Jon Renau Spring Collection for 2016

Diane and Rachel is the latest addition to the Spring Collection for 2016

Diane and Rachel has everything you will ever want in a wig.  They are completely different styles but the cap of the wig is exactly the same.

#Monofiliament Top
#Lace Front

But what does this all mean?

Julieanne_LFHDcapIt is handtied so no wefts !! A handtied wig is a wig that every hair has been hand tied individually onto the lace cap wig.  The cap of the wig is so fine and luxurious.  It is so soft and comfortable to wear.And there is no way the wefting can show because there is no wefting.





The mono top allows the wearer to style the wig whichever way you desire.  You can have a side part, a middle part or a zig zag part.  Its up to you.  The hair is multi directional so it will sit wherever its styled.

Fiery_5The lace front allows the wearer to be able to wear the hair away from the face as it gives you a seamless hairline.  No one will be able to tell that it is a wig.






Diane is a sassy short shag style with easy going layers that give you a great style.  The Back is 5.5″, Crown is 7.25″, sides are 5″ and the Nape is 3.75″.

Diane_14_26S10_Alt1 Diane_14_26S10_Alt2 Diane_14_26S10_Alt3


The Rachel has soft wavy layers that flow beautifully  around the face. The Back is 7″, Crown is 15″, sides are 10″ and the Nape is 15″.

Rachel_12FS8_Alt2 Rachel_12FS8_Alt3 Rachel_12FS8_Alt4

The new Collection also introduces a new human hair wig called Leah and a couple new toppers as well.

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