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How to Measure your Head Size?

How to Measure your Head Size?

Choosing a wig can be difficult and finding the right size is very important.

The most common wig size is “Average” which will fit around 97% of people as head size doesn’t vary a great deal regardless of height, weight or body shape. An Average size wig will fit a head circumference of between 21.25 inches (52cm) to 22 inches (54cm) approximately.

For those who fall into the Petite or Large range there is options however the range and colour options are sometimes a little limited in comparison to the Average range of wigs.

Below is a measuring Guide provided by Jon Renau and provides clear information to help you find your correct size.

If you have any questions regarding size please feel free to email us or call us or call us on 1300 79 75 79 to discuss your options.

Wearing a wig that is too big or small can cause the following issues:

  1. If a wig is too small, the wearer will feel uncomfortable as the wig feels too tight and the wig may ride up at the back of the head.
  2. If a wig is too big the wig will slip and doesn’t  give the wearer the most realistic look.
  3. A wig that doesn’t fit properly will not wear properly and it may cause the wig to not last as long as it should.  This makes wearing wigs quite expensive.
  4. A wig that doesn’t fit properly will not look as good as a wig that is fitted properly.









What does it mean for a Wig to be Hand Tied?



If you are a first time wearer you may be struggling with choosing the right wig for you.  Terms like Hand Tied, Mono top or Lace front all seem very complicated.  They are all very good features of a really good quality wig.

You have probably found lots of information on Mono tops and Lace fronts but what does a Hand tied wig mean for the wig wearer.  Just to refresh, a mono top is a fine mesh that is so transparent that the hair looks like it is coming out of your own scalp.  The Lacefront is describing the very sheer lace on the hair line at the front of the wig which also gives you the appearance of the hair like a natural hair line.  These terms are quite common for good quality brands like Jon Renau, Henry Margu and Ellen Wille.

Below you can see what a hand tied wig looks like on the inside of the cap. Hand tied is a little different and does make a wig more expensive. As the name suggests each hair is individually tied into the cap by hand.  It is expensive as it is very labour intensive and a hand tied wig can take 3 -4  times longer for a wigmaker to make.  Hand Tied wigs give you a very comfortable fit as they are finished very smoothly on the cap’s surface.  They are the most naturally looking wigs that you will find regardless if they are human hair or synthetic hair.  There is no risk of the wefting showing as there is no weft just a very fine quality lace.  The hair looks like it is coming out of your own scalp.  The way the hair is attached allows the hair to be multi directional giving you versatility in styling.

If your budget allows for it I would without hesitation suggest a Hand tied wig but be warned it will be difficult to go back to anything else in the future.


At Wigs Online we are building a large stock of Hand Tied Lace wigs as they are becoming much more popular and the quality of a Hand tied wig is unsurpassable.

Visit to see a full range of Premium Quality Human hair and Synthetic Hair Wigs.   If you can’t see what you are looking for or need any information call us on 130079 75 79.






Wig Colours Explained

What you need to know about Wig Colours

Wig colours and hairdresser colours are all very different and it can be a little confusing. Depending on the brand, some use numbers to represent colours and others use descriptions like Raisin, Baby Blonde, Hampton, which doesn’t always give you a true idea of the colour.  Some use a combination of codes and numbers. Below is a list of codes used to describe how colours are put together.  This is a basic list to help you understand how colours are made up:

F – stands for frosted. This is usually a combination of colours.
H – Highlighted. Generally there will be a base colour with highlights of another colour.
M – Mixed. Simply a mix of colours.
T – Tipped. The base colour has another colour just on the tips.
TT – Two Toned. There is a definite contrast of two colours from the top to bottom.

After the code is usually a number or a combination of numbers. Colour 1 is Jet Black and as the number gets higher the colour is generally lighter. Here is a list of the main colours used by a majority of manufacturers.


1 – Jet Black
1B – Off Black

2 – Darkest Brown
4 – Dark Brown
6 – Chestnut Brown
8 – Light Chestnut Brown
10 – Medium Chestnut Brown
12 – Light Golden Reddish Brown
14 – Light Golden Brown
18 – Light Ash Brown

15 – Gold Reddish Blond
19 – Light Strawberry Blond
27 – Strawberry Blond
30 – Med Auburn
33 – Dark Auburn
130 – Fire Red

16 – Honey Blond
22 – Champagne Blond
24 – Light Gold Blond
24B – Light Strawberry Blonde
613 – Pale Blonde
613A – White Blond

34 – Chestnut Brown and 25% Gray
44 – Dark Brown and 50% Gray
51 – Gray and 25% Darkest Brown
56 – Gray and 10% Chestnut Brown

It’s impossible to list all colours available by all manufacturers and colours can differ between manufacturers. Hopefully, this list helps in giving you an idea of what you colour you are looking for.

At Wigs Online we rephotograph all of our wigs so you can see the colour and style of the wig that comes straight out of the box with as natural lighting as possible.   Some websites only show glamorous shots that the manufacturer has made. They don’t always give you a true indication of the product that you will receive when you open your purchase.

Wig Colour Chart

Wig Construction Shown in Pictures

Construction of Wig Caps shown with images.

If you are a first time wearer it can be so confusing the terminology of wigs. What is a Monofiliament top, Lace front, Capless design and what is better? The truth is its all a personal preference. Some of these features can help a wig look more realistic. Some features are easier to take care of and some last longer than others. At Wigs Online we try hard to help all our clients make an informed decision. I hope the following information will help understanding some of the terms used.

A Mono top Filiament is a fine meshmonocap in the part area of a wig designed to give you a realistic look of hair growing out of your own scalp. The sheer mesh is made of a strong synthetic fibre. It also gives you the freedom to change the part to where you prefer. The hair is usually multi directional and can be styled whichever way you wish. This is a great feature especially if you have no hair at all. If you do have thick hair underneath this may not be a great option for you – a skin top may be a better option. On the left is an image of what a mono top wig may look like. Different brands may look slightly different.

lacefrontA Lace front Wig is a special wig designed with a sheer lace front. They can be human hair or synthetic hair which is usually tied by hand on to the lace. The lace is usually at the front of the wig along the hairline designed to give you a realistic hair line. The lace wig can be attached to your head with the assistance of glues, adhesives or tapes if you desire.

Some lace wigs have baby hair around the temple to cover up any visible signs of the lace. The first image shows you the inside of the lace front wig. The image below is a lace front synthetic wig. You can see how great the lace front hairline looks. This is a Zara synthetic wig by Jon Renau.zaracaplessA Capless Wig is a simple designed wig that has wefts of hair sewn onto lace ribbons to form a cap. The ribbons are very flexible and stretch to shape to the head of the wearer. There are also adjustable straps or hooks at the nape of the neck to secure the wig in place. Generally wearers do not need glue or adhesives to keep the wig in place. There are very comfortable light weight wigs generally. To the left is an image of a typical capless design wig.



The Skin Top wig has a skin top part. In the part area is a special fabric that looks like skin. So it gives you a part that looks like hair is growing out of it. Skin top wigs are generally much cheaper than mono top wigs. The part cannot be changed and the style needs to be worn as you have bought it. For some wearers who don’t want to change the part and like the wig as it is, it’s a great and more affordable option.skintopTo the right is an image of the Delectable Doll by Forever Young. You can see it’s a great style and the skin top part looks fantastic.

Human Hair V’s Synthetic Fibre

What is the Difference between Human Hair and Synthetic Fibre Wigs?

We often get asked this question so we created a page dedicated to it.

What do you choose?

As a first time wearer it can be very confusing and there is so much to consider. One of the first decisions is whether to buy synthetic hair or human hair. Its a decision for each person to be made depending on their needs, budget and what is important to them.

Surprisingly most people will probably find it difficult to pick the difference between the look of human hair and synthetic hair. The structure of the cap will probably play a bigger part in the realistic and natural look of a wig rather than the fibre. Its important to know how to look after each fibre as they are different.

Human Hair

Human hair is collected from different sources from all over the world. Once its collected it is sanitised, stripped and dyed again to the colour required. Human Hair can be styled with heat and can be coloured or dyed. It is very versatile and will last a lot longer than synthetic wigs. After washing and conditioning a wig, the human hair will need to be restyled as it wont hold the style so you need to restyle the wig after every wash. Human hair wigs will last much longer than synthetic or heat defiant wigs. As long as the wig is treated and looked after carefully a human hair wig will last up to 12 months or maybe even longer. Hence, human hair wigs are generally much more expensive than synthetic wigs.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are not as expensive as human hair wigs. However, there are a few drawbacks with synthetic hair. Synthetic wigs may only last a few months but they are not as expensive as the human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs cant be restyled with heat but they will hold their style even after washing. Some clients will find that synthetic wigs are easier to take care of rather than human hair wigs. With the price of synthetic wigs you can buy 2 or even 3 synthetic ones for the same price. The range of Synthetics is much bigger and the colour range is much wider as well. Some colours are too hard for manufacturers to achieve in human hair. For example, very platinum blond, grey or white hair can become very brittle and break in the manufacturing process.

Heat Defiant Synthetic Wigs

Heat Defiant wigs are heat friendly synthetic wigs. They are synthetic wigs that you can style with low heat. If a wig frizzes with the friction of the hair to your clothes you can spray the hair with a heat protector and simply run the hair straightener through the fibre on a low heat no more than 160 degrees celsius. Heat defiant fibres can make it much easier to revive a wig.

It really is a personal choice of whether you want an easy style that you don’t need to worry about or you want to be able to style and recreate your own style. All fibres have advantages and disadvantages. Your budget will play a part in the decision. There is simply no right or wrong in this decision. It really is a personal choice.