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How to rejuvenate a Human Hair wig

Human hair wigs can look so real and beautiful.  However, it does take time and effort in order to keep them looking good.  If a human hair wig is cared for properly it should last around 12 months or longer.

Human Hair wigs can become dehydrated after some time and often they become dry and frizzy because they are simply lacking moisture.  There is a very simple way to rejuvenate human hair wigs.  Usually a deep condition to make a huge difference.

Step One: Wash you wig in a basin of tepid water.  Put a small amount of shampoo in the basin firstly and swirl it through the water to dissolve.  Then put your wig in and try not to tangle the hair.

Step Two: Rinse the wig under the tap to remove all the shampoo.

Step Three: Mix some Conditioner and The Ellen Wille Recovery Mask and work it though the hair of the wig. Use the wide tooth comb and distribute the conditioner and mask through the wig.  Make sure you keep the conditioner and mask away from the base of the wig because it can loosen the knots in a mono top.

Step Four: Leave the conditioner and mask for up to 2 hours.

Step Five: Rinse the hair and use a wide tooth comb to style the wig.

Step Six: If you have time to wait let the wig air dry rather than blow drying the hair.

Step Seven: You can  a hair straightener to style as you desire.

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New Colour Trends

Dark Rooted colours are one of the trends that we are finding more common in wigs.  Wig Brands like Jon Renau and Ellen Wille keep coming out with more styles that look fabulous.

12FS8 is one of these colours by Jon Renau.  In different wigs they may look similar but they take their own style.  This is one colour that we love in the short styles as well as the longer styles.

Colour 12FS8  is a Light Golden Brown and Light Natural Golden Blonde with Pale Natural Gold Blonde with Medium Brown Roots.  The roots are very pronounced in these wigs and give you a realistic look as we all know that it doesn’t matter how often we colour our hair there is always some hair growth showing.  The darker roots gives the wig a more three dimensional shape.  The darkness with the blond is just a very elegant look no matter if its a short or long style.

Amber_12FS8 Cameo_12FS8 Elsa_12FS8 Julieanne_12FS8




Light Champagne Rooted is another of these dark rooted colours which is found in Ellen Wille Wigs.  It is particularly lovely in the Code wig by Ellen Wille.  The contrast with the very dark roots with a platinum blonde is absolutely gorgeous.  The appearance is quite striking.



EW_Flip1One of our newest colours from Ellen Wille is Pearl Blonde Rooted.  This is a very unique colour to Ellen Wille and we all just love it especially in the Flip wig.  The Flip would be the most elegant wig for the mature women and the Pearl Blonde is certainly a beautiful colour.



Nougat rootedPlay_NougatRT is another  rooted colour but not so obvious for those who don’t want such a dramatic hair colour.    The darkness around the crown is complimented with lighter tips.




These are just a few Rooted Colour Trends we are seeing come through on Wigs Online.  There will be more to come very soon.

Always give us a call if you can’t see what you are looking for.  We are always happy to order in something specially for you.  You can give us a call on  1300 79 75 79  or email us at

Ellen Wille Longer Style Wigs

We have shown you some of the new Ellen Wille Wigs that we have added to our extensive range of wigs.  Now for some longer styles that are just as fantastic and lovely to wear.

Pam Hi Tec


Pam would be one of my favourite wigs of our new styles.  It’s a great length for those who want just around the shoulders.  The gorgeous layers frame the face beautifully. It features a mono top part crest which gives it a realistic style.







Code is a stunning wig with dark rooted colours which seems to be the where the hair trends are all going this season.  It features all the best you can find in one wig, a mono top and a lace front. The wefted back allows good ventilation to wear comfortably.  This wig is going to be a big seller.




Mega Mono

EW_MegaMono5  Mega Mono is another exciting style.  It is the longest style we have selected from Ellen Wille.  The full mono top gives you the flexibility of parting your hair where you like.  The hair flows so naturally to give you a realistic look.





Keep coming back to see the next styles we bring in.  If you are looking for a particular style we can order it in for you at no extra cost.
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Our First Ellen Wille Styles.


ellen willelogo








Ellen Wille Wigs Arrive at Wigs 

We have just uploaded out first nine styles of Ellen Wille Wigs.  It’s just a small sample of more styles to come.  Keep coming back to check which new styles we will add next.  One of the things that we love about Ellen Wille would be the styles and the colours.  The Styles are so modern and fashionable no one will ever know its a wig because they look so natural.  And the colours are like no other wigs we stock, they are unique, classy and luxurious.

We have selected a few short styles to begin our newest collection:

Flip Mono


Flip is an elegant style and looks fantastic.  The synthetic hair look so real and the colours are very fashionable.  The Cap Construction allows good ventilation as it consists of an open wefted back and sides.  The monotop gives the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp area and allows the parting to be moved to suit with the Lace Front providing an invisible hairline at the front for a extremely realistic look.





EW_Play2Play is another great quality wig from Ellen Wille.  It features a mono crown so the hair looks like its coming out of the crown area very naturally.  Its a fun and energetic style that will compliment anyones wardrobe and mood of the day.  The inside cap is very soft and luxurious.  As you can see from the image this is one of their  dark rooted wigs which is so elegant.





Sky is a great quality wig which also features a mono crown.  The illusion of the hair coming out of your own scalp really gives you a realistic looking wig.  The back of the wig has a quirky look that you don’t need to style.  It is a slip on wig with no fuss ready to wear.






The Gold wig is a great quality elegant classic style wig.  It is truly a  pop on, ready to wear, and  no styling needed wig.  It’s quality is unsurpassable.  The way it feathers on the nape of the hair is very realistic.  And it is also available in a grey as well as an array of colours.






The Date wig is a fun and flirty style wig. As with all Ellen Wille Wigs it has a comfortable wig cap that you will love to wear.  It features a mono filament part which gives the wig a realistic look.  A mono filament wigs has a very fine mesh that gives the wearer a realistic look of the hair coming out of the scalp.





At Wigs Online  we have just started to build a range of Ellen Wille wigs and we are just loving the range of colours and styles.  All styles are so fashionable and the colours are like no other.  They are all so realistic looking and can’t wait to see what else we can bring in for our clients.

If you are looking for anything in particular we can order in any Ellen Wille style for you at no extra cost.  Just give us a call on 1300797579 or email us at




Ellen Wille is coming to Wigs Online


We have some exciting news about a new Wig brand coming to Wigs Online.  We will be stocking Ellen Wille wigs in the coming months.

Ellen Wille has been producing wigs for more than 45 years.  All the styles are ready to wear and style.  The Ellen Wille wigs are very fashionable and you need not worry about buying daggy looking hair.  They have a full range of different caps from the Mono top, lace front and caplets designs.

Just a little bit about Ellen Wille: Ellen Wille started a little wig shop in Frankfurt back in 1967.  By the end of the 1980s Ellen formed a company as her business had grown immensely.  To this day Ellen Wille is still very active in the company that she has nurtured over many years.  From the styles and quality you can see she has an eye for fashion, style and colour.

Below are a few images of our first styles to land on our website to start our New Range of Ellen Wille Wigs.

We can make special orders for any Ellen Wille Style that you love.  There is no additional cost and we can get new stock in within 2 weeks. Email us at or phone 1300 79 75 79.

EW_Flip1 EW_MegaMono7 EW_Sky3