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Athena by Henry Margu

Athena by Henry Margu is one of the newest styles from Henry Margu.  Its a gorgeous shoulder length style with sophisticated layers and a side swept part.  The cap consists of a Mono top, Lace front and wefted back. These are all the features you need to have a wig that looks realistic. The Mono top and Lace front gives you the illusion that the hair is coming out of the wearer’s scalp. When you take this wig out of the box you wont be disappointed, it looks just like the picture.

We have quite a few colours and will be getting in more in the coming weeks.  Athena promises to be many wearer’s new favorite wig.

Approx. Length: Front 6″ • Sides 7 –13″ • Crown 15″ • Nape 9″

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Kendall Wig By Henry Margu

Kendall is part of the Premium Synthetic from Henry Margu. It is a very fashionable style that we have seen the celebrities rock on the red carpet over the past months. It is a gorgeous wig with very soft feminine  waves falling just on the shoulders. It features modern beachy waves that frame the face perfectly.  The cap consists of a Mono top and Lace front with a wefted back.

The mono top gives the wearer the option to style the wig with a part on either side or in the middle.  It gives the illusion of the hair coming out directly from the scalp.  The lace front gives the wearer virtually an invisible hairline.  These features contribute to making the wig look realistic.  Many of the colours available have the darkened roots.

Below is a video to see exactly how the wig looks like straight out of the box.

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Sensation By Henry Margu


Sensation by Henry Margu is a new addition to us at Wigs Online.  It is a lovely hairpiece with gorgeous long layers.  It is a beautiful crafted hairpiece with an interlocking comb system to attach the hairpiece.  It is the first hairpiece we have like this one.  It attaches very firm and will stay looking great no matter what you are doing.  This piece comes in many colours.
Always give us a call or email us at for any further information or if you need another colour/ style that you can’t see on our website.
Sensation_clip Sensation_14H

Henry Margu Petite Wig Options

Henry Margu Petite Wigs

We are not all that different when it comes to head sizes but some people are just petite.  Or sometimes very young children or young adults may need petite sizes.

Companies like Henry Margu  do have a range of Petite wigs.  Here are a few that you might like to consider.  There are many more options so give us a call or email us for more information.


Leah Petite

Leah is a classic curly style wig which tapers to the nape with lots of curls on top.  It features a capless consruction that is easy to wear as well as being light and cool.  The wig is only available in the petite size and is available in stock in 3 colours.  However, it comes in many more colours that we can order in for you at no extra cost.


Nina Petite Wigs

Nina is another classic style with elegant layers that taper towards the neck.  It has a capless construction that is easy to wear.  we have 5 different colours in stock available for immediate dispatch but of course comes in many more colours that we can order in specially.  Some of the colours are dark rooted which make it look very realisitc.


These are just a couple of wigs but you can see more at

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