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One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions come in all lengths, colours and styles.  The All in One Piece clip in Hair Extension is great for those who don’t want to fuss about with many pieces and worrying about how to place them.  This piece weighs 100grams so it will give you a full volume look added to your existing hair. The toupee clips make it easy to attach with no fuss.  The length of the hair is 16″ or 45cm.  We have available 6 different colours on

They are 100% Remy Human hair that will look great and last for 12 months if used on a daily basis and looked after properly.  Always wash and conditioner your hair extensions with good quality care products every 6 – 8 wears.

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Hair Extensions

There are many different hair extensions and how you attach them.

Most hair extensions are sold in packs of 100 grams unless specified differently. There are Clip ins, Fusion Hair Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions,  Clip In Hair Extensions or wefts.  Depending on how often you would like to wear them and how you would like to attach them, different hair extensions will suit your needs.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions are sold in packs of 100 grams.  Some are a one piece set and others have a 10 piece set with varying sizes.

The 10 Piece pack may seem hard work to placing 10 different pieces separately in your hair.  However, you don’t need to place them all in at once.  Some wearers prefer to place more on the sides and others may only want them at the back of the hair. You could just add volume to the areas you need. So this is a very flexible pack.  PRCI_1622webRCPB_613

Some may find the one piece clip in Hair Extension  much easier as they don’t need to worry about placing the hair in areas.

Fusion Hair Extensions

These are  100% Remy Fusion Pre Bonded Human Hair. They come in small packs of 20 or larger packs of 105 Tips. This hair comes with glue at the tips so it is easy to apply. Simply melt the glue and attach to your own hair. A new hairstyle can be created in no time at all. They measure 18 Inches / 457mm in Length.

RFH105_allW Allweb


Wefts are probably the most versatile.  It is one big long hair extension with no clips.  You can attach these in a few different ways.  You can sew them in or glue them in or you could add clips to the weft and then clip them in.  Being one long piece you can cut the weft to whichever length you require. You can double the weft to make it thicker depending on the volume you require.


Tape Hair Extensions

Seamless P.U Skin Tape Hair Extensions by Elegante. 100% Premium Remy Hair. 18 Inches in length. Each Pack contains 4 pieces of 40cm widths that can be cut to your desired length.
These Tape Hair Extensions are totally undetectable and give you the volume and length you would like to achieve in a matter of minutes. You can use different shades to achieve highlights in your hair or use the same color to simply add volume to your existing hair. The adhesive has a strong bond when applied. With the proper care extensions will last 4 – 7 days.

PU_Skin pu_tape1

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Remy Hair vs Non Remy Hair

shutterstock_31326247Remy Hair is a term that we equate for good quality hair when it comes to wigs and hair extensions.  Remy hair usually feels very smooth and luxurious and usually doesn’t tangle easily.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is made very carefully in the process of bundling human hair with all the roots and cuticles running in all the same direction.  It requires many more man hours and careful manufacturing.  Thus it is more expensive than non remy hair.

Non remy hair is gathered together regardless of the length, cuticle direction and roots. It is a much simpler process and less expensive to produce.  It is usually coated with silicone to give it a smooth feel but the silicon will usually vanish in a few washes. So you may not feel the difference initially but the non remy won’t stay feeling as nice after a little while. Hence the price difference between remy and non remy.

Remy Hair extensions and wigs are made from real hair.  Human hair can withstand heat so it is possible to use a flat iron or curling iron as well as other styling tools so you can style to your wigs and hair extensions to create the look you require.  Take note, as much as you can style with heat its best to style on a low heat so the hair will last longer.  Just like natural hair the less processing and less heat endured by the hair will make the hair last longer.


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Difference in Double Drawn and Single Drawn

The market is swamped with so many hair extensions at all prices.  You can be forgiven if you are having problems working out why some are so cheap and other are so expensive.  Quality is a huge factor when it comes to Hair Extensions and prices.

What is Single Drawn?

Single Drawn hair is  hair that was obtained  from one donor as a ponytail. Because it is kept together naturally the donor will have different lengths of hair. Some people like this as they feel it looks more naturally but the ends will not look as full and even.  they can look a little straggly at the ends.


What is double drawn hair?

Double drawn will tangle less than single drawn hair and is the highest quality you can find.  By hand the shorter lengths of hair are removed so it will take more than one donor to make up a weft.  All of the hair will have an uniform length and look much fuller than single drawn.

What do I Buy?

Double drawn is more expensive as it may take 9 – 10 lbs of single drawn hair to make 1 lb of double drawn hair. Also, the labour involved in making double drawn is much more intensive and lengthy which is reflected in the price. Its a personal preference to how much hair you want, the price you are prepared to pay and how much hair you need to integrate with your own.



Above you can see an image of a Single drawn weft and a double drawn weft.  The double drawn weft is easy to see as it looks much healthier and fuller on the ends.

All of the wefts at Wigs Online are Double drawn and are kept at reasonable prices as much as possible.


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