The Best Sellers of Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch, the Hollywood legend and beauty icon has a beautiful range of wigs, hairpieces and toppers.


Here are the Some of Best Sellers:


Winner by Raquel Welch

Winner must be one of the lightest and most comfortable styles in all wigs. It weighs under 2 ozs! ( 60 grams) This short boy cut  light little pixie features razor like tapering of barely waved layers to give some volume. You can wear this style straight out fo the box and is so comfortable to wear. It comes in all 3 sizes, petite, average and large. Each size comes in a range fo colours from the Vibra lite Synthetic fibre range.







Voltage by Raquel Welch

Voltage is a short no fuss slightly wavy layered stunning style.  This style is very versatile and can be worn as a full style, or a smooth style or just as you like it. The Vibralite fibre has beautiful shades that you will love. The Votlage comes in an average and large cap.

Upstage by Raquel Welch

Upstage is Raquel’s bestselling mid length classic page style. The 100% hand tied cap, natural hair line and sheer Indulgence mono top with the Tru2Life heat friendly synthetic hair gives the wearer the most luxurious wig.

Always by Raquel Welch

Always by Raquel Welch is a long elegant style that gives the ultimate versatility in styling, comfort  and colours.  Curl it full and fabulous or iron it stick-straight. This silhouette of long, luxurious layers will always look great!

Tru2Life® synthetic hair makes your styling options limitless as its a heat friendly synthetic. This fibre keeps nicely with a wide tooth comb. This heat friendly fibre can withstand up to 180°C.  Always style with a low setting to maintain the integrity of the fibre.

Editors Pick’s by Raquel Welch

Editor’s Pick is a great modern layered bob that highlights some loose bouncy waves.  You can style this wig with finger waves, tousle the hair for that tousled look or brush into long fuller waves.  Wig wearers love the Sheer Indulgence™ Temple to Temple Lace Front with the monofiliament top and Tru2Life Heat styleable synthetic hair.



Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch

Scene Stealer has a long list of fans and the one wig we get asked about the most. The long, razor tapered layering and a luxurious length that falls to mid-back gives this style dramatic appeal. The lace front Sheer Indulgence™ monofilament top and Tru2Life® synthetic hair makes for varied styling options!



Sparkle by Raquel Welch

Sparkle is a gorgeous short, face-framing cut that oozes elegance. There are two variations with this style. Sparkle has the Memory cap with Vibra lite fibre and is extremely comfortable and light to wear.  The Sparkle Elite  has the added luxury of a lace front monofilament top for off-the-face styling and a light, cool fit. They are both Ready-to-wear with a firm shake right out of the box, Sparkle or Sparkle  Elite includes a smooth front & top that blend into short textured layers throughout the back and sides.


We order most weeks and we can always order a style and colour in specially for you at no extra cost.  Contact us via phone 1300 797 579 or email and we can assist you with your special needs.









Raquel Welch is Here!!!


We are so excited to introduce Raquel Welch to our clients. The Raquel Welch range has been established for over 10 years. Raquel Welch has been over a decade guiding the wig industry with the most fashion forward styles.  Raquel Welch has been achieving excellence in the world of wigs.  This collection of wigs offer excellence in quality, styles and ultimate comfort. Raquel Welch has a wide range of beautiful and natural looking colours. This collection also includes synthetic fibres, heat friendly synthetic and human hair fibres. There are many quality features like lace fronts, mono tops and hand tied models.

We will be adding more styles as the weeks go on. We are excited to learn more about Raquel Welch and look forward to seeing more styles coming to Wigs Online.

Always feel free to contact us if you have a favourite style that you would like to see on our website. We can special order in any Raquel Welch style for you.


If you require any assistance you are welcomed to give us a call on 1300 797 579 or send us an email at

Henry Margu’s Naturally Yours Professional Range

Henry Margu’s  Naturally Yours Professional Range


Henry Margu;s Naturally Yours Professional Range gives the wearer the most realistic appearance.  These wigs are ultra light in weight to give the ultimate in comfort.

They give ventilation with a monofilament top which has been developed for the most sophisticated consumer.  The styles are superb offering beautiful cuts and very fashionable colouring.

They are all 100% handtied which attributes to the lightness and comfort of the wig.


Chic ( pictured left) A petite sized gorgeous bob style wig.  100% handtied  wig with a lace front and mono top to give the ultimate realistic look.  No one  will know you are wearing a wig.









A few styles that are some of our favorites:

Mystique by Henry Margu.(Pictured right)

Mystique by Naturally Yours by Henry Margu is a lovely and heavily layered shoulder-length style that features a 100% hand tied lace front and monofilament top and cap! The gorgeous layers add a bit of fun and flirty look to this style.

Colour Shown on model : 26GR


Nora by Henry Margu is very popular due to the sleekness of this gorgeous style.  Its 100% handtied with a undetectable lace front and mono top.  The monotop allows the wearing to change the part to wear they like it most.

Colour Shown on Model : 8/27/33H




Trish by Henry Margu

Trish features beautiful short, tapered layers for a graceful yet flirty look.
The Cap Construction of Trish consists of a monofilament top or Monotop that gives the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp area and allows you to part the hair in any direction and a Lace Front which provides an invisible hairline at the front for a extremely realistic look and allows you to style the hair away from the face if desired. The back of cap is handtied with a wefted nape allowing for a very comfortable fit.

Colour Shown on Model: 5H

These are just a few of the styles from Henry Margu’s Natural Yours Professional Range.  If you require any assistance you are welcomed to send us an email at or call us on 1300 797 579.


How to Match your hair Colour for a Topper

How To Match your Colour for a Topper

When purchasing a Topper there are quite a few things to consider.  Choosing your colour can be difficult.  Just remember that most of the colours are not one blank colour so sometimes your hair will blend with one of the colours.  Many of the colours will look differently on each person as they will compliment different colours.  Everyone is different and you can personalise your colour to be unique to you.  Hair colour swatches are not always available.  If you cant get colour swatches then check you tube where different wearers will show different colours in different lights.




Choosing the Right Hair Length for a Topper

Choosing the right length can be tricky sometimes. Most of the Jon Renau Toppers are available in 8″, 12″ or 18″. Some are available in all 3 lengths.  This great video is supplied by Jon Renau showing how simple it is to match your length.

Hairdressers can always customise it a little to suit your style.  Always check with your hairdresser if they have experience with alternative hair.


There is a Topper for Everyone.


Toppers can instantly and effortlessly transform your look by adding volume and body to fine, thin hair. There is a large range of toppers in human hair and synthetic hair as well as many sizes to suit many wearers. It’s a great alternative to wearing a full wig.

Many Reasons to wear a Topper.

Wearers use toppers for many reasons but here are a few reasons:

  • Mild Hair loss to advanced hair loss.
  • Toppers are cooler than wearing wigs.
  • Some clients feel that toppers don’t have the stigma of wearing a wig.
  • Toppers integrate seamlessly with your own hair.
  • Toppers can be worn to add volume to fine hair and not necessarily hair loss.
  • You can still put your hair up in a pony tail or updo quite easily.

Some of the things that you need to consider when choosing a Topper

  • Length needed to suit your hair. The Topper is an integration piece so it needs to be similar to your own length.  They are designed to add volume to your own hair and not to add length to your style.
  • The base needs to cover any hair loss.  The bigger the base there is more hair hence more hair density.
  • When you have fine hair/hair loss too much hair can feel like its not realistic.  It takes time to get used to having more hair.  Some wearers love more hair than others.  Everyone is unique and there is a solution for everyone.

The Topper Chart below gives you full list of all the  toppers in Jon Renau’s range.  It shows you the style, size and shape of each base, the coverage, placement of the topper and the length of hair.



We are always happy to give us a call or email us at for any further assistance.



How to Measure your Head Size?

How to Measure your Head Size?

Choosing a wig can be difficult and finding the right size is very important.

The most common wig size is “Average” which will fit around 97% of people as head size doesn’t vary a great deal regardless of height, weight or body shape. An Average size wig will fit a head circumference of between 21.25 inches (52cm) to 22 inches (54cm) approximately.

For those who fall into the Petite or Large range there is options however the range and colour options are sometimes a little limited in comparison to the Average range of wigs.

Below is a measuring Guide provided by Jon Renau and provides clear information to help you find your correct size.

If you have any questions regarding size please feel free to email us or call us or call us on 1300 79 75 79 to discuss your options.

Wearing a wig that is too big or small can cause the following issues:

  1. If a wig is too small, the wearer will feel uncomfortable as the wig feels too tight and the wig may ride up at the back of the head.
  2. If a wig is too big the wig will slip and doesn’t  give the wearer the most realistic look.
  3. A wig that doesn’t fit properly will not wear properly and it may cause the wig to not last as long as it should.  This makes wearing wigs quite expensive.
  4. A wig that doesn’t fit properly will not look as good as a wig that is fitted properly.









The Artic Collection by Jon Renau


Artic Collection by Jon Renau


Exciting New Bold Colors in Jon Renau’s Top 10 Synthetic SmartLace Styles. The collection will launch on April 1st and should be in store at the end of the month.  With the coronavirus situation there may be a delay in supply.

These five Artic’s Collection novel colors melt dark roots into delicious, lustrous hues:

Flurry, a Pewtery lilac             Frost, a pearly, barely blushing pink          Glacier, a bright, icy blue




Storm, a sharp silver                     Sleet, a luminescent platinum.



The Arctic Collection can reinvent your everyday look with the playfulness of confectionery colors and the flattering depth of ombre toning. And, far easier to find than a great hair colorist, these shades are widely available in our most popular synthetic SmartLace wig styles.


These new bold on trend colours are going to be available in the following 10 styles:

Annette, Kristen, Miranda, Rachel, Zara, Cameron, Gabrielle, January, Mila, Victoria.


If you need any further assistance,  please feel free to contact us via email or phone.



Easipieces Collection by Jon Renau


Easipieces By Jon Renau.

We are so excited!! Jon Renau will be launching their collection of Easipieces at the beginning of February 2020.

This collection is designed with an undetectable low profile, clip-in easiPieces to add subtle, balancing volume that complements a lightweight topper for a full, natural look.  These pieces are made of Remy Human Hair on Slim slender polyurethane bases designs.  There are 3 different lengths, 3 different widths in a range of over 30 colours. The hair lengths include 8″, 12″ and 16″ inches. The widths are 4″, 6″ and 9″.

You can wear these hairpieces with a topper to achieve a more fuller look or on their own with your own biological hair.



How to Choose:

  1. Choose the colour that suits your own biological hair.  If you are wearing a topper then you need to consider your topper colour as well. They don’t necessarily need to match but they need to compliment each other.
  2. Decide the length to compliment your hair.  These pieces are to add volume but not length so it needs to be similar to your hair length.
  3. Based on where you want to wear the piece, you can decide how wide you need.  4″ pieces are ideal for the sides and 6″ or 9″ for the back of your hair.


If you need any further assistance please email us at


Latitude Pay has arrived.


We are now accepting LatitudePay!

Wigs Online has welcomed Latitude Pay to our website.  Latitude Pay gives the customer time to pay off their purchases. The first instalment will be taken on the purchase day.  The rest is taken over 9 more repayments spread over weekly payments,

Its easily set up and requires just a few details. Once you have been approved you are ready to shop. Shop now pay later!

There is no interest fees ever.  The only time you will pay a fee, is  if you miss a payment. Latitude Pay will send you reminders to keep you on track.  Any late payments will attract a $10 fee.  Thats all.  If you pay on time there are no Fees!!

Latitude Pay has a great app you can use on your phone to keep track of all purchases and payments. You have the option to pay off your account earlier if you want.

Latitude Pay offers a simple process with limits up to $1000. There is an option to pay more upfront to keep it under the threshold.

Latitude Pay is owned and based by an Australian Company.

We have welcomed Latitude Pay to Wigs Online to give our clients as much versatility in paying for their goods.

Its this easy:

Step 1: apply for a LatitudePay account and get approved for up to $1,000 in just a few minutes.
Step 2: buy the things you love today and pay for them over time!
Step 3: pay with weekly repayments over 10 weeks!
Apply now by visiting

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