 Jon Renau Topper Collection

A Topper is a hairpiece that is not a full wig.  It covers the any area of hair loss.  Hair Loss can be different for each person.  Early stages of hair loss can be just in the part area or on the front hair line. These hairpieces are also good for adding volume and length for those with fine hair.  Here are is a quick rundown on the new styles from Jon Renau.

easiPart French Drawn 

Up until now we have had easiParts in Heat Defiant Synthetic and Human Hair.  The French Drawn easiPart is a new concept with the great features of an easiPart but it is French Drawn.  French knotting is a superior knotting technique that creates the most realistic natural look. The hairpiece is 100% Remy Human Hair.

This method of french drawn knotting features  the most invisible knots ever seen in a hairpiece as the knots are in the swiss lace in between layers of glass silk and they are no where to be seen in the glass silk layers.The French Drawn monofiliament also allows multi directional parting as well as the most natural looking crown. The innovative French Drawn top is constructed with the finished length and return pulled through the top layer of glass silk which creates the most natural density.

It can also be styled with heat tools just as you style your own hair. easiPart French HH is everything you want out of a clip in topper – it gives you fuller, healthy looking hair and no one would ever guess you’re wearing an add on.


The easipart has always been a great hairpiece that suits many wearers who are experiencing early stages of Hair loss and for those who just want more volume to their existing hair. It is available in 12″ and 18″ lengths as well.

Base Dimension (W” X L”) – 2.75″ X 5″



Top This

Top this is a brand new style from Jon Renau. It is a clip in volumizer that adds thickness to the crown.  It is great for early stages of hair loss or for adding height to  undo hair style.  The options are endless.

It is 100% Remy Human Hair. It is attached with 4 pressure sensitive clips and blends seamlessly with your own hair.  It si also available in 8″, 12″ and 16″

Base Dimension (W” X L”) – 5″ X 4″

Top Full

Top Full 12″ topper by Jon Renau is designed with 100% Hand Tied Stretch Base. It is a 100% Remy Human Hair volumizer that is worn over the entire crown providing the most coverage in any topper. Top Full has the softest comfortable 100% Hand Tied stretch base which will seamlessly blend with any existing hair.  The double monofiliament top provides natural movement and the look of natural hair growth.  It is attached with 5 pressure sent clips for a secure fit.

Base Dimension (W” X L”) – 11″ X 11.5″

This piece is available in 12′” and 18″ lengths.

Please contact us via email at or by phone 1300 79 75 79 if you have any further queries.

Which Toupee Tape Should I Use?

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What do we need Toupee Tapes for?

Toupee tape is used to attach hairpieces and wigs.  There are different double backed tapes for different uses.   They are colored so we can recognize which tape is for which application but when applied they are all clear.  They are sold in rolls or strips which is a personal preference to which one you prefer.

A couple things to note:

1.It is important to always clean your scalp and prepare the surface for applying your wig, hairpiece or toupee.

2.It mean seem after the shower that the tape is weakening from the steam of the shower.As your skin dries up the bond will harden.

3.  Everyone is different and the tape may last longer on some more than others depending on the skin’s oil and environment issues.


4. It’s always a good idea to test a small piece of tape on your skin before applying for an extended time in case of allergies.


Toupee Tape( White)Toupee roll tape

The white toupee tape is the most common tape used for a moderate holding strength and can be removed easily.  It can be used daily if required.  It is a double backed clear tape surgical quality tape.

Blue Liner Tapes

BlueLiner_roll Bluelinertape1The Blue liner tape comes in rolls and strips as well.  Its perfect for a stronger hold.  It can be used for wigs and hairpieces.  It is the perfect tape for lace front wigs which you need to be careful when applying to the lace so you don’t damage it.  Depending on the individual it can last anytime from 1 – 3 weeks.

Red Liner Tapes

The Red liner tape is transparent double faced tape for toupees.  This tape Red_Tapethwill hold 1 -2 weeks and is a very low residue tape. It was designed to use with toupees with a polyurethane base. It is available in strips and rolls. The roll measures approx. 1″(2.54cm) wide and 9′ (2.75m) long.
There is larger rolls if you need but they are not listed on the website.  You are welcome to phone to place an order over the phone for the larger roll.



Extended Wear Tape

Xweartape1Extended Wear Tape is a super strong bonding adhesive tape with a unique aerated design which extends adhesive life and allows skin to breathe. It can hold for between 2 – 4 weeks depending on activity level. Great for all types of Wigs and Hair Units.
These tabs measure 3/4″ long from top to bottom and 1.5″ wide from side to side and come in a 36 piece pack.




You can see a full range of Tapes, adhesives as well as wigs, hairpieces on and for any queries email us at






The Difference between a Wig and A Toupee

What is a Wig?  What is a Toupee?

The use of a wig or a toupee are very different.  A wig is a to cover the full head entirely whether the wearer has hair or not. A wig can be taken off easily and doesn’t need any special glues to hold it in place.  The wig is elasticised and will hold firmly on the wearer comfortably.

A toupee is used to cover a bald spot on the wearer’s head.  A special adhesive is applied to hold the toupee in place.   It is usually for males and not so much for females.  A good toupee needs to be fitted by a specialist to integrate the toupee with the wearer’s own hair. Usually the wearer will need to go back to the stylist to have it removed as well.  If you don’t want to apply the toupee with glue, it can be attached with clips but it may not be as secure as if the adhesive is used.

Caring for a wig or a toupee will require special shampoo and conditioner formulated for wigs and toupees.  The only difference would be that you can take your wig off and wash it in a basin and a Toupee you would wash while wearing the hairpiece.

Whether you choose a toupee or a wig is a personal preference.  Both can look fabulous and give you a boost of confidence of your appearance.




On the right  is an image of the inside of a toupee. JackyHH_44Toupee’s constructions can vary.  The toupees that we have in stock have a monofiliament base and a medical strip around the edge to aid in applying glue or adhesive.  As you can see on the mannequin it doesn’t cover the whole head.



HJoe_34 Capp_TabsAnd to the left you can see the inside construction of a wig which can vary.  This wig has a mono filament top and a wefted back.   At the base of the wig are some tabs to adjust for size.


If you need any further information, we are always happy to discuss your needs in relation to a wig or toupee.  You can call us on 1300 797 579 or email us at