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Wig Review: Charlie by Jon Renau

Wig of the Day: Charlie by Jon Renau

We have a small range of Mens Human Hair and Synthetic Hair Wigs, as well as toupees.

When looking at our range, I often get asked – Why is the Charlie so expensive?

Charlie is a Synthetic Hair Wig that has a Mono top and is Hand Tied.  The mono top gives you the realistic looking crown.  A mono top means that in the crown area the hair is hand tied to a very fine sheer mesh or lace that makes the hair look like its coming directly out of a person’s scalp.  It makes it very difficult for a person to detect that someone is wearing a wig.

The craftsmanship of the Charlie is definitely a much higher quality than the other wigs we stock.  The Cap being stretch hand tied puts it in a class of its own. The stretch is very comfortable to wear and is light enough to wear through Summer.



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False Eyebrows for Men

FT_BrowsWe have just introduced False Eyebrows for Men to our already existing range of Women’s eyebrows.

Fasle Eyebrows are for those who have hair loss to their  eyebrows. The Final Touch Eyebrows are an excellent quality and we stock the full range including Glues and Removers.  There are many reasons people suffer with hair loss and here is a short list of a few:

  1. Chemotherapy can cause hair loss to the head and all over including Eyebrows.
  2. Genetic Factors
  3. Alopecia – A hair loss where your immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles.
  4. Stress
  5. Hormonal Inbalances and Thyroid problems

For tips on how to apply the eyebrows see our recent Blog on False Eyebrows. We are finding hair loss to the eyebrows are becoming more common and false eyebrows are very popular.  They are 100% Human Hair and look very realistic.  They are very easy to apply and are reusable up to 3 months.  They will need to be reapplied every 7 days.


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The Difference between a Wig and A Toupee

What is a Wig?  What is a Toupee?

The use of a wig or a toupee are very different.  A wig is a to cover the full head entirely whether the wearer has hair or not. A wig can be taken off easily and doesn’t need any special glues to hold it in place.  The wig is elasticised and will hold firmly on the wearer comfortably.

A toupee is used to cover a bald spot on the wearer’s head.  A special adhesive is applied to hold the toupee in place.   It is usually for males and not so much for females.  A good toupee needs to be fitted by a specialist to integrate the toupee with the wearer’s own hair. Usually the wearer will need to go back to the stylist to have it removed as well.  If you don’t want to apply the toupee with glue, it can be attached with clips but it may not be as secure as if the adhesive is used.

Caring for a wig or a toupee will require special shampoo and conditioner formulated for wigs and toupees.  The only difference would be that you can take your wig off and wash it in a basin and a Toupee you would wash while wearing the hairpiece.

Whether you choose a toupee or a wig is a personal preference.  Both can look fabulous and give you a boost of confidence of your appearance.




On the right  is an image of the inside of a toupee. JackyHH_44Toupee’s constructions can vary.  The toupees that we have in stock have a monofiliament base and a medical strip around the edge to aid in applying glue or adhesive.  As you can see on the mannequin it doesn’t cover the whole head.



HJoe_34 Capp_TabsAnd to the left you can see the inside construction of a wig which can vary.  This wig has a mono filament top and a wefted back.   At the base of the wig are some tabs to adjust for size.


If you need any further information, we are always happy to discuss your needs in relation to a wig or toupee.  You can call us on 1300 797 579 or email us at

Wig America

Wig America has been producing quality mens and womens wigs and hair pieces for over 35 years. They design pieces for all ages and are extremely affordable while having excellent quality. They also cater for many dance school hair pieces. The young girls look fabulous on stage. Wig America produces some of our favorite all time pieces.

Their collections include some of the following:

Real Collection: Wig America’s Real Collection include Human Hair wigs and Hair pieces that have such a real feel and look about them. They are all 100% Human hair. They are extremely reasonably priced whilst the quality is not compromised. There is a wide range of colours and styles. Some features include mono tops, lace fronts or capless designs. The hair pieces have claw clip attachments that can be removed to make a drawstring piece.

Jackie_33 DemiHH_14 HHoney_613 MandyHH_6

Express yourself and Mona Lisa Hair pieces: Wig America’s hair piece brands are very easy and comfortable to wear. There are a large array of shades to be able to match up with your own hair. You can achieve a new look in minutes with very little effort. For those days that your own hair just isn’t cooperating , these hairpieces are a life saviour.

Many dance schools order these pieces so they can get their dance groups to all share a similar style. There is no need to worry about who has long or short hair.

Phoebe_14 KaylaHH_10 HShelly_6 Yvonne_12

Natural Collection is a great collection of synthetic hair wigs. They are easy to wear and styling is minimal. As heat cannot be applied, these wigs spring back into style after each wash. Some wigs do feature Mono tops or capless designs.

Angelina_24B Ashanti_8T124 Carlotta_27CH30CH33 Shania_8T124

Mens Wigs The one product that makes Wig America stand out from the rest would be their Mens Wigs. Many manufacturers only make Toupees for men which require fittings and adhesives to be able to wear the wig. Our full Mens wigs come in human hair and synthetic hair. They are all one size fits all and are easy to wear. No adhesives are required as they all have adjustments to allow the wig to fit firmly. Most are a light capless design that is light and cool to wear in Summer and winter alike. A few styles like the Human hair Joe Wig feature a great quality mono top design as well. As with all human hair wigs they can be styled with heat and coloured with dyes.

Jay HH_10SP14 HJoe_34 Peter_56


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