How to Measure your Head Size?

How to Measure your Head Size?

Choosing a wig can be difficult and finding the right size is very important.

The most common wig size is “Average” which will fit around 97% of people as head size doesn’t vary a great deal regardless of height, weight or body shape. An Average size wig will fit a head circumference of between 21.25 inches (52cm) to 22 inches (54cm) approximately.

For those who fall into the Petite or Large range there is options however the range and colour options are sometimes a little limited in comparison to the Average range of wigs.

Below is a measuring Guide provided by Jon Renau and provides clear information to help you find your correct size.

If you have any questions regarding size please feel free to email us or call us or call us on 1300 79 75 79 to discuss your options.

Wearing a wig that is too big or small can cause the following issues:

  1. If a wig is too small, the wearer will feel uncomfortable as the wig feels too tight and the wig may ride up at the back of the head.
  2. If a wig is too big the wig will slip and doesn’t  give the wearer the most realistic look.
  3. A wig that doesn’t fit properly will not wear properly and it may cause the wig to not last as long as it should.  This makes wearing wigs quite expensive.
  4. A wig that doesn’t fit properly will not look as good as a wig that is fitted properly.









The Artic Collection by Jon Renau


Artic Collection by Jon Renau


Exciting New Bold Colors in Jon Renau’s Top 10 Synthetic SmartLace Styles. The collection will launch on April 1st and should be in store at the end of the month.  With the coronavirus situation there may be a delay in supply.

These five Artic’s Collection novel colors melt dark roots into delicious, lustrous hues:

Flurry, a Pewtery lilac             Frost, a pearly, barely blushing pink          Glacier, a bright, icy blue




Storm, a sharp silver                     Sleet, a luminescent platinum.



The Arctic Collection can reinvent your everyday look with the playfulness of confectionery colors and the flattering depth of ombre toning. And, far easier to find than a great hair colorist, these shades are widely available in our most popular synthetic SmartLace wig styles.


These new bold on trend colours are going to be available in the following 10 styles:

Annette, Kristen, Miranda, Rachel, Zara, Cameron, Gabrielle, January, Mila, Victoria.


If you need any further assistance,  please feel free to contact su via email or phone.



Easipieces Collection by Jon Renau


Easipieces By Jon Renau.

We are so excited!! Jon Renau will be launching their collection of Easipieces at the beginning of February 2020.

This collection is designed with an undetectable low profile, clip-in easiPieces to add subtle, balancing volume that complements a lightweight topper for a full, natural look.  These pieces are made of Remy Human Hair on Slim slender polyurethane bases designs.  There are 3 different lengths, 3 different widths in a range of over 30 colours. The hair lengths include 8″, 12″ and 16″ inches. The widths are 4″, 6″ and 9″.

You can wear these hairpieces with a topper to achieve a more fuller look or on their own with your own biological hair.



How to Choose:

  1. Choose the colour that suits your own biological hair.  If you are wearing a topper then you need to consider your topper colour as well. They don’t necessarily need to match but they need to compliment each other.
  2. Decide the length to compliment your hair.  These pieces are to add volume but not length so it needs to be similar to your hair length.
  3. Based on where you want to wear the piece, you can decide how wide you need.  4″ pieces are ideal for the sides and 6″ or 9″ for the back of your hair.


If you need any further assistance please email us at


Latitude Pay has arrived.


We are now accepting LatitudePay!

Wigs Online has welcomed Latitude Pay to our website.  Latitude Pay gives the customer time to pay off their purchases. The first instalment will be taken on the purchase day.  The rest is taken over 9 more repayments spread over weekly payments,

Its easily set up and requires just a few details. Once you have been approved you are ready to shop. Shop now pay later!

There is no interest fees ever.  The only time you will pay a fee, is  if you miss a payment. Latitude Pay will send you reminders to keep you on track.  Any late payments will attract a $10 fee.  Thats all.  If you pay on time there are no Fees!!

Latitude Pay has a great app you can use on your phone to keep track of all purchases and payments. You have the option to pay off your account earlier if you want.

Latitude Pay offers a simple process with limits up to $1000. There is an option to pay more upfront to keep it under the threshold.

Latitude Pay is owned and based by an Australian Company.

We have welcomed Latitude Pay to Wigs Online to give our clients as much versatility in paying for their goods.

Its this easy:

Step 1: apply for a LatitudePay account and get approved for up to $1,000 in just a few minutes.
Step 2: buy the things you love today and pay for them over time!
Step 3: pay with weekly repayments over 10 weeks!
Apply now by visiting

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email with any further assistance.

How to put on a topper?

Putting on a topper/hairpiece can be tricky when you first begin.  These are a few tips that can help you:

  1. Spray a little hair spray or dry shampoo to enable you to tease the hair a little.  This will help to give the hair some friction for the clips to hold on to firmly.
  2. Always clip on to your own hair where this is a decent amount of hair so you don’t aggravate the hair loss you already have. Clipping onto a few strands of hair can cause further hair loss.
  3. Try to pick a colour that will highlight or enhance your hair colour so it will integrate seamlessly.

Below is a video showing how to clip in a topper.  It does take some practice but its not difficult.

Please feel free to call us or email us at   for any further assistance you need.


What is a Topper?

A topper is a hair piece that integrates with your own hair and is excellent in disguising hair loss.  Hair loss can occur very slowly or can be very rapid at any age for a variety of reasons.  Toppers can be called wiglets or hair pieces.  Most toppers are attached via clips.  There are many sizes in toppers to suit all degrees of hair loss.  They are designed to seamlessly blend with your own hair.  Some clients like to wear toppers to simply add volume to their own hair even if they haven’t any  hair loss at all.

Below is a chart that will help with determining what topper would be suitable for you.  No one topper will suit everyone.

There are human hair as well as synthetic hair toppers to suit all budgets.  Obviously the human hair toppers are more expensive but they will last a lot longer.

We carry a large range of Jon Renau Toppers.  They are the leading Hair company in the global market for toppers.  When deciding which topper will suit you, you should take into account some of the following:

  1.  Determine what hair loss stage you are at Beginning, Progressive or Advanced stages.
  2. Measure the area of your scalp that you want to cover. The Topper needs to be a little bigger than this area so the hair piece can clip onto your own hair.  The clips should clip on to a reasonable amount of hair to not aggravate any hair loss you already are experiencing.
  3. Choose what base you would like: Monofilament Tops allow the wearer more styling options as the hair will go in any direction and the part area is more realistic. A classic base is a base where you can pull through some of your hair to integrate.
  4. Select hair length, hair colour and fibre. The hair colour and length is all dependant on the look you are trying to create.
  5. Some helpful tips to wearing a topper:  Lightly tease or spray hair with hair spray ( or dry shampoo) to give your hair some texture.  The clips will hold on much better.

Here is a chart that can be very helpful.  It shows what topers are good for each stage of hair loss and where to position the topper.


Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 797 579 or email us at
for any further assistance.  We are available to help with any queries you may have,

Getting the Platinum Look with Human Hair Wigs and Hairpieces.

That beautiful Platinum Blondes that everyone loves is now possible with Jon Renau In Tone Violet Shampoo.  This shampoo controls the gold and yellow tones in blonde human hair wigs and Toppers.  It gets rid of the brassiness and keeps the hair radiant and clean.


Jon Renau recommend applying the shampoo to the palm of the hand and creating a lather in the hands prior to applying to your wet hairpiece – the toner is recommended to only remain on the hair for up to 5 minutes – dependent on desired result.  You can tone it to your desired colour that you want to achieve.

If you need any further assistance please feel free to give us a call on 1300 797 579 or email us at






How to Apply & Remove Adhesives on wigs – Wigs 101

Most Lace front wigs from Jon Renau don’t need adhesive unless you would prefer to use it. The one thing to care of is to never pull on the lace as you might stretch it. If its stretched it may not sit on your forehead flat again. Always take your wig off holding onto the ear tabs or nape.
If you want more security or you feel that the wig is slipping then you can use adhesive. This video from Jon Renau gives you a full explanation of how to apply and remove adhesive.


If you need any further assistance please feel free to call us or email us at and we can give you more advice.

2019 Spring Jon Renau Collection is now available for pre order.



Jon Renau’s Collection launches are always exciting and the 2019 Spring Collection is no exception. Here we have a quick rundown of what we can expect. 2019 Spring Collection is made up of 4 new wigs and 1 new petite wig.
This Collection is inspired from warm Californian days and cool evenings. The Four new wigs Rose, Kaia, Kendall and Gabrielle are easy styles you can transition from day to night. Rose gives is a short layered crop style, Kaia has long cascading layers, Kendall showcases shoulder length waves and Gabrielle gives you a posh jaw length bobs.

Embodying easy-care technology, each of these looks combines a nearly invisible SmartLace hairline and translucent monofilament cap with advanced synthetic fibres for a supremely natural fit and feel. The 2019 Spring Collection sets the tone for a season of adventurous flexibility with minimal fuss.

Pre orders have started and we will be getting these first orders in by April 8th.  If you don’t want to miss out order today.

At a glance this is what you can see in the new range by Jon Renau.




1. 100% Handtied

2. Smart Lace front

3.Single Monofiliament Top

4. Available in Average and petite


1.Smart Lace Front

2. Single Monofiliament top

3. Wefted Back

4. Average Size



1.Smart Lace Front

2.Single Monofiliament

3.100% Hand tied

4. Average size



1.Smart Lace Front

2.Single Monofiliament

3.100% Hand tied

4. Average size


Wigs Online has introduced Laybuy


Wigs Online is proud to give our clients another payment option. LayBuy is a new payment method where you can Buy Now and Pay Later. LayBuy has a great payment schedule where you can choose which day of the week you want to pay. Six payments later and you have paid it off while enjoying your new purchase.


Simply select “LayBuy” as the payment method on the Checkout Page and
then click the “Place Order” button.

You will then be redirected to “LayBuy’s” secure website and prompted
to Login or Create an Account. Then simply chose which day of the
week you want your payments to be made, review your payment schedule
of 6 easy interest free payments and select pay now – So Easy.

Your order will be dispatched immediately, unless you have chosen a
special order item, and you will soon be enjoying your new look.

Please feel free to give us a call or email us if you need any further information. Remember we are always happy to help you find the right wig or hairpiece for you.