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What is a Topper?

A topper is a hair piece that integrates with your own hair and is excellent in disguising hair loss.  Hair loss can occur very slowly or can be very rapid at any age for a variety of reasons.  Toppers can be called wiglets or hair pieces.  Most toppers are attached via clips.  There are many sizes in toppers to suit all degrees of hair loss.  They are designed to seamlessly blend with your own hair.  Some clients like to wear toppers to simply add volume to their own hair even if they haven’t any  hair loss at all.

Below is a chart that will help with determining what topper would be suitable for you.  No one topper will suit everyone.

There are human hair as well as synthetic hair toppers to suit all budgets.  Obviously the human hair toppers are more expensive but they will last a lot longer.

We carry a large range of Jon Renau Toppers.  They are the leading Hair company in the global market for toppers.  When deciding which topper will suit you, you should take into account some of the following:

  1.  Determine what hair loss stage you are at Beginning, Progressive or Advanced stages.
  2. Measure the area of your scalp that you want to cover. The Topper needs to be a little bigger than this area so the hair piece can clip onto your own hair.  The clips should clip on to a reasonable amount of hair to not aggravate any hair loss you already are experiencing.
  3. Choose what base you would like: Monofilament Tops allow the wearer more styling options as the hair will go in any direction and the part area is more realistic. A classic base is a base where you can pull through some of your hair to integrate.
  4. Select hair length, hair colour and fibre. The hair colour and length is all dependant on the look you are trying to create.
  5. Some helpful tips to wearing a topper:  Lightly tease or spray hair with hair spray ( or dry shampoo) to give your hair some texture.  The clips will hold on much better.

Here is a chart that can be very helpful.  It shows what topers are good for each stage of hair loss and where to position the topper.


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Which Topper will Suit me?

There is so many different hair pieces and toppers it can be very confusing. So we have put together a chart where you can find all the measurements and links to each one.


Fibres –  in Remy Human Hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair

easiPart Base Drawing easiPart_Heat Defiant_4_Alt_1Base – Mono filiament Attachement – Clips Base Size – 5 x 2.75 Inches
Hair Length – Available in 12″ or 18″

Easipart XL:

easiPartXLBaseFibres – in Remy Human hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair
Base – Mono filiament
Attachement – Clips
Base Size – 5 x 5.75 x 3 Inches
Hair Length – Available in 12″ or 18″

Top Volume Long:

                                                Fibres –  in Remy Human hairtopvolumelong_633_main topvolumelongsquare_side
Base – Mono filiament
Attachement – Clips
Base Size – 6.5 x 6.5 Inches
Hair Length  9 – 11″

Top Volume Short:

Fibres –  in Remy Human hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair
Base – Mono filaiment ( Same as Base for Top Volume Long)
Attachement – Clips
Base Size – 5 x 2.75 Inches
Hair Length 13 – 18.5″

Human Hair Pull thru

JR_HHPull_thru_bkfrtFibres –  in Remy Human hair and
Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair

Base – Honeycomb Pull thru Base
Attachement – Clips
Base Size  3.25 x 4.75 Inches
Hair Length 5.5″


Synthetic Pull thru:

hhpullthroughwigletsmall_24b13_main PullThruT_1622Fibres –  in Remy Human Hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair
Base – Honeycomb Pull thru Base
Attachement – Clips
Base Size –  3.25 x 4.75 Inches
Hair Length 4.5″



Fibres –  Available in Human Hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair
Base – Monofiliament base
Attachment – Clips
Base Size – 6.25 x 3.25 Inches



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What is a Topper?

easipart3What is a Topper?

A topper is a hair piece that is the perfect solution for those experiencing hair loss and hair thinning. A topper is integrated with your own hair and if they are put on  properly they will be undetectable.There are a few different types of toppers. The toppers are available in Human hair and Synthetic Hair. Most toppers will have toupee clips that will allow the wearer to snap the hairpiece into place. Some toppers have a honeycomb base that you can pull some of your hair through to integrate with the hair piece.


Easipart is a great product as a topper for thinning hair. Its a fine covering of hair that is on a monofiliament base.  The base is very fine and transparent so you can’t see it.  It’s the perfect solution for thinning hair. It has toupee clips around the base of the hairpiece to enable you to add the hairpiece to your head. It is available in Human Hair and Synthetic Heat Defiant hair.  It is also available in two sizes Easipart and Easipart XL.




Pull thru Wiglets are another great option for those with short hair. They are available in Human hair and Synthetic hair. You can pull thru some of the hair to fill the thinning spots on top of the scalp.  The images below shows the honeycomb base that you can see where the hair is pulled through.


Some toppers have more hair than others, the Top Volume has a lot more hair than the Easipart and this is reflected in the price. It is available in a short version and a long version. It is a beautiful piece and for those suffering with Hair loss it is a really truly undetectable.

JR_topvolumeshort TopVolumeShort_1230BT

These are just a few pieces we have but you can see the full range of hair pieces, hair toppers, hair additons at

What is a 3/4 Wig?

A 3/4 Wig is different to a full wig that it only covers 3/4 of your head and is used to integrate with your own hair.  They are fixed just in the front of the crown of your head ( in behind your fringe with clips.  They are the perfect solution to those experiencing some hair loss.  A 3/4 wig will add volume and length to your hair very easily.

Here are some tips to placing a 3/4 wig on your head:

1. Pull back your hair from just behind your fringe and hold back with some pins.
2. Insert the comb of the front of the wig onto your head where you want to place the wig.
3. Secure the wig at the nape with the clips or combs ( depends on the wig what attachments it has)
4.  Brush hair and integrate hair with wig.


If this is done probably you won’t be able to see where the wig finishes and ends.  It will be a seamless finish.  Not everyone is prepared to wear a wig and may not need a full wig so a 3/4 wig is a great idea.

Its always a great idea to search through utube and search “putting on a 3/4 wig”   where you can watch how someone else does it.  There are other ways of applying your wig  and everyone has there own style of wearing wigs.

We have a small range of 3/4 wigs in different colours and styles as well as some human hair and synthetic hair 3/4 wigs.  Check out our website at

If you have any further queires or need some advice give us a call on 1300 797 579 or email us at



Wigs Online’s Favicon for your Home Screen


At Wigs Online we always try to make shopping on our website enjoyable and easy.  There are so many websites out there and it comes difficult sometimes to find your favourite website.

We have developed an icon that can be added to your home screen.  Our specially developed icon means that you can have a link on your home screen so there is no need to loose the page again.

The icon is specially designed for use on mobile devices.

On an Apple Phone or Device follow these instructions:

1.Go to ( It works best on Chrome and Firefox)

2.Click on the Download Symbol next to the address bar.

3. Click on the option “Add to Home Screen”

4.Click Add and now you will have our pretty icon on your screen.


On An Android

1. Go to using Chrome or Firefox.  ( Safari is not setup to work with this.)

2. Click on the settings button on the bottom left hand corner of your phone.

3.  Click add Shortcut to Home

4.  Check you Home screen and you will find a bookmark for Wigs Online.


We are always eager to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.  We are always open to suggestions and value our customer’s feedback.  Feel free to contact us via Email or phone  1300 79 75 79 if you are having issues with any aspect of our website.


Easipart has a New and Bigger Range


Easipart Just Gets Better

Easipart is the absolute perfect solution to partial hair loss.  When hair loss begins it can be very gradual and a wig may not suit your needs.  Hair toppers like the Easipart can also simply be great for those with thinning hair or for clients just wanting some more volume.

We had a meeting with Easihair last week where we were able to see exactly how to put on the hairpiece.  It was so undetectable that we didn’t even realise that the Model already had the hair piece in.  It was so amazing and it sent us all into a spin.  Everyone wanted one.

The two new latest additions to the range are the new length 18″ as they were only available in 12″ up till now.  And the other big news is the XL Base which is like a pear shape.  The original base was 5″ x 2.75″ which is still available but the XL is 5.75″ x 5″.  For women experiencing hair loss this is great news.  The base  is still of the same incredible quality fine monofiliament with a PU Coated rim just comes in two sizes now.  All of these pieces are available in Remy Human hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic Hair.

Depending on your hair loss there are other solutions available.  Call us or email us if you need any further advice.  Also have a look at the other Hair Additions and Hair Extensions ranges we have.

Check out the Easipart Video put together by Easihair to see how easy it is to apply and how seamless the piece looks.  It is virtually undetectable.  No one will be able to see you are wearing a hair piece.

The full range will be available from the 1st April.  If you are looking to purchase any of the pieces that we don’t have in stock call us on 1300 79 75 79 or email us at We are always happy to specially order a piece in for you at no extra cost.


Henry Margu Accent Hats

Henry Margu Accents Hair Caps Range is giving those with Hair Loss another option to wearing wigs.  Let’s be honest wigs look great but I am sure there are times when you just need to duck into the supermarket and just can’t be bothered styling your hair.  Well the Accent range is ideal for this.

The range comes in a Black or a Beige 100% Cotton Baseball cap which is so easy to wear.  The Cap has permanently attached hair that requires no styling needed.  All styles are available in over 11 naturally highlighted colours in three different lengths.  There is the Shorty, the Classic and the Long Caps.  The Shorty also comes in a small range of grey colours as well. As you can see from the images at the side of this page the cap is adjustable at the back.

Cap size adjustment

We have had so many customers who just love them.  We have been told over and over again they have had some great comments from others they have come across.  When you have strangers commenting on your great style hair you know its a winner.

We have all 3 lengths on the website in a range of colours.  If there is any other colours available that we don’t have in stock we can order it in for you especially at no extra charge.  Just give us a call on 1300 79 75 79 or email at

You can see the full range at

8229_ Long-Hat-Beige_6H8226_Classic-Hat-Black_12H    8225_ Shorty-Hat-Black_14H

Easipart by Jon Renau

easipart3Easipart is a great option for those clients experiencing partial Hair Loss. It will add volume to your hair in  the crown area and fall with your own hair instantly.  They have discreet toupee clips that will hold the hair piece securely in place for the busiest of days.

We love the Easipart range as you do not need costly hairdresser appointments to wear your hair piece.  Its simple and easy to apply and very quickly done.  The Easiparts come in Human hair and Heat Defiant Synthetic hair.  Keep in mind if you need to colour the hair piece then you need to buy the Human Hair Easipart.

The base is made of a monofiliament fibre. Monofiliament is a sheer mesh that allows the hair piece to be styled multi directional.  In both fibres the base is 5′ x 2.75′ and weighs 1.03 oz.  It has the perfect density of hair that is not too much that looks fake and enough to give you a beautiful look.

Next month in March, the Easipart range is going to be extended with longer lengths available. Easihair is introducing 18′ lengths. At the moment the Easipart comes in 12′ lengths in both the Human hair and Synthetic Hair.


At the moment we carry a small range of these pieces but we are able to order in any of the other colours and lengths available.  Any special orders may take up to 2 weeks to be in stock and are ordered at no extra charge.  All you need do to is call Wigs Online on 1300797579 and we can place the order for you over the phone.

Visit our website to see our full range of Wigs and Hairpieces at



What causes hair Loss?

Causes of Hair loss

We all naturally lose hair from our scalp everyday. It can be quite normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day without causing any noticeable difference.  As we age our hair will begin to gradually thin.  Other causes of hair loss include Hormonal Factors, Medical Conditions, Medications, Stress, Hair Pulling disorders and traction hair loss resulting from Cornrows or pigtails.

Hormonal factors:

We are all susceptible to different things due to our genetic make up.  Men tend to lose more hair as they age than women but not always.  Women tend to lose more hair through pregnancy and childbirth.  As well, Menopause can also bring on more hair loss.

Medical Conditions:

There are a wide range of reasons for people to lose hair though a sickness or disorder.  Including some of the reasons below:

Thyroid Problems – Our thyroid regulates our hormone levels and if this isn’t working then hair loss can be experienced.

Scalp Infections – Our scalp gives blood flow to our hair which promotes hair growth. Massaging your scalp is very beneficial to keep the blood flowing and give our hair luster.

Skin Disorders – Diseases can cause scarring which can also result in hair loss.


Hair loss can be be caused by some medications that are used to treat cancer, Arthritis, Depression, Heart problems and High Blood Pressure.

Other Causes:

There can be other simple causes like a physical or emotional shock that cause some hair thinning.

We are all different and we can all experience different things at different stages in our life.  Depending on our excessive the hair loss is, you may require a top piece, 3/4 wig or a full wig.  There are many options these days to make it so much easier for the person suffering with hair loss.

Check our website at to explore these options.  We are available by phone to give advice and suggestions to which hair products might suit. Our office is manned from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 1300797579.

Top Level 6 Alt1Gwyneth 12FS8 Alt1


Hair Loss while undergoing Chemotherapy

Hair Loss can occur for so many reasons. It could be stress, illness, hormonal changes, pregnancy, medication or many other reasons. Sometimes Hair loss will occur just on the scalp or it may occur all over the body. Hair Loss on our scalp and our eyebrows would probably be the most concerning areas for many people.

Wigs, hairpieces, false eyebrows or eyelashes are all very useful depending on the purpose you need it and how much hair loss you are experiencing. If you are starting chemotherapy, here is a few tips to consider:

– Do some research to find out what type of wig you think you may like. Some people prefer to stay as close to their hair style as possible, while others like to try new styles.

-Have the wig ready before you loose your hair so you can chose the wig without the stress that you need one immediately. Also, it gives you time to have a play with your wig and get used to the idea of wearing a wig.

– Once you start Chemotherapy you may feel very ill and choosing a wig might be the last thing you feel like doing.

-Browse the internet for wigs and styles that you may like. It takes time to decide which wig that you think may suit you.

– Have a chat to your hairdresser to see if he /she would be able to help you customize your wig. For example, to cut a few layers or shape a fringe to your liking.

– Ask a close friend to have a look at a few different wigs with you. Sometimes your close friends can point out something that you haven’t thought of and help boost your confidence.

– Buy the best quality wig that you can afford. Cheap nasty wigs are not going to help you feel good. Sometimes it better to choose a good synthetic rather than a cheap human hair wig.

– Consider a synthetic wig as they are easier to care for and they keep their shape after washing. Very little styling is required for a synthetic hair wig. Human hair wigs are luxurious but they do require more styling.

– When you are undergoing chemotherapy your scalp can become sensitive. Buy a wig cap to put a barrier between your scalp and wig.

– Use good Salon quality shampoo and conditioner to take care of your wig and wash it regularly.

– Find out from your health fund or if there are any government assistance funds that can help with covering the cost of your wig.

– If you lose hair on your eyebrows consider false eyebrows, they are not that expensive and they will make you feel like you. Our Eyebrows gives our face definition. We are so used to seeing our eyebrows in the mirror that we feel very odd without them.

– As well as False Eyebrows there are some very simple to use false eyelashes that can help as well if you feel the need for them.

– Remember we are all different and what feels right for one person may not be for someone else. Do what makes you feel good. And don’t forget to ask for help – true friends and family never mind giving a helping hand.