The Difference between a Wig and A Toupee

What is a Wig?  What is a Toupee?

The use of a wig or a toupee are very different.  A wig is a to cover the full head entirely whether the wearer has hair or not. A wig can be taken off easily and doesn’t need any special glues to hold it in place.  The wig is elasticised and will hold firmly on the wearer comfortably.

A toupee is used to cover a bald spot on the wearer’s head.  A special adhesive is applied to hold the toupee in place.   It is usually for males and not so much for females.  A good toupee needs to be fitted by a specialist to integrate the toupee with the wearer’s own hair. Usually the wearer will need to go back to the stylist to have it removed as well.  If you don’t want to apply the toupee with glue, it can be attached with clips but it may not be as secure as if the adhesive is used.

Caring for a wig or a toupee will require special shampoo and conditioner formulated for wigs and toupees.  The only difference would be that you can take your wig off and wash it in a basin and a Toupee you would wash while wearing the hairpiece.

Whether you choose a toupee or a wig is a personal preference.  Both can look fabulous and give you a boost of confidence of your appearance.




On the right  is an image of the inside of a toupee. JackyHH_44Toupee’s constructions can vary.  The toupees that we have in stock have a monofiliament base and a medical strip around the edge to aid in applying glue or adhesive.  As you can see on the mannequin it doesn’t cover the whole head.



HJoe_34 Capp_TabsAnd to the left you can see the inside construction of a wig which can vary.  This wig has a mono filament top and a wefted back.   At the base of the wig are some tabs to adjust for size.


If you need any further information, we are always happy to discuss your needs in relation to a wig or toupee.  You can call us on 1300 797 579 or email us at info@wigsonline.com.au.

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