New Forever Young Wigs Range of Waves

DemiWaveForever Young is one of the most fashion forward Wig company for the young at heart.  Hair loss never discriminates by age so it’s great that Forever young have the young covered.  They are a great quality and are a very reasonably priced.

Here are a few to look out for:

ClassicPage5Classic Page – A classic Page Boy cut which is made of  heat resisitant synthetic Fibre. It has a skin top centre part with a blunt fringe.  It is a very comfortable and the light weight wefted back wig that allows for ventilation which is ideal for the summer. Being heat resistant you can add your own waves to what degree you like.With heat resistant fibre always use only a low heat setting between 130 – 150 degrees.  It is approx 14″ from the crown.


FY_IndieWavesIndie Waves –  A gorgeous Boho Chic style with loose waves and a blunt fringe.  Indie Waves is also a centre skin part wig with a long blunt fringe which could be swept to the side.  It falls just below the shoulders. This wig is also made form a heat resisitant fibre which can stand use of styling tools with temperatures between 130 -150 degrees. It has a  very modern wave and look to it.


FY_DemiWave1Demi Waves – This wig would have to be one of the favourites in the new range of Forever Young. It has a Monofiliament Top which gives you that realistic look on your scalp.  The heat defiant fibre allows you to use heat on the wig so it can be curled or straightened to create your very own look.  The long layered style is very versatile and has a true romantic feel about it.  The wavy look is just beautiful.


FY_ParisBob1Parisian Bob  The perfect modern long bob or blob with edgy waves.  The monofiliament top cap gives it a very realistic look.  The fibre is heat friendly like the others but always remember to use low heat.  The density of this wig is really good and allows you versatility in styling.  The part can be moved to a left, right or centre part.  A great wig for the summer.


The new styles for Forever Young are very exciting and there is more to come.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information or you are looking for something in particular.

We can be emailed at or call us on 1300 797 579



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