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Wigs Online takes appointments for clients to visit with one of our sales consultants in our Vermont Showroom.  Appointments are necessary so you can receive the individual service you need when choosing a wig. We also, like to give our clients privacy so they don’t have to try wigs on with other people looking.  It can be a very emotional experience for a first time wearer. Our consultant will sit with you on a one to one basis and explain the differences between wigs to help you decide what will suit your needs. Then we will look through the website to choose wigs that may be suitable.

We have a small area that is private with a fitting room you can use if you prefer.

Here are some things to consider to help you before your appointment:

  1.  Have a look through our website ( )to see what styles you like.  We have so many styles that its impossible for us to display every wig so we will get out any wig that you ask for and any wig that the consultant feels would be great for your requirements.
  2. Ask a friend or a family member to come along for support and another opinion if you feel that it would help.
  3. Allow up to 2 hours so you don’t feel rushed.
  4. Have a think about whether you want Human Hair or Synthetic Hair.  Check some of information we have on other articles on the blog 
  5. Think about your budget.  We will always find you  the best solution for your budget.

In order to get an appointment you only need to give us a call on 1300 797 579.  We have appointments most day but its always best to give us a call with a few days notice to make sure we have availibility.  Another option to contact us is via email