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How to Style your Easipart HD 8″

The new Easipart HD 8″in  an average Base and  in XL Base.  A video is worth more than a 1000 words.You can style your Easipart just like the professional.  You can use a similar method with the 12″ and 18″ versions.  These hair pieces are the best options for those experiencing hair loss when you don’t need a full wig.


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Jon Renau Spring 2018 Collection

Jon Renau Spring 2018 Collection



We are all super excited about these new wigs and hairpieces.  The 3 new wigs are all Synthetic wigs with single monofiliament tops and lace front cap construction with wefted backs.  This cap construction gives the wearer the most styling options while being very comfortable to wear.  The wefted back allows ventilation so the wearer doesn’t overheat.

This season’s new wigs all have beautiful layers with slightly different lengths to suit everyone.  Jon Renau has focused on the wigs having maximum hair movement to replicate natural hair as much as possible.  With the Smartlace construction the most realisitc wig  collection is here.

The other exciting news is the Easipart is now available in 8″ in HD and Human Hair.  Everyone loves the Easipart  and now we will be able to offer a shorter version.

This new range is coming out on the 1St April and will be in store after the 4th April.


Product Shown from Left to right: Felicity, Gigi, Minka


2017 Fall Collection By Jon Renau

Its that time again for another Fall Collection launch by Jon Renau.  This time we have 5 new synthetic wigs that promise to be just gorgeous. As well as one petite wig because we are simply not all one size.  Jon Renau always delivers excellent quality and fashionable styles.

Here is a quick rundown of each.  They are already in stock.  We have some shades in stock otherwise we can order them in and have it to your door within 10 days.

January By Jon Renau is a fresh wavy style and design.  It has a smartlace front to create the illusion of a realisitic hairline.  The mono crown allows for multi directional styling.

Approx. Length: Front 8.5″ • Sides 6.25″ • Crown 10″ • Nape 4.25 ”

Weight: 2.9oz / 80grams

Meg By Jon Renau has a fully handtied luxurious cap that is so comfortable to wear. It is an elegant style with razored layers to create a chic style.  It also has a mono top to give you versatility in styling.

Approx. Length: Front 5″ • Sides 2.5″ • Crown 6.5″ • Nape 3″

Weight: 2.1oz / 60grams




Camilla By Jon Renau is a beautiful Long Style wig with elegant sideswept fringe with lovely cascading layers.  It has a fully handtied cap which is so comfortable to wear and is so realistic. The mono top allows for the maximum in styling choices.

Approx. Length: Front 5.5″ • Sides 15″ • Crown 18″ • Nape 12″





Ruby By Jon Renau is a sassy and sophisticated pixie cut.  The lace front gives the wearer the most realistic hair line and allows the style to be worn away from the face. The open wefted back gives  ventilation to give comfort.

Approx. Length: Front 6″ • Crown 4.5″ • Side 2.5-3″ • Nape 2″






Mila By Jon Renau is a playful shoulder length style with lovely waves. It features a single mono top which si comfortable and soft on your scalp. The smart lace allows the wearer to wear the hair away from the face. it also has a wefted back for good ventilation.

Approx. Length: Front 11″ • Crown 13″ • Sides 10″ • Nape 7″

Weight: 3.8oz / 107.3grams

Mila is also available in a petite size for those who find the average size too small.


We have some stock in already and if you are wanted other colours we can get them in stock within 10 days.  Enjoy the new collection this summer.

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Hat Magic

Hat Magic by Jon Renau is the perfect accessory to dressing up your favourite hat.  It is an addition piece that can be worn under hats, scarves, berets, beanies or any headwear.  This piece slips easily over your head with cross over elasticised straps.

The different looks are endless.  You can create your own style.  Simply slip under your favourite hat or any headwear and you have your own look.  The piece has long sleek straight hair that is very natural looking.  It gives you a no fuss look.

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Quinn 100% Human Hair By Amore

Quinn is 100% Remy Human Hair Wig by Amore Wigs.

It is a classic bob with a fringe that can be worn straight down or to the side. It is made of 100% Remy Human Hair which is the best quality you can get. The Lace front gives the wearer the most natural looking hairline so you can wear the style away from the face without the risk of it looking like a wig.  The monofilament top is in the crown of the wig allowing multidirectional styling to give the illusion of natural hair growth. The open wefting at the back of the wig adds to the comfort of the wig.  It allows ventilation to so the scalp will stay nice and  cool.

The wig looks just like the pictures shown. You won’t be disappointed.

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New Styles from Amore Wigs

Amore has some of the most gorgeous wigs.  Most have a double monofiliament top which is so soft and comfortable to wear. We have a few new styles to add to our collection of Amore Wigs. We have a few colours in each style and are adding new shades all the time.




Marie by Amore is a beautiful mid length premium quality synthetic hair wig. The style sweeps to the side to give that timeless classic style. It features wispy feathered layers that sit around the shoulders.  The double monofilament top allows the wearer to style the wig on either side. It gives you the versatility and comfort of a natural looking wig.





Stevie is one of amore’s classic favourites.  The long sleek flow layers looks so natural and gives the wearer a beautiful look.  The double monofialment gives you the ultimate in styling.  The part can be on either side.  If you are looking for something a little different then look at the Chocolate Frost colour.  It’s so interesting. The underneath of the wig is a lot darker than the top to give it a ombre look just reversed.






Emily is the perfect face framing bob with a tousled curl on the crown to give you natural volume.  It also have as double monofiliament top to allow styling options for the wearer.






Tova is a gorgeous flattering cropped style with wispy layers and flipped ends. The double monofilament gives the natural appearance of hair growth where the hair is parted. The mono top is very soft and comfortable to wear.






We love to keep adding new styles all the time.  We hope you love our picks this time.


We can always specially order any colour or style from Amore wigs for you if you don’t see it on our website.
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Kendall Wig By Henry Margu

Kendall is part of the Premium Synthetic from Henry Margu. It is a very fashionable style that we have seen the celebrities rock on the red carpet over the past months. It is a gorgeous wig with very soft feminine  waves falling just on the shoulders. It features modern beachy waves that frame the face perfectly.  The cap consists of a Mono top and Lace front with a wefted back.

The mono top gives the wearer the option to style the wig with a part on either side or in the middle.  It gives the illusion of the hair coming out directly from the scalp.  The lace front gives the wearer virtually an invisible hairline.  These features contribute to making the wig look realistic.  Many of the colours available have the darkened roots.

Below is a video to see exactly how the wig looks like straight out of the box.

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Jon Renau Fall Collection

Jon Renau has released their Fall Collection for 2016.  There are 4 new wigs and a topper in 2 lengths.  As always, the quality and style is just superb.


Top Wave

The new toppers are another excellent piece like the Easiparts but they have a wave.  They are synthetic fibre which will hold the wave even after washing.  They come in 12″ or 18″ lengths in hair with a base of 6.75″ x 6.5″.  It is a double monofilament base which gives the wearer options to style the hairpiece.  As you can see below the hairpiece has a gorgeous wave in both lengths.





Ciara is a gorgeous style with long loose waves with layers framing the face. The Classic Smartlace Front that Jon Renau is renowned for, lies seamlessly on the hairline that gives you the natural appearance of hair growing out of your scalp.  No tape or adhesive is required.  It is available in over 25 shades.







Kaley is one of our favorites of the new collection.  It features the Smartlace Front which gives you the perfect hairline.The open cap allows for ventilation allowing the scalp to stay cool.  Kaley is the perfect wig that you can style understated or spruce up with some hairspray or gel to give you another look. The two images above show what you can do with this same wig.  One look for day and another for night. It is the most versatile wig on the market.



Sandra has all a wig can offer.  The hand tied stretch cap is the most comfortable cap and allows the hair to have a very natural movement just like your own hair. It has a large mono top to allow you to change the part to either side easily.

Its a beautiful mid length style that will suit all ages.





jr_miranda_12fs8_1thMiranda  is another great addition to the Jon Renau range.  It features a mono top part to give you the wearer a realistic part. A mono part gives you the illusion of the hair naturally growing out of your scalp.

There are more than 20 shades available.




If you have any queries about the new collection email us on or phone us  on 1300 797 579.

How is a Wig Made?

Isabella_Front_830RES  How is a Wig Made?


Wigs are made all over the world but most mass produced wigs are made in countries like China, Indonesia and India. Countries like Australia have very high labour costs which makes wigs very expensive.  Countries in Asia have much lower wages costs hence making it much more affordable for the average client to afford a wig.  It is amazing how from a few strands of hair that is made into a weft and with quite a lot of work, a wig is created.


Below are some images where you can see how a wig starts with the raw products of hair, lace, monofiliament fabric, skin tops and a few more items.  There is some machinery that helps with each stage but it is very labour intensive.  There is a real art to making  a good quality wig.  Below are some of the things we saw that were all part of the process.

DSCN0911Collection of Hair and Bundling:  Hair is collected  and prepared for manufacturing.  Hair is arranged so it is lying in all the same direction.  The hair is brushed against a hackle quite a few times which is just a large wire brush that is clamped to a table. It keeps the hair smooth and untangled as well as drawing out any small hairs. ( You can see on the left what a Hackle looks like)



Washing & Sterilising Hair : The hair DSCN0957is inspected to make sure it is clean and they will sterile the hair. The hair is gently and thoroughly hand washed in basins in soapy water with disinfectant. They are rinsed a few times to make sure there is no residue of soap.  Then the hair is  allowed to air dry or put in warmer ovens specifically for hair.


DSCN0916Making Wefts  :For a wefted wig, the hair is sewn onto a weft by machine.  The wefts are then made up into a wig.  Depending on the type of wig they are making there are different steps.  Some wigs are made with a lace cap while others are have a mono top or a skin top.



Making a Skin top:  Here you can see how a skin top has hair punched into it by machine.  You can see in the second photo that the hair needs to be trimmed on the inside of the wig.  After it is trimmed they place a special glue to keep it all intact.  Then it can be inserted into the rest of the wig.  Others have a mono top which is a fine monofilament mesh that the hair is tied individually onto to give the wearer a realistic look.

DSCN0927 DSCN0925 DSCN0928DSCN0931


These are just a few of the processes hat it takes to make a wig.  Seeing the process makes you appreciate all the work it takes to make a wig and most of it is done by hard manual labour by very talented craftsmen.

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Qingdao – Wig Producing City – Part 2

We explored Qingdao last week. So now I want to share a little about the visit to a  wig factory which I won’t name the company but I will say I was very impressed.  Everything was organised into separate rooms for each task.  Starting from the collection of hair and the processes consisting of washing, sterilizing the hair and dyeing it to suit the style required. Then making the wefts that would be sewn into lace and then made into wigs.  And the final stage was the hairdressers at the end who cut all wigs by hand. This is why the same wig sometimes can be slightly different in lengths and style.  It is not made by a machine it is hand made.

This experience really made me see how much work is gone into the wigs to get a finished product.  I really appreciated the differences between different qualities and the work that  goes into making a quality product.  Sometimes wigs can differ a little simply because they are created by hand and not by a machine.

I can truly say I learnt first hand how mono tops are created, how hair is sewn on together to make wefts and the final product.  All wigs are started with strands of hair and they are beautifully put together to make a quality hair piece or wig. I really appreciated how much work goes into the final product.

Below are a few pictures that can help you see that wig making is truly an art.

DSCN0916 DSCN0917 DSCN0935 DSCN0958T

The Next Blog will show how some of the components of wigs are made.  Its truly amazing.

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