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Noriko Short Styles

Noriko have some great wigs that are very fashionable and have an excellent quality.

Among there short styles we have highlighted 3 of the favorites: Nori, Ivy and Sky PM




Nori is an elegant short shaggy style with razored texture to give it volume.  It is a traditional closed cap style with open wefting to make it cool and light weight to wear.  You can style this wig to your liking.  Nori just oozes with elegance and style.

Sky is a much softer look with soft feathered layers in a contempoary style.  The fringe can be worn straight down or styled to the side.  It also has the open wefting to give comfort to the wearer making it cool to wear.Sky PM has a mono top to give the wearer even more options in styling.

Ivy is a classic edgy short page style.  The lovely layers gives it an abundance of volume giving the wearer versatility in styling.It features a capless construction which is very durable while being light and comfortable to wear.


These are just a couple of styles from Noriko.  We have more styles on our Noriko page and are more than happy to order in any other style that we don’t have specially for the client.  Just give us a call on 1300 797 579 or email us at



New Noriko Designs

Nk_Seville_BananaSplitLR_1 NK_Shilo_Almond_Spice_R_1

These 2 new styles are from Noriko.  Noriko is a very fashionable chic range of wigs for the sophisticated wearer.  Noriko are very particular in keeping up with the trends for their wearer as well maintaining the best quality and technology possible.

Seville is a long just below the shoulder length wig.  It is a classic style that will suit everyone.  It has a long sweeping fringe with a traditional cap.  It is ready to wear straight out of the box with minimal styling required.  The thin open wefted back makes it a cool comfortable wig to wear.

We have brought in  so far a Cappucino colour and Nutmeg with dark roots. Also, there is Macadamia Long Rooted which is very different to anything else we have in stock.  It looks great with the dark roots being longer than usual.  Its a very modern look for the young at heart. As you can see from the pictures above you can style the wig for your fringe to go either side.

Seville_Capuccino Seville_MacadamiaLR Seville_NutmegR

Shilo is another beautiful wig for those who appreciate a mono top.  It has great natural movement with the help of the mono top looks like real hair growing out of the scalp.  It is a longer style wig than the Seville and is destined to be one of our favorites.  It is a very flirtatious style that will impress. We have a few different colours in this style. The long layer around the face frames beautifully.  With Shilo you can change the side of the fringe as well.


Shilo_Chestnut Shilo_ChocolateSwirl Shilo_SpringHoney

We will be getting more colours in these styles soon.  Always give us a call or for any further information.