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Red Cherry Lashes

Red Cherry is brought to us by Forever Young. They offer an extremely impressive quality range of eyelashes that are reusable may times over. Red Cherry lashes will make you feel like a movie star stepping onto the red carpet. They are one of our “must haves” accessories for every fashionista. Many of our clients wear them for dance rehearsals, special occasions, gymnastics competition, Irish Dancing and just for fashion.

Each eyelash set includes adhesive to be used to apply the eyelashes. They are reusable and all of the plain eyelashes are 100% human hair. Our clients all tell us that are very comfortable to wear and easy to apply whilst they look fabulous. The adhesive is non irritating to the eye which is an essential characteristic of Red Cherry Lashes.

You can make your eyes stand out from afar. And that’s what false eyelashes are for, aren’t they?

There are a few collections:

The Plain Black Eyelashes which come in different thicknesses and styles. These are all 100% Human hair.Up to you whether you want a discreet or more bold look.


The Coloured Eyelashes are a fun and vibrant collection of many colours and combinations. There’s an eyelash set to match all occasions and outfits. Many of these are used on stage.


The Diamante Collection is a great collection with lots of sparkles to highlight the eye lashes. They are very pretty for that special occasion. Some have coloured rhinestones while others are the clear rhinestone. There are some dainty styles and some bold for those who want to make a bigger fashion statement.


Faux Fur Collection – as the name suggests they look just like fur. And they feel as soft as fur too.






Feather Lashes these come in black lashes with different coloured feathers. A gorgeous accent to your lashes. They are an elegant accessory to any night out.

feather_white feather_pink feather_black

Special Collection There are a few other special type eyelashes that don’t fall into the above categories. They are some of our best sellers. The Shimmer collection are a collection of a flashback to the 1980’s. They are available in mint green, blue and purple. The Spider web lashes are just gorgeous.

spider80sflash w002

We don’t all have great lashes but with a little help from Red Cherry you can look like glamorous for any occasion. A full range can be seen at