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Jon Renau New Range Has Just Arrived

Jon Renau bring out a few new great pieces each season and this season  will be no different.  We are always surprised how they come up each season with something new but they do.

The Fall collection for 2015 brings five new fresh looks and captivating chic styles. Jon Renau know how to keep fashion in mind and produce the highest quality wigs. A good wig will not look like a wig.  Here is a quick rundown of each style to come:


Evan is a very sassy chic pixie style wig.  It is so elegant with its sweeping fringe.  The smart lace front gives the wearer an undetectable hairline.  The open cap gives volumes to your style and is cool to wear in Summer.






Rosie is a gorgeous bob like no other.  With lots of long layers and a sweeping fringe and a mono top to give the wearer a realistic looking crown. It also showcases the lace front that can allow the wearer to pull their hair away from their face.






Alessandra is the longest style in this collection It really is a gorgeous stunning design that will turn heads around.  It has all the features of a quality wig with a mono top and a smart lace front that Jon Renau is renowned for. The layers graduate oozing with style.




Mariska is the Pettite addition to the range.  There is nothing else you can ask for.  Lace front, Mono top and Hand tied are all the best features in a wig.  Hand tied means that there is no wefting in the back of the wig.  As the name suggests each hair is hand tied in to the cap to give you the most realistic look.  When you run your hands through your hair you can see that no one will tell its a wig.  There is no where to see the wefting as there is none. The part can be placed on either side as the mono top allows the hair to flow in all directions. Its a great versatile wig.




Lastly there is Cameron, the latest modern bob style. The layers and length make it a little different from anything else that we have seen before. The elegance of Cameron is a timeless style.  It showcases the very best features like the others: Mono top, Smart Lace front and 100% Hand tied.  As with all mono tops you can place the part on either side or in the middle.  The Smartlace Front gives you a flawless hairline with beautiful layers framing the face.




These great new styles have just arrived and we look forward to extending the range with more colours.

If you are looking for a specific colour and style email us at and we can order the wig specially for you.




How is a Wig Made?

Isabella_Front_830RES  How is a Wig Made?


Wigs are made all over the world but most mass produced wigs are made in countries like China, Indonesia and India. Countries like Australia have very high labour costs which makes wigs very expensive.  Countries in Asia have much lower wages costs hence making it much more affordable for the average client to afford a wig.  It is amazing how from a few strands of hair that is made into a weft and with quite a lot of work, a wig is created.


Below are some images where you can see how a wig starts with the raw products of hair, lace, monofiliament fabric, skin tops and a few more items.  There is some machinery that helps with each stage but it is very labour intensive.  There is a real art to making  a good quality wig.  Below are some of the things we saw that were all part of the process.

DSCN0911Collection of Hair and Bundling:  Hair is collected  and prepared for manufacturing.  Hair is arranged so it is lying in all the same direction.  The hair is brushed against a hackle quite a few times which is just a large wire brush that is clamped to a table. It keeps the hair smooth and untangled as well as drawing out any small hairs. ( You can see on the left what a Hackle looks like)



Washing & Sterilising Hair : The hair DSCN0957is inspected to make sure it is clean and they will sterile the hair. The hair is gently and thoroughly hand washed in basins in soapy water with disinfectant. They are rinsed a few times to make sure there is no residue of soap.  Then the hair is  allowed to air dry or put in warmer ovens specifically for hair.


DSCN0916Making Wefts  :For a wefted wig, the hair is sewn onto a weft by machine.  The wefts are then made up into a wig.  Depending on the type of wig they are making there are different steps.  Some wigs are made with a lace cap while others are have a mono top or a skin top.



Making a Skin top:  Here you can see how a skin top has hair punched into it by machine.  You can see in the second photo that the hair needs to be trimmed on the inside of the wig.  After it is trimmed they place a special glue to keep it all intact.  Then it can be inserted into the rest of the wig.  Others have a mono top which is a fine monofilament mesh that the hair is tied individually onto to give the wearer a realistic look.

DSCN0927 DSCN0925 DSCN0928DSCN0931


These are just a few of the processes hat it takes to make a wig.  Seeing the process makes you appreciate all the work it takes to make a wig and most of it is done by hard manual labour by very talented craftsmen.

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What does it mean for a wig to be pre permed?

Angie By Jon Renau – Prepermed, Hand Tied, Lace front and Mono Top Wig.

What will my wig look like when I receive it? You must remember that manufacturer’s will style their wigs in order to sell their styles.  Sometimes a manufacturer’s image will be very different to the actual wig.  Especially prepermed wigs will be styled quite a lot by the manufacturer.




Angie  by Jon Renau is just one of those wigs that is pre permed. Pre permed means it has a curl when it comes out of the box and will keep its body after it has been washed.  When you first open the box it is really curly so it gives you an option to straighten it completely or leave some loose waves in it. It has unbelievable bounce in the hair.  The picture on the right is the manufacturers image after styling.  Manufacturer pictures can look very different to the actual product so we like to photograph the product so you get to see exactly what you get when your wig arrives.

I have included images of the wig straight of the box so you can see how curly it is and then images after running a hair straightener through it.  It is entirely up to the wearer how curly, wavy or straight it can be.  It is a great wig with lots of versatility  in regards to styling.


The cap features a mono top with a lace front and is 100% Hand tied.  Hand tied means that each hair has been hand tied directly into the cap and there is no wefting.  With a hand tied wig the hair is evenly distributed and gives you the upmost realistic look.  They are more expensive as it is very labor intensive to manufacture a wig like this.  If you run your hands through the wig you can’t see any wefting as there is none.  The first image is the inside cap of the wig.



And this is the wig straight out of the box:










After using the hair straightener on a low heat setting:









This was the first time I have had time to have a play with a Jon Renau human hair wig and I was very excited about this wig.  It has a beautiful feel of the hair which is remy, and the hair has a lovely bounce to it.  It looks gorgeous with a few long loose waves left in the style.  It is expensive to buy a human hair wig but there is a vast difference between a cheap human hair and an expensive one.  No one would be able to tell if you were wearing the Angie Wig by Jon Renau.

Angie would have to be one of my favourite wigs and it certainly lived up to my expectations.  I was able to style this wig with a hair straightener with very little time and I am not a hairdresser.

At Wigs Online we can order the Angie in for you within 7 – 10 days if we don’t have it in stock. It comes in many more colours.  You can see more Jon Renau Human Hair and Synthetic wigs on our website,

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if you need any advice on the wig for availibilty and delivery information.

Flaunt’s New Lace Front Wigs by Forever Young

Rocker tiered ExtensionScreen Shot 2014-09-04 at 12.57.35 pm

Forever Young have done it again.  They have kept up with the fashion and brought out a small range of Lace Front Wigs which all the trendy young girls will be so excited about.  New Fashion trends include Braids, Beach Waves and Synthetic Hair that is heat resistant.  Gone are the days where wigs looked like wigs.

The lace front is essential for any style that requires the hairline to be seen without the coverage of a fringe.  The Lace Front gives the wearer a hairline that is so realistic that hair appears to be coming straight out of the scalp.  It’s not an easy task but Forever Young have absolutely nailed it.

Braids and especially the Fish tail braid are hard to do on yourself but with these wigs you don’t need to worry.  Just pop it on and you are ready to go out with your new fashionable style.

Forever Young have for  the  first time, used a fibre that is Heat resistant.  On the instructions it states that the heat resistant fibre can withstand up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit ( or 170 degrees Celcius).  Personally if you can start around 130 degrees Celcius and you can achieve the style you want, I would keep it to a minimum. The more heat and styling you do on a wig will shorten the life of the wig.  The least amount of heat will prolong the life of the wig.

Here is a short list of the new products that you will be excited about:

Urban Gypsy

Urban Gypsy Flaunt

You could be mistaken for Beyonce if you were wearing the Urban Gypsy.  At the sides of the wig there is a small amount of hair tied to the back to give you that look just like Beyonce.  It is pulled away from the face with a couple pieces fallen over the face.  It is a very pretty style.  Just love it.




Lolita Long Side Braid

Lolita Long Side Braid

Lolita is another Lace Front with a braid draped around the top of the forehead and then tied up to the back of the wig. It’s a great style for the young at heart.  Braids are not easy to do but with Lolita it’s no problem.






Kell is a great Lace Front wig that has a lovely feminine look. Being Heat Resistant you could straighten the hair or enhance the curls. another young at heart fashionable wig. At the moment Kell is not on the website but we can order her in at no extra cost and it will take up to 2 weeks. If you like Kell please contact us at by phone 1300 797 579 or email us at


Blair Wave
Blair Wave

Blair Wave is a great Lace Front wig with long loose romantic waves.  It has great versatility as you can pull your hair back into a pony tail or wear loose hanging past your shoulders.  As its also a heat resistant fibre you can style it as you wish.




Philo Braid

Philo Braid

Just love the Fish tail Braid but who can actually do it themselves.  This would be my favorite. A ready made braid – what else could you ask for.






Rocker Tiered Hair Extension

Rocker Tiered is our first Clip in Synthetic Hair extension.  It’s a great piece to add volume and body to your own style.  At last a hairpiece for those who just want volume and not hair down to their knees. If you have ever experienced short limp thin hair you will appreciate this piece.

At the moment Rocker Tiered  is not on the website but we can order it in at no extra cost and it will take up to 2 weeks. If you like Rocker Tiered please contact us at by phone 1300 797 579 or email us at

Rocker tiered Extensionrockettiered





What is Permatease?



Permatease is also known as Perma lift.  It is a crimping effect done at the root of wigs to create more volume and height to your hairpiece. It can also be seen at the nape of the wig sometimes as well. If it is done properly it is barely noticeable and wont look ratty as it does in some cheap wigs.  Most hand tied wigs will not have permatease.


It is a personal choice whether you like the permatease  or not.  Some clients like the look and feel that it contributes to the realistic look of the wig.  While others are absolutely opposed to it.

This image below is very close up to the wig.  The next two images are the same wig but a little further away.  As you can see it is only noticeable extremely close up.Permatease1 PermateaseCarrie_Caramel

The image is of the new style we have available from Ellen Wille called Carrie.  Its part of the Perucci range.  It has an European elegance about it.


If you need any further information please email or phone us on 1300 79 75 79.


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Difference in Double Drawn and Single Drawn

The market is swamped with so many hair extensions at all prices.  You can be forgiven if you are having problems working out why some are so cheap and other are so expensive.  Quality is a huge factor when it comes to Hair Extensions and prices.

What is Single Drawn?

Single Drawn hair is  hair that was obtained  from one donor as a ponytail. Because it is kept together naturally the donor will have different lengths of hair. Some people like this as they feel it looks more naturally but the ends will not look as full and even.  they can look a little straggly at the ends.


What is double drawn hair?

Double drawn will tangle less than single drawn hair and is the highest quality you can find.  By hand the shorter lengths of hair are removed so it will take more than one donor to make up a weft.  All of the hair will have an uniform length and look much fuller than single drawn.

What do I Buy?

Double drawn is more expensive as it may take 9 – 10 lbs of single drawn hair to make 1 lb of double drawn hair. Also, the labour involved in making double drawn is much more intensive and lengthy which is reflected in the price. Its a personal preference to how much hair you want, the price you are prepared to pay and how much hair you need to integrate with your own.



Above you can see an image of a Single drawn weft and a double drawn weft.  The double drawn weft is easy to see as it looks much healthier and fuller on the ends.

All of the wefts at Wigs Online are Double drawn and are kept at reasonable prices as much as possible.


For any queries you can email us at or phone on 1300 79 75 79.

Reasons to buy a wig.


No More Bad Hair Days

Wigs can be for fashion and fun as well as disguising hair loss.  No matter what the reason I say why not have fun with it.  I have listed some of the popular reasons people love wigs.






shutterstock_74512990At times when clients are suffering with hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, stress, hormonal changes, etc: A wig is a simple and easy solution that can help the wearer feel like their normal self again.  It takes the worry of hair loss out of the picture so they can look after any other issues they need to deal with.  It can help with the wearer feel confident again to walk out on the street without feeling self conscious.



EW_Flip12Colouring your hair can damage your hair with the excess use of bleaches and dyes.The more processes  and chemicals you place your hair through, the more damage is done.  Natural hair is always the healthiest.  With a wig you need not worry about giving your hair any more stress than necessary.  Your own hair can remain strong and healthy underneath.




No commitment to keeping a colour or style.  You can try a new wig whenever you feel like you need a change.  There is no reason why you can’t have a short style today and a long style tomorrow or you could be a blonde on Saturday night while being a brunette during the week.  A wig can be a trial run to see if you are going to like a style before you style and cut your own hair.  If you don’t like it, you can change a wig but changing your style may take time to grow out all those layers and fringes.



With the costs of going to the hairdresser, a wig is probably better value.  Most hairdressers these days cost up to $400 for a colour, cut and blow wave which will need more colour and styling in 6 – 8 weeks.  A synthetic wig will last up to 6 months and a human hair wig will last up to 12 months with no further colouring or trimming needed.


shutterstock_99809505No more bed hair.  Your hair can look glamorous within ten minutes of getting out of bed.  It can be styled from the night before and still look great.  No need to worry about the hair tangled and matted from bed.  Your wig is sitting on the end of your bed ready to pop on.

6A synthetic wig means no styling just put on and go. Synthetic Hair wigs are the easiest wigs to take care of.  You can’t apply heat so there is no styling and they are designed to keep their style and shape.  Little time and effort required.


7 No need to wash and style your hair every second day.  Your wig will stay looking great for a at least a week before it needs washing.  And when its time to wash your wig it’s a simple process with some shampoo, conditioner and a bucket.



And for the best reason of all, have fun shopping for a new wig style.

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What does it mean for a Wig to be Hand Tied?



If you are a first time wearer you may be struggling with choosing the right wig for you.  Terms like Hand Tied, Mono top or Lace front all seem very complicated.  They are all very good features of a really good quality wig.

You have probably found lots of information on Mono tops and Lace fronts but what does a Hand tied wig mean for the wig wearer.  Just to refresh, a mono top is a fine mesh that is so transparent that the hair looks like it is coming out of your own scalp.  The Lacefront is describing the very sheer lace on the hair line at the front of the wig which also gives you the appearance of the hair like a natural hair line.  These terms are quite common for good quality brands like Jon Renau, Henry Margu and Ellen Wille.

Below you can see what a hand tied wig looks like on the inside of the cap. Hand tied is a little different and does make a wig more expensive. As the name suggests each hair is individually tied into the cap by hand.  It is expensive as it is very labour intensive and a hand tied wig can take 3 -4  times longer for a wigmaker to make.  Hand Tied wigs give you a very comfortable fit as they are finished very smoothly on the cap’s surface.  They are the most naturally looking wigs that you will find regardless if they are human hair or synthetic hair.  There is no risk of the wefting showing as there is no weft just a very fine quality lace.  The hair looks like it is coming out of your own scalp.  The way the hair is attached allows the hair to be multi directional giving you versatility in styling.

If your budget allows for it I would without hesitation suggest a Hand tied wig but be warned it will be difficult to go back to anything else in the future.


At Wigs Online we are building a large stock of Hand Tied Lace wigs as they are becoming much more popular and the quality of a Hand tied wig is unsurpassable.

Visit to see a full range of Premium Quality Human hair and Synthetic Hair Wigs.   If you can’t see what you are looking for or need any information call us on 130079 75 79.






What is a 3/4 Wig?

A 3/4 Wig is different to a full wig that it only covers 3/4 of your head and is used to integrate with your own hair.  They are fixed just in the front of the crown of your head ( in behind your fringe with clips.  They are the perfect solution to those experiencing some hair loss.  A 3/4 wig will add volume and length to your hair very easily.

Here are some tips to placing a 3/4 wig on your head:

1. Pull back your hair from just behind your fringe and hold back with some pins.
2. Insert the comb of the front of the wig onto your head where you want to place the wig.
3. Secure the wig at the nape with the clips or combs ( depends on the wig what attachments it has)
4.  Brush hair and integrate hair with wig.


If this is done probably you won’t be able to see where the wig finishes and ends.  It will be a seamless finish.  Not everyone is prepared to wear a wig and may not need a full wig so a 3/4 wig is a great idea.

Its always a great idea to search through utube and search “putting on a 3/4 wig”   where you can watch how someone else does it.  There are other ways of applying your wig  and everyone has there own style of wearing wigs.

We have a small range of 3/4 wigs in different colours and styles as well as some human hair and synthetic hair 3/4 wigs.  Check out our website at

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$600 Budget for Human Hair Wigs.

We have all seen very cheap Human Hair Wigs advertised on Ebay or overseas websites and many clients get disappointed because the freight is expensive. Also,  if the wig isn’t right its so expensive to return to somewhere like China.

At Wigs Online we are an Australian Based and owned company with Australian Team members answering phones to take your calls. If you are not happy with your purchase you can return the item for a refund or exchange without costly freight charges.  And we have a showroom in Vermont, Victoria which you are welcomed to visit by appointment.

As we all say and know you get what you pay for.  Naturally a $150 human hair wig is not going to be the same quality as a $1500 wig.  At Wigs Online, we have a range of Human Hair Wigs under $600.  Below are a few wigs that are great value for less than $600:

HMindy_4Mindy  is a short elegant style wig for less than $200 with free delivery within Australia. She is a capless style available in a few other colours.  As she is Human hair you have the versatility of being able to style the wig with heat and you can dye the wig.






Honey is a 100% Human hair  full Mono top wig that comes in many colour as little as $220 with free delivery within Australia.  The quality is outstanding for the price.  She is an elegant bob hair style that will suit many people and she also comes in many colours.




Mariah_27613Mariah is a 100% Remy Human hair wig.  Remy is a good quality hair that doesn’t tangle as the hair cuticles are collected so it all runs in the same direction.  The hair feels silly smooth and will last longer.  Remy hair is more expensive to produce hence for the higher price tag.  However Mariah  has a Mono part so you can move the part area a little to customise it to suit you and is Remy hair at $449 with free delivery in Australia.  You will not regret this purchase.


These are just a few but you can see the full range of Human Hair Wigs on our website, to suit all budgets.  We are happy to show clients any of the human hair wigs in our showroom in Vermont Victoria,  if you make an appointment. Just call us on 1300 79 75 79.

If you need any advice or help in ordering we welcome phone calls to 1300 79 75 79 or you can email us at